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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☁ Stormwielder Author Aaron Hodges – Fanfaremedia.co.uk chapter 1 Stormwielder, meaning Stormwielder, genre Stormwielder, book cover Stormwielder, flies Stormwielder, Stormwielder 85c2ee709922e This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BKUE For Five Hundred Years The Gods Have United The Three Lands In Harmony Now That Balance Has Been Shattered, And Chaos Threatens A Town Burns And Flames Light The Night Sky Hunted And Alone, Seventeen Year Old Eric Flees Through The Wreckage The Mob Grows Closer, Baying For The Blood Of Their Tormentor Guilt Weighs On His Soul, But He Cannot Stop, Cannot Turn Back If He Stops, They Die For Two Years He Has Carried This Curse, Bringing Death And Destruction Wherever He Goes But Now There Is Another Searching For Him One Who Offers Salvation His Name Is Alastair And He Knows The True Nature Of The Curse Magic

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    I began Storm Wielder quite hopeful The cover art and all aesthetics of the book were great, and the prose was very polished A few pages in, there were a few clunks, the prose was a bit telly and at times the language was a bit anachronistic Nonetheless there was a good setup, and I was interested to see where the story would go About halfway however the story and my enjoyment took a big hit I don t want to heap criticism on a work that Hodges clearly put a tonne of effort in but I will provide enough evidence to justify my stance.The first problem is that 50% of the way in the story presented a well constructed tension a young man with out of control magic being helped by a mysterious mentor while a victim of his power stalks them with vengeance on the mind What I particularly liked about the story is that Gabriel, a man who had lost his family due to the MC s power was not a completely unsympathetic villain, there was real potential of genuine moral conundrum in how the plot resolved Instead we get introduced to a Goddess, a mass of exposition is dumped upon us and the plot abruptly changed to trying to hunt down an important little girl A half dozen characters get shoe horned into the story without much hullabaloo and I m not even 100% on what happened to poor Gabriel but I have a feeling he got squished by a dragon Most of my other concerns stem from this basic problem the characters had far too much emotion, and not enough emotional arc, as they pursued a goal that I myself had no investment in, and rather than proper story conflict the goodies just had bigger and bigger baddies thrown at them, which were CONSTANTLY just defeated by and magic.I would love to read an alternate version of this novel where the initial characters were fleshed out and the morality of out of control magic actually addressed After all the main character did destroy an entire village, killing maybe hundreds of people a fact which seemed swept under the rug at some point of the story.The opportunity to read this was much appreciated and I wish the author all the best for the series and others he has published Considering this is a first novel its about 1000x better than most of the dross us writers produced upon first attempt.

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    Wow, well written story, very dramatic, with its fair share of humour near the end, but the book might as well be titled, Everyone Hates Eric The virtuous characters get almost no reprieve in this book First it s Eric, then Alistair, then the unlucky but determined band keeps growing to a good size, but they re all ruthlessly hated and hunted down, even by all the ordinary townsfolk Good characters die, in some cases, than once or twice It s a very grim storyline indeed The only love in this book is within Eric s posse, which they probably grasp the best they can, because there s no love elsewhere in this harsh, doomed world For hundreds of years, even before Eric s birth, it seemed like the entire planet was a hellhole, with a demon releasing its wrath on entire civilizations Even the climate is said to be oppressive, with searing heat of the sun and a desert like atmosphere The plot is excellent, the characters are complex with hidden agendas and resolute desires to at least leave behind some good in this world The battles are breathtaking without giving too much away, let me say that Balistor s final battle is definitely cinema worthy The explanation of magic is astounding, showing its complexity, richness, and unpredictability I think I would give this book full approval if it took some time to show the love and beauty of the world, wherever it could be found, such as the brief scenes were Eric and Inken are bonding joyously in the rare lush scenery, the forest in which the dragons live Instead, the tension meter was on full tilt, causing me to anticipate but also dread going to the next chapter I felt sorry for all the characters in this forsaken fantasy world, and I know I would never like to drop in for a visit, even for a second.

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    Stormwielder was a nice surprise I wasn t expecting to like the story as much as I did, but it turned out to be quite a thrilling adventure, albeit it did come across as middle grade fiction than young adult fiction Eric is a young man who, having caused the death of his family and having been banished from his village, lives a lonely and guilt ridden life He s a magicker who has no control of his abilities and because of his lack of restraint, he causes catastophic disasters everywhere he goes Having recently destroyed an entire village, he goes on the run and it s only with the help of a mysterious stranger, who knows a lot about Eric that he lets on, does he manage to press on and survive night after night.The story was certainly an action packed epic adventure with a Lord of the Rings ring to it The story was very fast paced, which is good for those with short attention span, but I found the constant struggle for survival a little overwhelming to embrace Eric and Alastair his noble sidekick came under attack almost at every turn Read the full review on CBY

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    This was a fairly dull YA fantasy I pulled the plug on this read about a third of the way through when it became apparent that I was not particularly interested in the story or the characters The premise was pretty interesting In a moment of panic 17 year old Eric lost control of his magic, causing a lightning storm that wreaked death and destruction on a village He finds a mentor in the shape of Alistair, a servant of the goddess, who has been tasking with training Eric so he can properly control his magic and then use it in the battle the gods wage against the demonic Arkon To complicate matters Gabriel, a villager who lost his whole family, is on Eric s trail and desperate for vengeance I failed to connect with either of the two POV characters, Eric and Gabriel I also found Aaron D Hodges writing to be a bit distant and dull Another real flaw for this story was the complete lack of humor or wit in any of the dialogue I got the audio version of this book as a free gift for signing up to the AudaVoxx I just wish I had enjoyed it better Audio Note David Stifel gave a competent performance with the audio.

