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Exactly What to Say files Exactly What to Say , read online Exactly What to Say , free Exactly What to Say , free Exactly What to Say , Exactly What to Say e30b30f34 Often The Decision Between A Customer Choosing You Over Someone Like You Is Your Ability To Know Exactly What To Say, When To Say It, And How To Make It Count Phil M Jones Has Trained Than Two Million People Across Five Continents And Over Fifty Countries In The Lost Art Of Spoken Communication In Exactly What To Say, He Delivers The Tactics You Need To Get Of What You Want.Best Selling Author And Multiple Award Winner Phil M Jones Is Highly Regarded As One Of The World S Leading Sales Trainers.

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    This is a compact book filled with scripts to use in conversations to influence people, such as How open minded would you be in trying the alternative if the person agree to be open minded then the person is likely to do so Just imagine for example, just imagine how things will be in six months after you implement this or just imagine the impact this could have When would be a good time to when the person is too busy to listen to your idea What s the best number to contact you at instead of can I have your number What most people would do in this situation is Before you make your mind up let s make sure you looked at all the facts If I can action that the person may want then will you action that you want from the person Just one thing when the conversation is al...

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    Just imagine yourself across from a prospect How would you feel if they raised an objection you hadn t considered I bet you re a bit like me, you d get stressed and talk too much Don t worry Phil Jones book is here to help Exactly What to Say took me longer than normal to read because I kept sharing nuggets with my clients and colleagues I was happy to find magic words that I regularly use in my leadership and fundraising trainings But I found even phrases I d never thought about using in this context Better than just giving phrases to use, Phil tells you why the phrases help your communication There are two types of people, those who focus on themse...

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    I would ve given 0 star if there s such option The book is really a booklet with big words and big font No new ideas and no practical example For less than 6000 words, I wonder if the author knows what does it take t...

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    This highly readable, slim, and straightforward book gives you little scripts magic words, in Jones parlance for a number of sales situations To me, they conjured up the things that car salesmen say to you, like what would i...

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    This is an excellent book on the art of influence, persuasion and generating top producing business results especially in sales and marketing It could replace just about every other book on human behavior It teaches you how to rephrase common words for situations you will face in any career in order to net you the most benefit.The worst time to think of the best thing to say is always when you are actually saying it I have long been a lover and student of power scripts, killer questions and magical phrases that open doors of opportunity in career and life And there s nobody better than Phil Jones at finding that perfect key that will unlock a range of situations I was literally amazed by the magic words and phrases outlined in the book While reading this book, I applied some phrases in my daily interaction with other people and it really stunned me how wonderfully ...

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    Grab it on audio, play it at 2X, and grab a few nuggets Some of the suggested language is in my opinion a bit too salesy, certainly for the clients I work with The risk is in coming across as manipulative to a world of increasingly savvy and wary clients.

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    A really great short book on what to say in sales and business situations to help you close the deal and takes things forward I ll definitely be using it as a reference for both communication and copywriting

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    Leyendo las rese as de este libro parece que el autor ha descubierto la piedra filosofal de la comunicacion Estoy decepcionado, es un libro basico y obvio, esta claro que las rese as del prologo deben ser de sus colegas de juerga porque el libro es de cinturon blanco de uso del lenguaje asertivo empatico Se limita a capitular una serie de enunciados de los mas evidentes y hace un desarrollo de los mismos, este libro estaria bien par...

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    Listened to this with text to speech, finishing it in half of a short hike Some worthwhile bits.

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