10 Apps for Restaurant Owners and Managers to Improve Productivity

Mobile apps can increase the efficiency of many tasks. Apps designed for restaurants can help with employee scheduling, music selection, and even marketing automation.

Here are 10 mobile apps for restaurant owners and managers to check out:

1. Yelp – Restaurant Review App

Since many people find places to eat on Yelp, it’s important to keep up to date on your reviews, images, and comments. Be sure to claim your business so you can maintain your page with information relevant to visitors.

Download Yelp for iOS or Android.

2. Dozmia for Business – Music Streaming Service for Restaurants and Bars

While services like Spotify or Pandora may offer simple solutions, these consumer streaming services don’t offer licensed music for a business setting. It’s important to choose a music service that specifically offers music for business use.

If you need music for your restaurant or bar, check out Dozmia for Business.

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