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    As post gay Christian, I was interested in how Nancy Pearcey would navigate the muddy waters of faith, sexuality, and gender in her new book Love Thy Body I loved how Pearcey laid the groundwork from based on the choice of affirming or rejecting the goodness of God s intended design for our bodies and sexuality Almost every page of my personal copy is underlined with notes on the side.Over the course of the last five years I have understood that I must surrender my sexual attractions and desires for other women to be a fully devoted follower of Christ What I have discovered in reading this book is my need to realign my perspective of the value and dignity of the male and female bodies One of my favorite quotes sums up the reason why here It the teleological philosophy tells us how to fulfill our true nature, how to become fully human In this purpose driven view, there is no dichotomy between body and person The two together form an integrated psycho physical unity We respect and honor our bodies as part of the revelation of God s purpose for our lives It is part of the created order that is declaring the glory of God Changing the questionPearcey brilliantly states that those who wrestle with faith, sexual and or gender identity must change the question from Where did this come from To How can God best work through it She goes on to state that our feelings do not define us, but our moral commitments do She emphasis that when we affirm the goodness of creation We affirm our own maleness or femaleness is not a meaningless or oppressive fact of nature but a reflection of history s greatest storyline My greatest take away from this book is that I called to live out a holy sexuality through sexual purity and to hold loosely my relational future entrusting it to a God who always has my best in mind.

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    I have enjoyed everything of Pearcey s that I have read, and this one is no exception She is doing great work in keeping Schaeffer s analysis of our cultural deterioration ever relevant, keeping it current with the contemporary craziness This book is about the modern and postmodern hostility to the human body, as seen in abortion, homosex, and the various trans options.There are a few weak spots here and there she doesn t see the inescapability of stereotyping, for example but on the whole this is a very helpful book.

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    By contrast with the secular worldview, it will become clear that a biblical ethic affirms a full orbed, wholistic view of the person that supports human rights and dignity.This is the book I ve always wanted The book I ve always wished existed but hasn t And Baker Books was kind enough to send me a free hardcover in exchange for an honest review Huge thanks to them This review is my honest opinion and not affected by the fact that it s a free hardcover but at the same timewhoa Nancy Pearcey is an evangelical theologian who became famous for her book Total Truth, which deals with a two story worldview you can live a secular, obvious life downstairs in the public space, but keep your private junk like religion and morals and opinions upstairs In this book Pearcey uses that ill concept to tackle some of the Big Issues plaguing the church and American society today.Chapter 1 is a basic overview of this worldview, which is very interesting and talks about how modern American society separates the person from the body pretty much constantly We think that our culture is obsessed with their bodies, but the thing is that they aren t it s demeaning the body, treating it as a chunk of meat piloted by a brain, that our culture is obsessed with, know it or not Chapter 2 deals with abortion I will admit that this made me nervous I m always cautious around authors I don t know dealing with abortion, simply because that issue is so close to my heart and I have seen much harm in people who don t treat it right But Pearcey quickly laid my fears to rest She tackles this difficult problem with ease and glory be a Christian worldview Everything else I ve read about abortion takes it from a secular view, angling on the scientific or health based side, so that the pro life position can appeal to even those who are not Christians But Pearcey takes it on from the Christian point of view, which was amazing absolutely amazing to read Chapter 3 is about assisted suicide and euthanasia This may well have been the most chilling chapter in the book, as summed up by this quote It doesn t take a genius to see that the easiest way to reduc healthcare costs is physician assisted suicide When human life is no longer seen to have inherent value, it will be subject to purely utilitarian calculation of cost and benefits Voluntary euthanasia may not remain voluntary.That is a terrifying thing to read, and this whole chapter is riveting in a morbid way It s so important I might recommend this book just for each individual chapter They re all so valuable and excellent.The fourth chapter, Schizoid Sex, is about the hookup culture and the fact that the free attitudes towards premarital sex and not getting married and having kids at all is destroying this country and even the world Sex amongst humans is not just about procreation, as in the case of animals, but that is still one of the goals and purposes of sex and people shouldn t be surprised when it is a consequence Important, incredibly so Chapter 5 is on homosexuality Rather than attacking the personhood of LGB individuals, Pearcey suggests that the real way to help them is to show them that Christianity leads them to embracing a Biblically ethical view of sexuality and marriage, or even to simply stay celibate While the church and the Bible are both accused of being behind the times on homosexuality, Pearcey makes a compelling case for the fact that ancient Rome, where the New Testament and the Church originated, was rife with homosexual activity and other unnatural sexual activity, much of it far perverted than what happens in today s culture, but most of it chillingly familiar This is a chapter that it s difficult to say too much about in a review, and it s definitely the one that makes me recommend this book the most If you re a Christian, maybe pick this book up for this chapter alone.Although add chapter 6 and the whole thing becomes absolutely worth it Chapter 6 is on transgenderism this controversial, heartbreaking issue, that involves a small but so, so valuable group of people Pearcey throws out that it s not always wise to get a gender change surgery She points out that the best way Christians can help those who are in turmoil about their gender is to help them embrace who they are as part of the gender they were born with One of the most resonant things I found in this entire book was that the transgender movement actually works against feminism pushing everyone into strict gender stereotype boxes where girls like pink, skirts, and talking about their emotions and boys like trucks, mud, and roughhousing There s plenty of people who don t fit the stereotype, and sometimes, if it s serious enough, they will run to transgenderism, thinking they can t possibly fit into their biological gender the way they are This isn t right, and Pearcey shares her reasoning with compassion and reason, in a beautiful way.Chapter 7 is called The Goddess of Choice is Dead I was falling asleep as I read it so don t have a ton of memory, but basically, it s about how as people begin to lose sight of how valuable their bodies, their individuality, their lives, their personhood, are, they will begin to lose rights to the government and to social contracts The family is joined together through love and biological bonds, not pieces of paper, but if the current track keeps up it will struggle and to hold together.Overall I really, really liked this book It was chilling at times, often disturbing, and sometimes hopeless But this was balanced by a firm God s got it attitude and a whopping dose of hope I definitely recommend this book to any Christian who wants an evangelical attitude on the biggest issues facing us today Also, if you read to the end of this review, nice job Sorry about the length 3 5 stars, and thanks to Baker Books for the free copy

