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The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) summary The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) , series The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) , book The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) , pdf The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) , The Fever King (Feverwake, #1) 324e3f4a9b In The Former United States, Sixteen Year Old Noam Lvaro Wakes Up In A Hospital Bed, The Sole Survivor Of The Viral Magic That Killed His Family And Made Him A Technopath His Ability To Control Technology Attracts The Attention Of The Minister Of Defense And Thrusts Him Into The Magical Elite Of The Nation Of Carolinia.The Son Of Undocumented Immigrants, Noam Has Spent His Life Fighting For The Rights Of Refugees Fleeing Magical Outbreaks Refugees Carolinia Routinely Deports With Vicious Efficiency Sensing A Way To Make Change, Noam Accepts The Minister S Offer To Teach Him The Science Behind His Magic, Secretly Planning To Use It Against The Government But Then He Meets The Minister S Son Cruel, Dangerous, And Achingly Beautiful And The Way Forward Becomes Less Clear.Caught Between His Purpose And His Heart, Noam Must Decide Who He Can Trust And How Far He S Willing To Go In Pursuit Of The Greater Good.

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    Me picks up a book with very high expectations and ends up disappointed My brain slamming fists on table REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRET REGRI relish the risk incurred by picking up a book that might inspire love or hate because both ends are passionate As a reader, what I dread the most is the middle ground, the lukewarm, the books that lack whatever alchemy is needed to ensure they land on my heart with a sound of impact Unfortunately, my images of The Fever King are already starting to fray around the edges The story is a thing I already faintly remember, and soon it would wither, and I d watch my memories of it yellow and fade as everything fades in the endless wash of days So, what s this book about In Carolinia, those with power than sense and money than mercy live in regal, decadent splendor behind high walls, while refugees scavenge the smoldering waste where the plague is waiting to snatch them by the throat.Noam, the bisexual Jewish Latinx son of undocumented immigrants from Atlantia, loses his father in a virus outbreak that spares his life and gives him nothing but swirling, shapeless memories when his parents arms were a fortress and a haven plus an uncanny ability to control technology A hint of fear mingles with wonder behind Noam s eyes when he s brought to the witching training center and told that he would be receiving personal tutoring from Calix Lehrer, the legendary minister of defense and previously America s briefly crowned king.This is Noam s chance and he seizes it in a desperate hold However much he had failed his parents, he could still fight for the rights of immigrants like him those who were told their dreams didn t match where they d come from and would therefore never come to pass But Noam is a witching now, working for the government, and that garners him the mistrust of his people Determined to show his fellow refugees that he hasn t deserted their side, Noam works on gathering information that could definitively condemn the government s treatment of immigrants Nevertheless, that doesn t stop Noam from admiring his tutor Calix with all the greedy, worshipful need in his boyish heart His delusions are, however, soon dashed and broken when Noam meets Dara, Lehrer s adoptive son, and the fraught relationship between father and son yields the truth about Lehrer s true intentions That was the whole point Governments didn t have to listen to the people until the people made it hurt to not listen As great as the concept of The Fever King is, it is knuckled under by the disappointingly unsatisfying execution.I plowed through this book, moved only by the cold embers of will My interest only sputtered throughout my reading like tinder that refused to catch completely I couldn t twist myself out of boredom s holds, and, after a while, my mind stepped around many events without noticing I just did not care, and the feeling welled up in me so swiftly that I almost did not finish this book.For a fantasy that weaves political intrigue and elements of sci fi, The Fever King makes for a sluggish read It s not a novel where the reader can seize the arc in a palpable grasp and can feel the intensity mounting towards a rapturous climax The pace is slow The tension is slack The few plot twists meant to induce chills yield only a shadow of the impact I wanted them to contain The world building is not intended to do than sound convincing and leaves far too many unknowns I was keenly aware, throughout, that the less I questioned the workings of the virus and the antibodies , the I would enjoy this book.Noam s character is, unfortunately, not compelling enough to carry the narrative, and, after lengthy, lonely stretches of seemingly thin motivations, repetitive dialogue, the shallowly executed mash up of secondary characters that are nebulously realized, I found the limits of my patience and gone past them, into the blasted hinterlands of irritation The story s resolution was also unsatisfyingly easy Plot turnings and character