Careers in the Music Industry for MBA Graduates

MBA graduates have a ton of options when it comes to industries in which to work. One of these industries is the music industry. For any music loving MBA grad, a job in this field would be a dream come true. But what jobs can MBA grads get in the music industry? Here are a few.

Artist Manager

An Artist Manager is the person responsible for representing one or more groups of talented artists and musicians. The artist’s manager deals with business decisions and can have an impact on creative decisions that the artist makes in order to advance his or her career.

Booking Agent/ Talent Agent

Book Agents are professionals who scout out job opportunities for their clients. They schedule appearances for musicians, actors, and writers to attend. In the music industry, a booking agent will schedule live shows for their client to play at. They also handle all of the financial matters that come with each performance.


A Concert Promoter’s job is to organize, set up and promote concerts. The promoter also secures funds for the event by reaching out to businesses and wealthy individuals. The concert promoter deals with all aspects of the financial burdens.

Independent Radio Promoter  

An Independent Radio Promoter (IRP) has a similar role to that of other promoters, except an IRP is hired by an individual radio promotion company, or works freelance jobs. IRP’s are responsible for getting in contact with radio shows and music editors to promote their client’s music, and for setting up radio interviews.

Retail Sales Manager

A Retail Sales manager is in charge of running retail music stores. Duties for this job include hiring, supervising and training employees, and coordinating shipments of products to the store. It also includes budgeting and financial planning.

There are plenty of programs to choose from where you can get a jump start on your MBA. Programs like UAB’s mba degree online really help prospects get closer to their dream jobs in this competitive industry. The next steps are to make a plan for the next steps in your training and goals for your career advancement.

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