Coffee Shop Music – A Guide to Choosing the Right Cafe Music

Coffee shops and cafe’s are full of culture. They have loyal customers, and attract a following mainly on atmosphere. Music is very important part of any coffee house, which is why companies like Starbucks put so much emphasis on it and even have their own in-house music editors.

In order to compete, you need to make sure your atmosphere is the best it can be. Assuming you’ve already acquired the proper music licenses to legally play music in your business, here are some tips for choosing the right music for your coffee house.

Consider Independent Musicians

Independent music shows your customers that you put effort into your music selection. It shows that you’ve gone farther than scraping the surface of mainstream music, or simply made a station on Pandora for business use, and really gone into the deep cuts. Choosing independent music for your business is a powerful way for your customers to experience the culture of your brand.

Choose Complimentary Songs

When choosing music, it’s important not to deviate too much. So if you choose to go with indie music, don’t sway to hip-hop with the next song. Make gradual changes between songs and select only the ones that make the most sense for the atmosphere you’re trying to establish. As you go through your playlist of potential songs, listen to the music while sitting in your restaurant. If the songs make you think of a place similar to your coffee shop, you have the right songs.

Music can Make Customers Stay Longer

If you’re looking to influence customer staying time and purchasing decisions, music can help. By playing slower paced music, your customers perception of time is affected in a way that causes them to stay longer. However, if you’re looking to increase your rate of table turnover or reduce perceived wait times, fast paced music might make sense. Most importantly, by playing music that’s most complimentary to other elements of your atmosphere, customers will value your efforts and be willing to spend more on food and drinks.

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