developments sheer towards the path of least resistance rather than diving deeper into something complex and nuanced The entire plot hinges on a series of coincidences and bouts of luck that don t stand up to scrutiny They are too neat, too complete and too many to be entirely plausible And I was not impressed.At least for a while the mystery of who or what Calix Lehrer truly is friend, foe, monster, hero, or something abstractly symbolic and the raised stakes of intrigues around him stirred a flutter of interest in me There s an indefinable edge to his character that I found fairly arresting The developing facets of his real motivation are complex and brutal when unveiled for what they truly are I liked how the threads that separate monster from hero are tangled enough that you can t trace you steps back to either one of them.I also cheer the author s timely criticism of anti migrant violence, but I thought the strokes were so broad that the attack was ticklish than searing The book introduces many important themes immigration, racism, young people actively pushing back against what the world has decided for them but doesn t explore them in a thorough way Instead, it seems content to simply bring them up.Also central to the plot is a brewing romance between Dara and Noam It s formidably refreshing to see a queer romance taking center stage in a YA fantasy novel, but to be honest, the pallid dynamics between Noam and Dara hardened my heart to actually shipping them My least favorite thing in romance is unnecessary conflict that could easily be solved if the characters just COMMUNICATED Most of their exchanges involve drinking unhealthily amount of alcohol I get that teenagers drink, but in this novel, it s honestly skirting the edge of teenage rite passage into really dangerous territory , accusing each other of not understanding each other again, communication, kids , and getting each other off Again, I just couldn t bring myself to care.Overall, I think there was so much promise to the idea of this novel that the sketchy execution was immensely disappointing This seems to be an unpopular opinion, because many readers seemed to have enjoyed this book So, I d say give it a try if it sounds up your alley

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    The thing about The Fever King is that it s about so many different things that it s just truly indescribable.It s about a virus that has taken so many innocent lives, yet has become a magical blessing for those who survive it It s about moral ambiguity and deciding what s right and wrong for you but also for everyone else It s about identity, and trauma, and finding your place in a world that is always changing.It s about a boy named Noam, and a boy named Dara, and what they must do to keep living in a world that demands from them but has only given them pain And it s also about the horrendously, achingly, painfully slow slowburn romance that blossoms between them but that s not the point The void from earlier was back, yawning wide in Noam s chest Dara felt it too, he thought Dara might not have lost his family, but he had that same hole inside him They matched. I think the most striking aspect of this book, though, is not its captivating narrative, or its impressive writing style, or its intriguing setting rather, its intricate, carefully written portrayal of the complexities of its characters.All of these characters are, arguably, morally ambiguous They are figuring out where they belong in the world, or in some cases, have already decided it and are acting upon it They ve all faced trauma, personal and intergenerational, and it s affected them all differently The nuance that which this pain is written with is done so carefully Noam a bisexual biracial Latinx white Jewish teenage boy who survived a virus that took his family, friends, and fellow refugees, and gained the magic of technopathy from it an activist for immigrant rights, and a sweet, soft boy who is too strong for his own good Dara a gay Jewish POC celebrity son of the minister who is as much of a jerk as he is alluringly mysterious also my son who has been through too much suffering and deserves some semblance of happiness Lehrer the queer Jewish minister of Carolinia who s been alive for who knows how long, who I secretly or not so secretly hateMore so, the gay slowburn romance that blooms in this book is just absolutely thrilling Thrilling, in the please kiss already and why does this hurt so much and I have never been terrified for two people way stunning art by bbonsbonss While I will admit that I took some time to get into this book, once I was immersed in it, I was immersed The story moves at just the right pace, keeping you on your toes and anxious for what s to come, but still keeping you engaged in the present It only helps that Noam s voice is such a delightful perspective to read from.Not only is this an enjoyable, exciting story to read, however, it also tackles important issues such as immigration Some readers have been angered by the inclusion of this, as well as the simple existence of queerness, and believe the book would be better without those subjects But I would argue that this book is stronger with these political themes, and the existence of these characters are inherently political because of the people who don t want them to be included.Nevertheless, I found the discussion extremely important and