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    This is a great teaser for the forthcoming book Learning to Love a Rogue , but I am really disappointed it wasn t identified that way and priced appropriately maybe 0.99 or free It is essentially just the first few chapters and very incomplete definitely not worth the 2.99 I paid for it I look forward to the complete story and will read it, but I recommend you wait until the full story is released.

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    I really enjoyed this, but was a bit sad as I didn t click that this was basically a summary of the full length books which is going to be released in 2014 no month yet I think it should have been free as it did it s job well suckered me in, made me yell when there was a non ending And then I internet stalked the author for about 40 mins trying to find a release date At one point considering emailing her directly to end my torment and bag for an advanced copy of the full length novel So basically, really short so gives you a taste, and ends well not with a cliffhanger per say just theres no ending.

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    Short but really good

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    It was good Ended to quickly And left open for the next book Which said it was going to be available 2015 Well it s 2016 and not even an update on it So kind of sucks that I purchased Fear expecting the next book But nothing available.

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    Awesome but to short Can t wait for the sequelDoes anyone know an expected release date

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Fear download Fear , read online Fear , kindle ebook Fear , Fear d057465392d5 He Is Fear Himself She, Who Fears HimOn The First Day Of Her New Life, At A New School, She Is Thrown To Him By Fates For His Amusement But Amusement Is The Least Of What She Rouses In Him Like An Obsession She Burns In Him With One Look She Owned His Soul Now All He Wants Is To Own Her Body And Soul, Make Her HisBut How Do You Win A Heart That Doesn T Want To Be Won You Seize It And Give No Quarters