Car Dealership Music – Choosing Background Music to Improve Sales

Music has a strong ability to influence our emotions and perceptions. When exposed to different types of music, we see things differently, and can become happy or sad. For car dealerships, exposure to different types of music can influence your customer’s perception of your prices in a way that increases sales.

Assuming you have your music licensing in place, and have already taken the steps to legally play music in your business, here are some tips for picking music for your car dealership.


For Dealerships Competing on Price

If your car dealership aims to be a low cost provider, a perception of lower prices may not be as important as the speed of the sale. To speed up the sales cycle, play high-tempo music. Fast paced music is shown to increase our heart rate, which is why we listen to it while we work out. Increased heart rates lead to us doing other things faster. From a car dealership perspective, this means your customers will shop faster, and your salespeople will close deals faster.

For High-End Dealerships

If your car dealership is aiming to sell high quality cars as opposed to low-cost vehicles, music that reflects a modern atmosphere can result in your customers perceiving your prices as lower. Make sure your sound matches the rest of the atmosphere. Background music that portrays a modern sound and lacks lyrics, such as piano or instrumental classical music, is best for dealerships selling new, high-prices cars.

If you’d prefer to choose a background music provider to help with music selection instead of going at it alone, rather than choosing a consumer music service like Pandora or Spotify, which could result in legal issues since they aren’t licensed for business use, consider using a service that offers music for business, like Dozmia for Business.

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