well written, and it did not take away or distract from the narrative, only added to it As a queer child of immigrant parents, I related deeply to the threads of queerness and immigration woven throughout the book, and I am grateful they were included That was the whole point Governments didn t have to listen to the people until the people made it hurt not to listen. Quite honestly, this whole book hurts, because it seems like seeds of pain are sowed in just when you think you ll be okay, but the ending of this book for sure overpowers it all I won t say much, because I think you all deserve to suffer like I did, but I will say this it is shocking, it is the ending you wish wasn t perfect but kind of is, and it will absolutely destroy you.On that note, my initial reaction upon finishing this book was hello, 911 yes, I d like to report this book for making me want to kashoot myself Frankly, I think that reaction still stands There are so many things this book makes me want to kashoot myself over, from the characters to the romance to the discussion of political issues, but I would still want to read it all over again.If it isn t obvious, I truly adored this book and found it not only powerful, but enrapturing and enjoyable as well, and the amount of appreciation I have for it has no end If you re looking for gay, moral greyness, and a soul crushing, heartbreaking book, this one s for you.P.S I highly recommend giving this author interview a read, as well as the extremely heartfelt letter the author wrote about why she wrote The Fever King and how her real life experiences are reflected in this book rep biracial Latinx, white bisexual Jewish MC, gay POC Jewish LI, queer Jewish major character, all queer cast content warnings violence, intergenerational trauma genocide, murder, abuse, sexual abuse, statutory rape, parental death, death of a child, mental health and suicide, slut shaming, ableist language, drug and alcohol abuse details here Thank you to for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This did not my affect my opinion in any way.All quotes are from an advanced copy and may differ in final publication.

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    My full review is now up on my blog There s something about books that make you avoid any and all real life responsibilities, stay up until 2 a.m., bleary eyed and exhausted, and leave you with your soul crushed beyond recognition and have you loving every single second of it Something that leaves a distinctly enunciated yes in its wake that reverberates warmly in your heart with its perfect, almost poetic diction, and its all consuming intensity.And that special something has ensconced itself deeply in The Fever King The Fever King is about family the one tied together by blood, and the one you choose for yourself about being torn between two worlds, and fighting for what is right It s about loss, living life in the wake of trauma, and about finding oneself about making choices that shape oneself, and shaping oneself with the choices one makes Now that both Noam s parents were gone, the world was much larger than it had been before gaping around him, sharp toothed and hungry It is filled with beautiful metaphors, accentuating a writing style that stands out with its uniqueness a touch of poetry mingled with velvet soft prose The ground underfoot sprouted with flowers magical little buds of gold and silver that moved without breeze, glittering petals spiraling up into the air When Noam inhaled, their magic was spun sugar on his tongue The narrative, too, is completely entrancing, with many clues foreshadowing what s to come brilliantly threaded into it, creating an slightly unsettling atmosphere that keeps you intrigued and suspicious, and always on edge, waiting for the next shoe sharp, and elegant to drop in a brilliant arch that cuts air.What is perhaps the biggest reason behind, and inspiration for my adoration for this book, however, are the characters not only the main character Noam who made something profound in my heart stir, when he curled up in a corner to read a book in silence, and it felt like home to him, who continued to fight for immigrants rights, and refused to give up even in the face of adversity but also if not especially Dara Dara, who claimed he hated everything, but secretly dreamed of counting the stars There comes a point in your life, when you realize that fictional characters can make you feel so much love for them that you actually feel like you live through their hardships with them, and that s what Dara does He s a character with layers upon layers, and the you unveil, the you love him.Among many romances, The Fever King s stands out with a slow burn that tugs at your heart, and makes you simultaneously delight and suffer in equal measure It shows you that having your heart ripped to shreds by unsaid words, dark secrets, misunderstandings, and horrifying reveals, and mended together by the most beautifully written and heart wrenching scenes, and witty, humorous banter, can be the best gift you ve ever had the fortune to receive The void from earlier was back, yawning wide in Noam s chest Dara felt it too, he thought Dara might not have lost his family, but he had that same hole inside him They matched In a world filled with magic, Victoria Lee brings to life not only an immensely captivating, and unforgettable story, as well as