Why Learn to Play the Bass Guitar?

The main reason why people should learn to play the bass is because you should be different, what I mean by this is in a typical band the bass is the most overlooked instrument, the guitar being the most popular, followed by the drums. So, why does no one pick the bass then? There are many reasons and everyone will have their own reason why. The two main reasons are: People think the bass guitar is too easy and the guitar is just way cooler to play.

The bass guitar is as hard as you make it, it can be an easy instrument to learn, but it is very hard to be able to master. There are so many bass players and basslines out there, all varying in difficulty. Compare these two basslines: “Blink 182 – First Date” and “Rancid – Maxwell Murder” Two very completely different approaches, the first song just follows the root note while the other song follows more of a scale and also contains a bass solo.

So, why actually play the bass? As the bass guitar is the least thought of instrument in a band it is easier to find a band that needs a bassist, for every bass player there will be around 10 guitar players, so with many more guitar players there are always bands that need a bassist.

If you know a friend who plays the guitar or even the drums then you could buy a bass and then you could jam together, either learning cover songs or making your own up. The drums and bass go very well together so playing with a drummer is always the best.

Have a listen to your favourite band, or song. The bassline may be way cooler than you thought. There are many songs out there that are based around the bassline and taking that away would make the song incomplete and less compelling to listen to. This point alone can get more people picking up the bass guitar to give it a try.

Bands need a bass player without one the song would sound very empty and incomplete and the bass helps to fill the gap between the drums and the guitar.

The bass falls into both categorise of being a hard instrument and being and easy one. If you want an easy instrument to start and learn then great, you can play very simple bass lines that sound great and everyone will recognize in a matter of days, in fact, with some people in a matter of a few hours to learn.

If you want a challenge then the bass can also offer that, there are many basslines out there that require years of practice to master and there is also new material and styles to learn.

Slap bass is a very unique style that is played on the bass guitar and no other instrument can get that unique sound. There are many funk bassists out there that have mastered this technique and have brought a whole new approach to playing the bass guitar.

I would encourage anyone that wishes to learn an instrument to try and learn the bass or at least look more in to it rather than crossing it of their list of instrument that they could learn to play.

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