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Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #3) summary Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #3) , series Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #3) , book Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #3) , pdf Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #3) , Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, #3) f23ed879a4 Three Months Ago, I Landed A Job As A Bartender But Not At A Bar At A Guild Yeah, The Magic Kind.I M Not A Badass Mage Like My Three Smokin Hot Best Friends I M Not A Sorcerer Or An Alchemist, Or Even A Wussy Witch I M Just A Human, Slinging Drinks Like A Pro And Keeping My Non Magical Nose Out Of Mythic Business Seriously, I Know My Limits.So Why Am I Currently Standing In A Black Magic Ritual Circle Across From A Fae Lord Somewhere Behind Me, My Three Mage Friends Are Battling For Their Lives Somewhere Near My Feet Is The Rogue Witch I Just Knocked Out With A Stolen Spell And I Have About Five Seconds To Convince This Very Angry Sea God Not To Shmoosh Me Like A Bug.I M Pretty Sure This Wasn T Part Of The Job Description Note The Three Mages Are Definitely Sexy, But This Series Isn T A Reverse Harem It S 100% Fun, Sassy, Fast Paced Urban Fantasy THE GUILD CODEX SPELLBOUNDThree Mages And A Margarita 1 Dark Arts And A Daiquiri 2 Two Witches And A Whiskey 3 Demon Magic And A Martini 4

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    5 starsMe during the first 95% of the book Me at the last 5% THIS WAS SO GREATHands down my favorite book of the series thus far I am in love with all the characters view spoiler especially you Zak hide spoiler

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    I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the author Oh, this series delights me ever so much I truly wish that it would never end This series has it all Scenes that will make you laugh out loud, high stakes, magic, a grip of handsome mythic men to drool over, and a heroine that has no superpowers but can still kick ass with the rest of them I am so glad that Annette Marie decided to go the route of episodic episodes for this series While elements from each book crossover to the next in the series, each book has a self contained plot While there is enough information planted into the books to leave some mystery and plot points to grow on for future books, there are no cliffhangers Marie is a truly skilled plotter Her stories take on a life of their own The construction of her stories is always incredibly clever and the basis of them is always unique It is what I have come to expect from her stories and I have never been disappointed I love that I never know what to expect from the p...

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    This book, this entire series is a complete hoot A down on her luck woman walks into a bar, lands a job, and then discovers she s the only human in a bar full of mystical beings She should runbut you knowshe needs the job.

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    I am having such a blast with this series I love the world Annette Marie has created While each book revolves around a mythical case, the series is best listened to in order of release.So far the guild has done a good job of keeping Tori s employment at the Claw Hammer a secret, but MagiPol shows up with questions about recent cases bounties and is looking for a guild member with red hair A woman who was involved in a kidnapping case and may know the notorious Ghost Eep The guys get Tori out of there and Darius puts her on leave until things cool down Our poor girl is depressed, but two witches show up at her apartment and things are about to get interesting We gain some insight into our handsome mages, particularly Kia Ezra helps Tori sort through some of her own issues and we learn about Zak, Aka the Ghost as Tori gets herself caught up with powerful fae, and a dark lord.The plot was fast paced, action packed and entertaining I enjoy how the author can share about the characters and world as she seamlessly weaves them into the current storyline We see overall series arc advancement including the MagiPol problem.What really makes this series are the characters and bonds that form We h...

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    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I ate Annette Marie s latest book within two days I was over the moon excited to read Two Witches and a Whiskey early on because I have much curiosity and I hoped Annette Marie would give some insight Yeah, no, that didn t happen It s safe to say that both Di from Book Reviews by Di and I have even questions after devouring the third book in The Guild Codex Spellbound series.As usual, we have a new adventure The greatest part of this entire series is each book having its own plot in addition to the overall plot in the series, so there s never really a cliffhanger.Two Witches and a Whiskey continues to follow Tori as she navigates the Mystic world, continuing her friendships among the Crow and Hammer guild that readers are introduced to in Three Mages and a Margarita In the third novel of The Guild Codex Spellbound series, Tori accidentally gets her friends involved in dealing with a fae lord.Plus we get some returning characters from Dark Arts and a Daiquiri My fangirl heart can t take it, ahhh Internal Struggles with Tori As much Tori loves hanging out with the Mythic community and her close circle of friends with Aaron, Ezra and Kai, we continue to see Tori struggling internally The Crow and Hammer guild appreciates and values her and treats her as though she is a me...

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    It is 4 AM so pardon my typos in this review but I just CANNOT with this book Annette Marie truly gets better with each and every book she writes I am in love with Two Witches and a Whiskey and I am so, so impatient for the next one Let s talk worldbuilding this is something Marie excels at This wild, supernatural world Tori s found herself in grows with each new adventure It not only furthers Tori s involvement in the dangerous world, but also heightens all the stakes And I just I love it all so much It makes for a fast paced, action packed read and it is absolutely thrilling Let s talk characters SUPERB I have never loved Tori as much as I did in this book I always have issues with feisty main characters because my introverted ass is hiding in shock from everything they do and say, but holy HELL I did that here too but mostly in awe because wow, Tori is awesome Being in her head is great she s genuinely funny and it balances out super well with the insecurities and fears she has She s grown so much but the core of her is still there and it mak...

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    I want it now and not later Okay, I finished reading this book on Friday night and i love it It was so cool Tori s life is fucking interesting as hell This book is one of my favorites in the series so far I felt that is need...

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    First draft, get ready for some serious action.

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    This one was great, though I m getting a little tired of MagiPol But I loved that we got to spend lots of time with our mage boys, and with Zak I loved that we found some equilibrium there And I really loved seeing Tori s situation evolve.I m just burning through this series Can t stop

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    I voluntarily read and reviewed a review copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Well I guess by now it s safe to say that whenever you read one of my reviews of anything by Annette Marie there will probably be plenty of gushing and fangirling Because really She just brings it out in me.All of her books are incredibly entertaining, engaging and easy to read and The Guild Codex series is no different Each instalment has been fast paced, compelling and just downright FUN.There s just so much to love about everything in this series so go read it NOW Firstly, it s an episodic series meaning that each book has it s own fully contained plot with no horrible cliffhangers at the end In saying that though, there are also carry throughs on each book and while you probably COULD read this books in any order and without having read one previously, I would definitely recommend starting from the beginning and working your way through There s plenty of character development in each book and there s also a lot of foreshadowing of things to come There s also the fact that if you DO read these and you really, really should you will probably just find yourself looking for all the rest and waiting eagerly for the next one to come out The characters are so easy to get to love and each is unique with their own motivations and backstory In this book in particular we got to see a few of Tori s insecurities and I loved s...

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