characters that capture your heart she paints a vivid imagery of very relevant and important issues in our society, and cleverly illuminates them with a searing portrayal That was the whole point Governments didn t have to listen to the people until the people made it hurt not to listen The Fever King is a book that crushed my soul, and had me loving every single second of it, soaked in angst, and drenched in anticipation Victoria Lee believes in her story, lives her story, and pours so much love, and so much of herself, into her characters and it shows.It s a book that destined to imprint itself into your being so wholly that you ll be left wondering who you were before you came to love it, after you finish it and all I can say is you don t want to miss out on it Thank you so much to Megan Beatie for sending me an advance copy of this book It in no way influenced my opinion, or rating The quotes above were taken from the ARC, and are subject to change upon publication. I jumped through what feels like a million hoops to get to this book early, stayed up until 2 a.m to read it, and had my soul crushed and I can genuinely say that it all paid off.Blog Twitter Instagram Tumblr Bloglovin

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    2.5 stars Review first posted on Fantasy Literature It s the 22nd century, and North America is divided into several different countries in the aftermath of a worldwide disaster A plague that first hit back in the early part of the 21st century killed and continues to kill almost every person who get infected with the virus Those few who survive become witchings, developing a variety of magical powers as a result of the virus s presence in their body.Noam lvaro is a bisexual teenage refugee from Atlantia, now living in the West Durham slums of the well developed country of Carolinia He s the son of a Jewish mother and a Hispanic father thus ticking as many boxes as I ve ever seen for diversity representation in a single character When Noam survives a plague outbreak that kills his father and most of the people he knows, he emerges with unusually potent magical powers over technology that make him highly valuable to the people in charge of the Carolinian government Noam outwardly accepts his new life as a student in Level IV, the Carolinia government s elite witching training program, and as the defense minister s prot g Secretly, though, he plans to use his new position and power to bring down the government, which has been extremely hostile to refugees.But then things get complicated, particularly when Noam meets Dara, a handsome brown skinned fellow student who looks like a magazine model Noam is torn between his deep attraction for Dara and his fears about Dara s allegiance to another politician who s taken anti refugee positions Noam is also confused about how much he can trust Calix Lehrer, the minister of defense who has taken such a keen interest in Noam s development The Fever King is an LGBTQIA urban fantasy novel that feels like science fiction alternative history Even the magic has a quasi scientific explanation, which was appealing and helped to ground the novel On the other hand, it didn t seem realistic that not just the main characters, but every single character in the novel, is queer per Victoria Lee s blog It made The Fever King feel like an interesting if unlikely exercise in diversity representation The politics in the novel and its concerns with refugee rights and the gulf between the haves and have nots also bear a clear message for our current society.Lee s storytelling is a little disjointed and unclear, most noticeably in the first half She creates an imaginative future society, but it could have used worldbuilding For that first half I wasn t particularly enjoying the story, just plowing through it But then it gets much clearer, and the final third is exciting and tension filled, with some solid twists and turns The Fever King is the first book in Lee s FEVERWAKE duology, and though the ending doesn t leave you with a terrible cliffhanger, the overall story is clearly unfinished at this point.Although the main character and his love interest are teenagers, this is a hard hitting, R rated book, with countless F bombs, a semi explicit gay sex scene it cuts from the initial foreplay to the aftermath , discussion of sexual abuse, underage drinking, drug use, violence and murder That s quite a list, and I thought it was excessive for what is considered to be a YA book There s an audience for this type of novel, but I wouldn t recommend it for younger teens I ll admit to some curiosity about how the plot will be resolved in The Electric Heir, to be published in 2020, but I m on the fence as to whether I ll actually read it I received a free copy of this book for review from the publisher, Skyscape, and the publicist Thank you