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    Are transgender people discovering their authentic self Is the hookup culture really liberating Does abortion lead to equality for women Does homosexuality contradict our biological sex In Love Thy Body, bestselling and award winning author Nancy Pearcey takes on the hard questions about life and sexuality A two time winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion Award, Pearcey has been hailed by The Economist as America s preeminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual In Love Thy Body she offers a respectful but riveting exposE of the secular worldview that lies behind trendy slogans and political talking points A former agnostic, Pearcey is a sensitive guide to the secular ideas that shape current debates She empowers readers to intelligently and compassionately engage today s most controversial moral and social challenges.In a surprise shattering of stereotypes, Pearcey demonstrates that while secularism promises much, in reality it delivers little She turns the tables on stereotypes that portray Christianity as harsh and bigoted, and invites a fresh look at its holistic, life affirming principles it is a worldview that matches the real world and fits with human experience.All along, Pearcey keeps readers entranced with gripping stories of real people wrestling with hard questions in their own lives sharing their pain, their struggles, and their triumphs.Out January 2nd, 2018 BIO Nancy Randolph Pearcey is the Francis A Schaeffer Scholar at the World Journalism Institute, where she teaches a worldview course based on the study guide edition of Total Truth Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity In 2005, Total Truth won the ECPA Gold Medallion Award in the Christianity Society category, in addition to an Award of Merit in the Christianity Today book awards.A former agnostic, Pearcey studied violin in Heidelberg, Germany, in the early 1970s and then traveled to Switzerland to study Christian worldview under Francis Schaeffer at L Abri Fellowship After graduating from Iowa State University with a Distributed Studies degree philosophy, German, music , she earned a master s degree in Biblical Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis, then pursued further graduate work in the history of philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto with emphases on ancient and Reformational philosophy.Pearcey is currently a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, where the focus of her work is on the cultural and philosophical implications of the evolution controversy A frequent public lecturer, Pearcey has spoken to actors and screenwriters in Hollywood students and faculty at universities such as Dartmouth, Stanford, USC, and Princeton scientists at national labs such as Sandia and Los Alamos staffers at Congress and the White House and various activist and church groups around the country, including the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C She has appeared on NPR, and a lecture based on Total Truth was broadcast by C SPAN.She began writing in 1977 for the nationally distributed Bible Science Newsletter, where for 13 years she wrote pioneering in depth monthly articles on issues related to science and Christian worldview In 1991 she became the founding editor of BreakPoint, a national daily radio commentary program, and continued as the program s executive editor for nearly nine years, heading up a team of writers Under her leadership, the program grew into an influential organ for teaching a Christian worldview perspective on current events, with an estimated weekly audience of five million She was also policy director and senior fellow of the Wilberforce Forum, and for five years coauthored a monthly column in Christianity Today.Pearcey has served as a visiting scholar at Biola University s Torrey Honors Institute, managing editor of the science journal Origins Design, an editorial board member for Salem Communications Network, and a commentator on Public Square Radio Her articles have appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including the Washington Times, Human Events, First Things, Books Culture, World, Pro Rege, Human Life Review, American Enterprise, The World I, Homeschool Enrichment, Christianity Today, and the Regent University Law Review.Pearcey has authored or contributed to several works, including The Soul of Science, which treats the history of science and Christianity, and the bestselling, award winning How Now Shall We Live She was invited to contribute the Foreword in The Right Questions, as well as chapters in Mere Creation, Of Pandas and People, Pro Life Feminism, Genetic Ethics, Signs of Intelligence, Reading God s World, Uncommon Dissent, and a Phillip Johnson Festschrift titled Darwin s Nemesis.Pearcey resides in Northern Virginia, where she and her husband are homeschooling the second of their two sons MY THOUGHTS I received this book in exchange for my honest review.Wow What a nightmare I seldom like to give my own religious thoughts about any writings since I believe everyone is entitled to their own and who am I to judge another when I m certainly not perfect I just wish others would practice this way of life Let s begin with what I could find as the better part of the bookPearcey s ability to take culture and its issues and dissect them profoundly and intrinsically is fascinating and interesting I find that she does tend to talk over people s heads though and is a bit on the preachy side self righteous too, but the issues are real and her take on some of them realistic enough to pay attention I would even suggest you pay attention to the unrealistic parts of this book too Sometimes, the power behind words and their meanings can be deadly with horrific consequences and why they should be called out for what they truly are, when possible.This book covers many controversial issues of today s society like abortion, euthanasia, the hook up, sexuality, transgenderism, homosexuality, marriage and parenthood I ll address a few in my review.The author approaches these topics by laying out the current position many either implicitly or explicitly take on social issues in a somewhat accurate portrayal of what is shown by others today, and, she also covers them from her