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Read ✓ True and False Reform in the Church  By Yves Congar – chapter 1 True and False Reform in the Church , meaning True and False Reform in the Church , genre True and False Reform in the Church , book cover True and False Reform in the Church , flies True and False Reform in the Church , True and False Reform in the Church eb11b43229add Ebook True And False Reform In The Church By Yves Congar Archbishop Angelo Roncali Later Pope John XXIII Read True And False Reform During His Years As Papal Nuncio In France And Asked, A Reform Of The Church Is Such A Thing Really Possible A Decade Later As Pope, He Opened The Second Vatican Council By Describing Its Goals In Terms That Reflected Congar S Description Of Authentic Reform Reform That Penetrates To The Heart Of Doctrine As A Message Of Salvation For The Whole Of Humanity, That Retrieves The Meaning Of Prophecy In A Living Church, And That Is Deeply Rooted In History Rather Than Superficially Related To The Apostolic Tradition Pope John Called The Council Not To Reform Heresy Or To Denounce Errors But To Update The Church S Capacity To Explain Itself To The World And To Revitalize Ecclesial Life In All Its Unique Local Manifestations Congar S Masterpiece Fills In The Blanks Of What We Have Been Missing In Our Reception Of The Council And Its Call To True Reform Yves Congar, OP, A French Dominican Who Died In 1995, Was The Most Important Ecclesiologist In Modern Times His Writings And His Active Participation In Vatican II Had An Immense Influence Upon The Council Documents With A Few Other Contemporaries, Congar Pioneered A New Style Of Theological Research And Writing That Linked The Great Tradition Of Scripture And The Fathers To Contemporary Pastoral Questions With Lucidity And Passion His Key Concerns Were The Unity Of The Church, Lay Apostolic Life, And A Revival Of The Church S Theology Of The Holy Spirit He Was Named A Cardinal By Pope John Paul II In Recognition Of His Profound Contributions To The Second Vatican Council Paul Philibert, OP, Has Taught Pastoral Theology In The United States And Abroad He Is A Dominican Friar Of The Southern Province His Translation Of A Collection Of Congar S Essays On The Liturgy Has Recently Been Published By Liturgical Press Under The Title At The Heart Of Christian WorshipHis Book The Priesthood Of The Faithful Key To A Living ChurchLiturgical Press, 2005 Reflects The Ecclesiology Of Yves Congar And His Vision Of The Apostolic Life Of The Faithful.

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    This is the greatest book on eccelsiology that I have read Part 2 Conditions for authentic reform without schism was worth the whole book I only wish Congar s section on protestantism was not taken out Neverthelss, Congar s book is a must read for anyone interested in the natu...

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    In the first part of this book, Congar insists that the Church must always be reforming In the 1950s, at a time when Catholic theology was extremely resistant to any hint of reform, Congar dared to publish a book asserting that reform was good and necessary for the Church For this he was censured, and removed from his teaching post But within ten years, the Second Vatican Council was assembled, ultimately vindicating Congar s vision of a constantly reforming Church Conservative Catholics would do well to reflect on Congar s insistence that the Church cannot remain static It must be c...