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    The premise of this book sounded captivating and I couldn t wait for the author to introduce the romance between the two male characters who basically hate each other, but I did not expect this YA story to be so mature The world building is dark, Noam works to improve the conditions of refugees by working with government officials and developing his own powers, and there are plenty of secrets no one cares to share There s drinking, drugs, sex Adult stuff It s a page turner, but not an instant one The first chapter is confusing because of the complexity of the world It takes time to understand truly understand what is going on and what Noam s purpose is but once you do it all become worth it It s like when you have three essays to hand in on one specific date and you know it s going to be a nightmare to finish those but once you finish them you feel so god like Except, you know, less dramatic That was a bad example, really It s not my day.The gay romance is worth waiting for It s a love hate relationship reminiscent of Damen and Laurent s from Captive Prince But just a tiny bit less abusive before it becomes steamy and romantic I couldn t get enough of Noam and Dara s interactions which never failed to surprise me Hot and cold is not something that attracts me in real life mates but because I m not the one to deal with the mood swings and lies, the cat and mouse game feels satisfying somehow I am so excited for the sequel There is so much happening in this story that these are some very filled 370 pages and the ending left me speechless Whaaaat No waaaay Such cruelty Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I had no idea that I need this book in my life until I stumbled upon the synopsis Dang That sounds so intriguing My gay romance radar went on autopilot and my inner queer faerie is slaphappy lol Guess that s what you call a win win situation XD

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    I m not going to lie, the only reason I decided to pick this book up was for the m m rep, which did not disappoint prepare for a lot of angst I honestly didn t know much else about it or what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it This book was incredibly diverse and the bisexual representation in particular, made me ridiculously happy I meant it when I said I wasn t gay Noam said.Ames looked disbelieving , but she didn t pull away.Noam smirked Bisexual isn t gay I can t put into words how much it means to hear characters refer to themselves as Bi So often we are erased and just assumed to be gay and it was refreshing to see this character correcting this assumption, and he did it in a way that didn t come across as overly defensive It definitely took me some time to get into the story, as it did start out pretty slow I found it a bit info dumpy in some parts and I initially struggled slightly to understand some of the world building There was also a fair amount of technological and science talk that went completely over my head Things did make sense as the story went along though, and it really started to heat up during the last 100 or so pages Holy shit did it get intense Even during the slower moments, the writing and plot still managed to keep me intrigued throughout and I found myself constantly trying to figure out who to trust and what people s motives were The whole concept of the book was unlike anything I ve ever read The idea of magic being a kind of virus that not many people were able to survive was such an interesting take on it.Most importantly, I actually cared about the characters, which really does make all of the difference It was very much a character driven book and I appreciated all of the little moments that went into developing their relationships I really liked Noam as the main character and I found him realistic and quite relatable at times, especially when he didn t instantly fit in with everyone else when he first arrived at level IV I loved how he refused to turn his back on where he came from and his passion to strive for change He could sometimes be a bit too blinkered, however, and there were times when I was frustrated with his character, but the reasons behind some of those moments were made clearer as the story progressed I don t think I ve ever felt such a strong desire to protect a character the way I did with Dara The glimpses into some of the shit he went through broke my heart There were just so many layers to his character and I loved him so much There was one character, who I m not going to name because it could be a spoiler , who was just so well written and complex I did suspect early on that there was definitely something up with them ,but I really wasn t expecting the extent of it I have a feeling that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this character and what they are capable of The other characters didn t really play much of a part for me to have any strong feelings about, but I did like Ames a lot I hope that the next book gives us development for these characters as well Another thing that I liked about this book was the clever way in which Calix s backstory was introduced via things like letters, audio recordings, encrypted videos etc I found this much effective than him just simply opening up about everything that he endured.This book does delve into quite a few heavy topics, so that s something to keep in mind before you read it The author does have content warnings on her website but I highly recommend it