own personal standpoint too It s these that have me the most concerned.She describes a life, human rights and way of living that makes this world unsafe, not enjoyed and incredibly damaged She tackles the world view as a dehumanizing force that must be addressed in the only way possible through love, love for God, love for self and love for others We must stop putting our own selves first This concept is thought provoking and worthy of a read by Christians and non Christians alike I was intrigued by the fact that she was not afraid to take on some of the bigger issues.In the first chapter, the author brings to light the obsessive compulsion we have with demeaning the body that is powered remotely by the brain set on function only.Without holding back, the author then tackles the issues surrounding abortion from a Christian point of view, an eye opening part of the book for me.She then moves on to assisted suicide and euthanasia This section greatly bothered me since I revel from the perspective that life is precious and unique to each person, so when I began reading it, I was nervous with where the author was going The point of money being the fundamental reason for ending a life is certainly not where I stand and I feel it shouldn t be where anyone should Instead of killing when there is no value left although I m not sure who has the authority to say when this actually is , why not promote ways to fix those problems by resolving the plaguing ailments We are an intelligent species, yet instead of encouraging the use of this said intelligence to cure and resolve, we choose to take the easier route especially one where money is involved The scary part of all this is that voluntary euthanasia may not remain so voluntary if the almighty dollar wins out So are we forgetting about our humanity The next chapter is about premarital sex and not getting married or having kids and how these decisions are killing the United States and even the world The whole relationship factor out of necessity is brought to light and I can t help but wonder why the world has allowed money to affect this too It s hard to raise children when both parents have to work in order to pay the bills, yet, we are encouraged to have children, to procreate for the survival of our species yet, the burden of raising children is not getting any easier, so many opt out of never It s great to say this problem should be fixed out of love but love does not pay the bills and encourage survival, thanks to society There s a breakdown in what relationships are nowadays, most are out of convenience until the need to share costs passes, then divorce comes easy Others, have no respect, nor demand it out of fear of being alone Then, there s the settling factor being with someone, just to say you are The long marriages of old seem lost to time and the relationships built on trust, respect, love and honor are gone The next chapter discusses homosexuality Considered still a sin by the author, there is a suggestion to help them by showing that Christianity leads them to embracing a Biblically ethical view of sexuality and marriage, or if this isn t enough, she simply suggests, stay celibate This reeks of thoughts that homosexuality is and should be considered, an illness Then there s the comparison of homosexuality in ancient Roman times to what it is now being the same but far worse back then This is redundant and really not necessary to the book, but the author uses this comparison to sort of poo poo the fact that at least it being homosexuality is not as bad as it was Bad meaning what Rampant like a disease or plague Something although civil, still in need of a cure HmmmMoving onIf not labelling homosexuality as a disease needing a cure, the author then tackles transgenderism, one she claims to be controversial and heartbreaking an issue and also one that can be helped by Christians embracing those in conflict about their gender and encourage them to accept the gender they were born with No surgery, just acceptance This whole chapter caused me to shake my head in bewilderment Compliance has been something many generations both female and male have had forced upon them, with being different is dictated as bad As a mother of a special needs child, this chapter is the most infuriating I always tell my daughter to embrace the fact that she s different from all the rest it s wonderful and exciting to be this way rather than boring and the same as everyone else It s those who are different that make the best leaders, the ones who push society forward not backward I think this author should focus on acceptance of differences and the world needs to treat each other as unique and wonderful just as they are.The next chapter seems a contradiction to the previous two In this one, with the exception of the other two issues, she reflects on how people lose sight of their value, their individuality, live, personhood hmmm, but only as long as you re not gay or transgender hate to see what she thinks about special needsShe then discusses family and how people lose their rights to government and social norms well, isn t that a contradiction in a nutshell What I see from the author s writing, is that as long as the family fits the normal slot of society, without sexual issues, or intellectual complexities, then family should join together through love so I have to ask, what the Hell is her concept of love She goes on to say that family is joined together by biological bonds what about those with adopted children, where s there is this so called missing component of biology She also adds that family shouldn t just be held together by pieces of paper but what about her first chapters where she discusses marriage and relationships, not to mention sex Very strangeIn conclusion, I did not like this book It was preachy, contradictive and if this is what Christianity is about, the way she lays it out, then no wonder our world is such a mess To me, the concept of god for Christians is suppose to be based on a loving, caring and forgiving entity, one of understanding and accepting of faults and tribulations The way the author describes a Christian life doesn t include these, but comes across judgmental and arrogant and self righteous I can see this book creating a lot of hate and prejudice, so well done with that author

