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    Bang That is how it starts off Exciting and fact filled this book sheds the light on an era that completely changed the world of crime and altered countries world wide This insane world managed to suck men and woman into a seemingly never ending black hole, with almost no way out This book explores cocaine s entrance into America, and almost every aspect of it This includes well known people such as John Delorean, known for his work with general motors Good read.

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    I couldn t put it down I have a feeling the movie Blow is based on this book.

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    If you like movies like scarface and goodfellas this is the book for you I am so glad I stumbled upon this book It was an entertaining book with an incredible story And judging how he cut a plea deal and wrote a book I guess there is a good reason why columbians usually only let columbians in their gangs.

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    Great book about the Colombian cartel and the inner works of how a criminal organization works Its interesting to find out the highs and lows of organized crime An educational and thrilling piece

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    The first time I read this it was a loaner Years later I got myself a secondhand copy fromand I lost it moving house which makes me sad because I would read it again if I still had it.

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The Man Who Made It Snow download The Man Who Made It Snow, read online The Man Who Made It Snow, kindle ebook The Man Who Made It Snow, The Man Who Made It Snow 953d2535c018 Here Is The Incredible Story Of The Only American Alive Ever Admitted Into The Inner Circle Of The Columbian Cocaine Cartel From To , Mermelstein Was The Medellin Cartel S Miami Connection A Man Who Ran The American Traffic And Personally Supervised The Smuggling Of Tons Of Cocaine Into Florida Pages Of Photographs