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    Was this completely predictable Yes.Did I care Not even a little, and that should tell you something about how well written these characters are The Fever King is the first book in a futuristic sci fantasy series set in what is left of the once United States It follows a main character who is bisexual, Jewish and Colombian and it features a main m m romance It s a story that talks about a lot of interesting themes, and I m going to get to that in this review, but first I want to talk about what this book made me think about predictability.I think we often use this was predictable to mean that a book was boring and banal And I mean, that s often true, especially for books in which predictability isn t the point I wouldn t complain about predictability in the romance genre, you know but sometimes it s just not.Sometimes a book is predictable because it took the path you wanted it to have, because it developed in a way that made sense, because the author didn t decide to sacrifice a perfectly solid and entertaining storyline for the sake of shock value And as long as the main character isn t naive or unobservant for no reason and here, that wasn t the case I m not going to penalize a book for doing what it should have done.And did this book go there The Fever King is set in a country with an internal refugee crisis and an external persecution problem, as it s the only state in the world that doesn t imprison people who have magical powers, and it s a story about how people react to personal and generational trauma, a story about whether and how much the goal can justify the means.If you know anything about me, you should also know that this last sentence is probably the thing I like to see the most in fiction Why Because it makes for terrific villainous characters And this was no exception I can t tell you as much as I d like about the character I m talking about because while it s a very predictable storyline, I d rather write a spoiler free review but I found him really fascinating and awful, and isn t that the best combination As usual, the characters that make me think I want to know and please die, like, right now are the ones I feel strongly aboutI also really liked the main character, Noam He s the son of immigrants, and after he survived a deadly virus and became a witchling, he s thrust in a world that represents everything he has always hated and to see how conflicted he is, how he s desperately looking for allies and at the same time kind of wants to go back He was a really interesting character to read about.And his romance with Dara The way they start out suspicious of each other but grow closer anyway and still don t really know what s the right thing to do I have a lot of feelings, it must be that I just really like reading about confused young gays who are trying their best to do the right thing.The other side characters weren t that developed, but seeing how marginal most of them were, it wasn t that much of an issue This also meant that there isn t a woman who has a relevant role in the whole book, which I don t really like I liked reading about this world It looks like a horrible place to be in, but it also has one of the most interesting magic systems I ve read in a while, both because it includes superpowers I had never seen in a novel before the main character main s power is technopathy, basically magical hacking and because it s based on knowledge you can get new powers if you study for example, you can get telekinesis from physics.What I liked less about the world is that I often had no idea how anything looked like, but I can t say I didn t like the writing either, because this is the kind of story that felt effortless and that I went through in less than two days, two days during which it took over my head and I couldn t think about anything else.

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    arc sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI was nervous about this one I don t usually get into SF F books which is a part of my personality we re working on this year, pls contribute to the cause with your recs But I appreciated the hell out of this book IT WAS SO CHARACTER DRIVEN But at the same time, we re given science and betrayal AND TRUE LOVE FOR THE GAYS This was an excellent novel What is this book about Noam a gorgeous bisexual high school dropout lives in a post nuclear fallout America In his society, magic is a virus if you get infected you either die or live and gain magical powers The cool thing about it is that these powers are based on actual science technology So, if you want to, say, heal things You must have a solid foundation in anatomy So no screwing up in your STEM classes If I do say so myself, what a concept IT S JUST REALLY SMOOTH AND COOL Our story starts off with Noam living in the slums and his parents are illegal immigrants So, Noam s focused on social justice and protesting for the human rights that immigrants deserve which is extremely relevant and I was v proud to see this DISCUSSED So, we just have a brave, accountable, good teenage boy Living his life w his vacant father yes his dad is as useful as a piece of lettuce But then one fateful day, Noam s entire neighborhood is infected Noam survives and develops powers, but everyone else dies He s whisked away to a special government school for magical kids the story commences to hurt my feelings Characters NoamNoam is a heroic, determined boy Sometimes he s a little bit drunk on patriotism For example, he makes decisions solely based on the greater good for immigrants, and is generally into utilitarianism So, it can blind him sometimes And his willingness to stab people may be frowned upon in some circles But overall he s a pretty sweet guy c I JUST REALIZED HE S AN ANTIHERO So, there s