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    As part of the launch team for Love Thy Body, by Nancy Pearcey, I have been reading this new book for the last four weeks or so I learned a lot It is challenging to read, stretching my mind I feel like I have come upon the scene of a horrible catastrophe earthquake, hurricane, plane crash, and I want to dive in to rescue and restore as many as possible.What do abortion, euthanasia, and transgenderism have in common They all share a common worldview which declares the body to be relatively meaningless, exalting the mind, and separating being a person from being human.This book goes deep into the mire of modern immorality to find the underlying assumptions, misconceptions, and outright lies that mute the consciences of many The post modern worldview demeans the body, declaring it meaningless, and in the names of freedom and choice drifts away into whatever the mind presently conceives.Buy this book and study it to learn what is happening in our present world, and taught in our schools, from kindergarten to post graduate to begin to understand the danger and the challenge or it all and to arm yourself with tools to help those who are suffering Two quotations Christians need to help people see that the secular view of human nature does not fit who people are It does not match the real world As a result, it is inevitably destructive, both personally and socially Christians must also show compassion to those who are pressured by a pomosexual post modern sexual society to despise their own bodies and reject their biological identity Loving God means loving those who bear his image in the world, helping to liberate people who are trapped by destructive and dehumanizing ideas.

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    This is not a book you can choose to read or not The times in which we are living force us to read it We, Christians, must prepare our minds to action, to think through the social issues we are facing each day in a biblical and logical way, and this book is fantastic starting pointThe only reason I am not giving this excellent book 5 stars is because at the end of chapter 6, Mrs Pearcey s argument weakened when she wrote things like, Christians should be on the forefront of creative thinking to recover richer definitions of what it means to be a man or a woman The church should be the first place where young people can find freedom from unbiblical stereotypes the freedom to work out what it means to be created in God s image as a wholistic and redeemed people p.218 I think that the Church should not strive to be thinking creative about these things, but should be thinking unashamedly biblically We must return to the definitions we find in the Bible, and to the different roles stereotypes that the Word of God has given us Go get yourself a copy of this book, read it, think through it, and apply it.

