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Patterson's Volunteers (Ulverscroft Large Print) txt Patterson's Volunteers (Ulverscroft Large Print), text ebook Patterson's Volunteers (Ulverscroft Large Print), adobe reader Patterson's Volunteers (Ulverscroft Large Print), chapter 2 Patterson's Volunteers (Ulverscroft Large Print), Patterson's Volunteers (Ulverscroft Large Print) 67f239 In A Squadron Of Mustangs Led By Colonel George Patterson Flew Over The Icy Wastes Of Greenland On Their Way Back To America And Vanished And For Fifteen Summers After That A Strange American Returned To Search For The Missing Planes Then He, Too, Disappeared The Edge Of Your Seat Excitement In The Flying Sequences, The Cruel Beauty Of The Arctic, The Strange, Tough World Of International Ferry Pilots Can Only Be Captured By Someone Who Has Been There Himself John Smith Was A Professional Pilot For Twenty Years, First In The RAF, Then As A Civilian Charter Pilot

About the Author: John Templeton Smith

John Templeton Smith served in the RAF and for a few short years was an airline pilot.He moved into aerospace journalism in his 30 s, before having the good fortune in finding that the bestselling thriller writer, Desmond Bagley, lived nearby.With Bagley s guidance on writing the novel, Smith went on to produce ten novels beginning with Skytrap written under the name John Smith, and published by

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    Read because of the Greenland setting, this 1984 adventure has a typical protagonist from the 60s 70s school of heroes Vietnam vet pilot, Luke Spence, is stubborn, always angry, but loyal to his friends and attractive to beautiful women He is hired by a rich American to find a flight of Mustangs lost over Greenland in 1945, eventually shown to be shipping gold Not knowing who to trust, his well described flying skills and Arctic survival lessons are needed as glaciers, ice caves and weather complicate in a smooth but dated read.

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    Tough Vietnam vet leads unsavory group to search for gold stolen by WW2 squadron that crash landed in Greenland Juvenile oriented with weak character development, some titillating sex but not very exciting Everybody dies in the end except the hero.

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