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    I read this as part of the collected edition See my review of the trilogy as a whole at

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    Stormwielder starts out with a young man named Eric traveling to a faraway medieval town to make a new start We soon find out the boy has special powers after three ruffians attempt to Shanghai him He is able to generate powerful storms, replete with lightening, but the storms are unfocused harming many than their intended victims An innocent family is killed by the lightening, which leaves just their son Gabriel, alive Gabriel pursues the young man, Eric, who caused the calamity but he is protected by a wizened older man with fighting skills Gabriel, we come to find out has the ability to freeze things The narrative reminds me of a medieval version of the X Men, with some of the Fifth Element pared down and put in A pursuit ensures between the residents of the destroyed town and Eric and a wizened old protector, Alastair Professor X who can perform magic as well The two adversaries are attacked, seemingly by a medieval biker gang I mean what else would you call a gang named the Baronian of the Black Leather One criticism I have is that the author describes mundane tasks in too much detail In one chapter he describes climbing a rope in such detail that it makes me ask why I guess it was because he was trying to build tension, but I don t think it had the desired effect The writing is okay, but not captivating in any way If you re inventing a fantasy world bound only by your imagination, take the ball and run with it and be original All fiction is derivative there is no need to make it obvious Naming your characters should be one of the most important things you do, to avoid giving characters names that are either mundane or bizarre There are minor grammatical issues, such as the use of fianc in place of fianc e Based on those factors, I could offer no a rating of fair If the author is going to make this into a series, I would suggest he hone the plot a bit and work with a developmental editor to sharpen the plot.

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    Its been a long time since I read anything in this genre and seeking something different I plucked this book from the air, well my kindle actually, wiggled my fingers and dived into it yesterday and finished it today In fact its been so long since I revisited Fantasy that I had to look up the genre.So what of the book Well it has everything you d expect, hero s, magic, villains, demons, gods and lots of fiery action to speed the story along Its a first book in a forthcoming series, but is a nicely contained story in itself, though you ll want to know when you finish this one.A whole plethora of characters litter its pages, some not quite what they seem, others maybe than they appear All are well described though the occasional modern phrase does delight the mind, yes you ve found a slip up, you think in delight A book that can be read by young teens, well there s far violence on an x box, and adults highly recommended if you like the genre or maybe you ll take a dip like I did.

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    Had my doubts from sampleI was not sure about this book after reading the sample I thought the cost was high for the length 3.99 but put it my wish list because it did grab my attention Then I caught the book on a price drop and have completed it for a very enjoyable reading experience It had good story, well written characters and several surprises Really not sure how it can take this into next book but will be interested in reading The biggest disappointment was the author afterward saying that he is just now starting writing book 2 This I find really surprising and curious if this has been a story he has been thinking about for years I hope and assume there is a broad layout and the writing is putting details where the story is supposed to go At least I hope that is case otherwise I fear a very long wait for book 2 and the quality of writing to be lower I hope this will not be the case because there is huge potential with this story and characters Just have too wait and hope for the best book in the least amount of time

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    I do believe that Aaron Hodges has really managed with this his very first book to begin an epic fantasy trilogy which i would compare with some of the best sagas i have read including Jordan s wheel of time series His characters are great,i particularly loved Alastair, Eric though very naive and with no clue about his own strength and how to wield this is lovable and Inken is a very strong character too we will have to wait for the next reads to get to know how Enala s character is going to turn out but i do hope she comes through for the three kingdoms The fight of good against evil is as strong as any i have read, the demons just as evil and the dragons, Nerissa just as awesome Love the way the Goddess Antonia of Plorsea every so often comes to the aid of those who so faithfully serve her and her cause This is a trilogy that needs to be read and enjoyed.

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    A stormy ride.A boy who accidentally blows things up, an old wizard who can move objects, and a red haired girl who can kick ass, are sent on a quest by a child like old earth goddess to find The One Add a telepathic wolf, a ninja skeleton, some dragons, a velociraptor, Mount Doom, the dark side of the force, and a piano Stormwielder is a well written, epic fantasy with a rich, if at times oddly familiar, cast The reader is swept along, into the fray, from beginning to end, in this action packed adventure The occasional d j vu and some highly unlikely twists and turns, I can forgive, but the ending I guess I ll have to check out the sequel.