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    This gets my standard sort of yes and no review when it comes to worldview takes on current issues On the positive side, this is a good one stop book for contemporary issues of life abortion and euthanasia and sexual activity and identity including the full range of LGBTQ For someone wanting to get started with this conversation or a small group in church, this is a good resource However, this book is really the beginning of a much complicated conversation A lot of the observations are true but not exhaustive and do not necessarily get at the most basic issues Economic transformation and the larger assumptions of social and philosophical liberalism classical liberalism are not investigated in much detail I think Schaeffer s two story approach is of rather limited value at least in the basic way it is employed here Additionally, I think Pearcey confuses psychological and philosophical debates over personhood with the legal construct of personhood that US courts follow After all, corporations are persons under US law, and this does not require any grand philosophical claim about their state of consciousness Rather, they are entities that can be addressed and regulated by the state Missing that point renders Pearcey s section on personhood nearly inapplicable, which is a major problem given how much importance she places on it So again, as a general and beginning book, I would recommend Love Thy Body But I wouldn t want to ask it to do too much heavy lifting in other settings.

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    Nancy Pearcey does a wonderful job of laying out the current position many either implicitly or explicitly take on social issues It is a frighteningly dehumanizing worldview which separates the body from the person, making life, human rights and the US Constitution safe for no one She also offers the only hope for turning away from this worldview to reunifying the body to the person a Christian worldview based on love love for God, love for self, and love for others.

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    Well researched, Biblical view of the body in response to current hot topic moral issues Nancy breaks down how a secular worldview is actually anti body and the Bible values our bodies as well as our spirits If you are looking for a book to help you address issues like abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism in a Biblical manor, this is a great resource I was given an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Love Thy Body, Nancy PearceyWritten for Tenth Grade upwards My granddaughter will read it Apologetics They can be a rollercoaster ride With each page I found myself saying, Yes OK, that s good Then again, Push that a step further A chink in the wall opened, but now a bit further Just a bit As Pearcey reminds her readers, we are not in a cultural war, but in a rescue mission Apologetics aims at understanding the position of the other in order to find their weaknesses and demonstrate them so their logic falls on itself Pearcey is an excellent cultural dissector Love Thy Body tackles issues of abortion, euthanasia, the hook up, sexuality, transgenderism, homosexuality, marriage and parenthood Pearcey does a thorough job explaining the philosophical underpinnings of the dualist worldview splitting personhood and body supporting abortion that eventually evolves into the cultural disavowal of both gender and body She presents scripture s Christian worldview of the embodied soul created by God and redeemed, saved, and restored in Christ as the one that is truly freeing The main reason to address moral issues is that they have become a barrier to even hearing the message of salvation People are inundated with rhetoric that Bible is hateful, narrow and negative While it is crucial to be clear about the biblical teaching of sin, the context must be an overall positive message that Christianity alone gives the basis for a high view of the value and meaning of the body as a good gift from God In our communication with people struggling with moral issues, we need to reach out with a life giving, life affirming message We should work to draw people in by the beauty of the biblical vision of life There were times though, that I wanted to rush the reader to the nearest pastor for a good dose of Word and Sacrament Get thee to a church But, again, this is apologetics This is the wall breaker This is, Oh, wow Yeah Now what do I do And in the hands of Christians, we should know what next to do We speak of Christ, filling in what apologetics opens up Sometimes repetitive, but that s a good thing for students and people like me with short attention spans Available at CBD and

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Love Thy Body download Love Thy Body , read online Love Thy Body , kindle ebook Love Thy Body , Love Thy Body e579441ab14b Are Transgender People Discovering Their Authentic Self Is The Hookup Culture Really Liberating Does Abortion Lead To Equality For Women Does Homosexuality Contradict Our Biological Sex In Love Thy Body, Bestselling And Award Winning Author Nancy Pearcey Takes On The Hard Questions About Life And Sexuality A Two Time Winner Of The ECPA Gold Medallion Award, Pearcey Has Been Hailed By The Economist As America S Preeminent Evangelical Protestant Female Intellectual In Love Thy Body She Offers A Respectful But Riveting ExposE Of The Secular Worldview That Lies Behind Trendy Slogans And Political Talking Points A Former Agnostic, Pearcey Is A Sensitive Guide To The Secular Ideas That Shape Current Debates She Empowers Readers To Intelligently And Compassionately Engage Today S Most Controversial Moral And Social ChallengesIn A Surprise Shattering Of Stereotypes, Pearcey Demonstrates That While Secularism Promises Much, In Reality It Delivers Little She Turns The Tables On Stereotypes That Portray Christianity As Harsh And Bigoted, And Invites A Fresh Look At Its Holistic, Life Affirming Principles It Is A Worldview That Matches The Real World And Fits With Human ExperienceAll Along, Pearcey Keeps Readers Entranced With Gripping Stories Of Real People Wrestling With Hard Questions In Their Own Lives Sharing Their Pain, Their Struggles, And Their Triumphs