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Becoming Hannah summary Becoming Hannah , series Becoming Hannah , book Becoming Hannah , pdf Becoming Hannah , Becoming Hannah fda1200a71 Outlined Here Is Clarity, Simplicity, Commitment And Sacrifice Of An Exemplary Malaysian, A Christian Who Seeks To Fight With Her Deep Faith, Impeccable Character And Profound Courage To Secure, By God S Strength And With Much Prayer, A Better Future For All Malaysians There Is Great Hope For Malaysia If Many Hannahs Could Be Replicated In Politics.Dr Daniel HoSenior Pastor, DUMC, Petaling JayaHannah S Story Grips You With Its Refreshing Honesty From Finding God To Rediscovering Her Confidence, To The Miracle Of Her Marriage Proposal And Her Amazing Journey Into Politics, It Speaks About God It Fired Me To Pray For Such A Generation To Rise Up And Rebuild Our Land It Will Inspire You To Always Seek God S Best In The Face Of Many Good Options For It Is In Surrender To Him That The Best Will Be Given To Us.Dr Philip LynSenior Pastor, Skyline SIB, Kota KinabaluHannah Yeoh Tseow Suan Is The Speaker Of The Selangor State Legislative Assembly And State Assemblyman For Subang Jaya, Selangor Hannah Won The N31 State Seat In The General Elections 2008 As A DAP Candidate At The Age Of 29 She Was Elected As The Speaker At The Age Of 34, Making Her The First Woman And Youngest Speaker In Malaysia She Obtained Her Bachelor Of Laws From University Of Tasmania She Is Married To Ramachandran M, An IT Entrepreneur They Are Now Proud Parents Of Two Baby Girls Shay Adora Ram And Kayleigh Imani Ram The Couple Is Passionate About Nation Building And Seeks To Inspire Malaysians To Play Their Respective Parts In Establishing A Righteous Nation Free From Corruption And Racial Discrimination.

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    Becoming Hannah is an honest account of the personal journey of Hannah who is the current Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly I do not think there are many politicians who are willing to make themselves vulnerable like the way Hannah did it, certainly not in Malaysia It takes courage, strength and humility to be honest about one s weaknesses.I believe there is a reason for such vulnerability to encourage everyone of us to be the next Hannah Malaysian politics is the way it is today because many of us have always believed this lie politics is dirty Politics becomes dirty when we make two assumptions it doesn t affect us and no one who has entered comes out clean YB Hannah has proven these two assumptions wrong.She has also proven that God can use ordinary people who are willing to surrender to the sovereign God to do mighty things God doesn t look at one s ability but availability May people be willing to obey God in takin...

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    An easy to read book because it is written in a conversational approach, reading as if Hannah is right in front of me telling me her story Minus the detail explanation of some politics matters, it was enjoyable.

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    This book has been published quite a while ago and only came to my attention after a Universiti Utara Malaysia UUM senior lecturer scrutinised Hannah Yeoh for allegedly Christian proselytising other religions Hannah earned my apolitical respect to her instantly through a video of her soft yet powerful and moving message to her successor, Michelle Ng at Subang Jaya before GE14 So I was intrigued by it when I chanced upon this book at the MCCHR Community Library Usually an autobiography is not my thing, but just like my wise man has encouraged, we only live one life but reading makes us live a thousand of others lives Hannah Yeoh describes her life to rose and her road to politics to be spiritual gift of prophecies She started just like any one of us who felt greener pastures overseas, who envied friends who had stayed abroad and were enjoying quality lifestyles, and who have always been complaining everything about our country, the bad traffic, the safety and the inflation Without walking...

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    A woman politician who truly honors God in every aspect of her life including her political career She is the first woman speaker in Malaysia Her story being elected as a YB when she was new as green in politics and did not have enough money for her campaign reminded me of Samuel anointed David to be the king of Israel replacing Saul when at that time David know nothing about what it takes to be the ruler of the people of God What I learnt most from this book is when God says you are ready, it means you are truly ready although you don t see it yourself Make use of every circumstance and situation of your life because they are essential to equip you to face your future and they are part of what God will divinely orchestrated you to be in future I would like to congratulate the author for keep giving glory and ...

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    I had the chance to be involved in the 2008 election back when I was still working with the Selangor Government YB Hannah win was unprecedented and suddenly everyone was talking about this young, humble and female politician At that time, we had a sense that the winds of change are finally happening in this country and it gives hope to the younger generation including me that the voices of our generation are being heard.As a memoir, this book is relatively sh...

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    I wish I had read her book earlier but I would like to believe it came at the right time This book is great inspiration, guide and testimony for all in the path of wanting to make a difference An amazing book that reveals her journey as a woman of f...

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    A candid autobiography of how God can move in the life of someone who is open and committed Hannah s Yeoh s unlikely journey in becoming State Assemblymen for Subang Jaya is told with humility, thankfulness and m...

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    A story about how Hannah become a politician at God s Will.

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    I read it all in one sitting it was so good and uplifting Such a remarkable person and amazing God glorifying story Can t wait to see what else she does to serve her God and country

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