that for the goddamn win He s also Jewish, bisexual, and Latino, and he s not afraid to stand up for himself when someone puts him down for being who he is I M JUST VERY PROUD OF THIS CUPCAKE AND I LOVE HIM My absolute favorite part of Noam s story, though, is his relationship with Calix Lehrer, who slowly becomes a father figure over the course of the story I ve never read this brand of found family and it was an experience I ll cherish for my entire life Their relationship is complex TO SAY THE ABSOLUTE LEAST But I was really into it Dara DARA IS SO SWEET He has a past and I felt so protective of him, meanwhile he s protective of every single one of his friends He s gorgeous, brilliant, has secret powers, and is so soft when it anything concerns Noam who can I talk to about selling my soul to Dara I don t want to say too much about him because so much of his character contains spoilers But I ll leave you with this Noam and Dara s love story hate to love AND I DIDN T EVEN HAVE TIME TO PREPARE FOR IT But now you can Doing good deeds again this year like the sweetheart I am c c c Overall I wish the entire series were published right now I don t have.coping skills for this kind of thing WHY CAN T I BINGE, WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE BOOKS that ending cannot be all I have It s like sand, slipping through my fingers I FEEL SO ALONE and yet my heart is beating so fast after what this plot put me through, and I m suddenly deeply suspicious of everyone except Dara and Noam, because they deserve nothing but fond gazes.also, i don t know, they might deserve a relaxing afternoon in which they can sit down with their classic novels, safely, and drink hot cocoa as a soft, happy, thriving couple scrapes my emotions off the floor BLOG

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    I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the author for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. Me h Victoria Lee, probably I ll make sure you never know happiness againTHAT HURTED but like in a good way.It s hard to say in a sentence what The Fever King is about You could say it s about Noam, a Jewish Latino bisexual teen who survives the magic virus that kills most of the population and leaves him a witching, status which grants him a spot among the people he and his family have always fought against You could say it s about impossible decisions and the line between right and wrong You could say it s about intergenerational trauma and what it does to the individual and to a community The Fever King is a book that will draw you in and make you care about the characters and the story Even if you are not familiar with the genre I would say it s YA political fantasy dystopia , the narrating voice of Noam guides you through the book in a way that draws from light hearted YA books That is to say, Noam is a joy to read and he manages to make you smile and laugh even amidst all the stuff that goes on in the book Sometimes I found like this could have been toned down a little, and at times I felt like the type of narrative used was proper of a first person POV than the third person used here, but that s just a personal preference I loved the magic system and the fact that, even with magic powers, people still need to know the science behind what they re doing eg knowing physics in order to move objects with telekinetics That s something I wish was present in books with magic because it s always so interesting to see and much better than when magic has no explanation or rules.One of the strongest things this book has to offer are the many political themes that I don t feel qualified enough entitled to talk about I encourage you to read Victoria Lee s words about some of the themes that shape this book.I m not going to lie, I struggled a lot for months trying to write a review, because this is such an important book and I felt so bad not giving it a full five stars I also read an early copy and I don t know how much the final product will be edited, but I fully plan on rereading it because the only problems I had were in the writing, which to me feels somewhat debut y I felt like the worldbuilding could ve been better interwoven into the plot instead of being sometimes dumped in a big bulk Sometimes it was tell y instead of show y, and I think certain hints were a little too obvious for my tastes Those are just my personal preferences though, and I don t want anyone to think that this isn t an incredible debut There were so many points that made me laugh out loud and others made me SCREAM because they were some of the most evil things I ve seen done by an author, and I mean that in the best way possible of course.Some reasons you shouldn t go into this book is if you re expecting it to be about 100% good people they re not and also if you don t like gay shit But in that case you can gently go fuck yourself and it s your loss I guess, because e v e r y o n e in this book is wonderfully queer.TWs list of trigger warnings on the author s website, plus a few I feel like adding sickness resulting in death of a child, mention of cchokengtitik

    titikchokeng, murder, blood, gore.____The author just confirmed that everyone in the book is going to be queer I also have two functioning kidneys I d be willing to trade for an ARC, I ve..got an ARC Holy shit cries in bisexual

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