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Ordinary Hazards summary Ordinary Hazards , series Ordinary Hazards , book Ordinary Hazards , pdf Ordinary Hazards , Ordinary Hazards d86b3915f5 This Powerful Story, Told With The Music Of Poetry And The Blade Of Truth, Will Help Your Heart Grow Laurie Halse Anderson, Author Of Speak And Shout A Testimony And A Triumph Jason Reynolds, Author Of Long Way DownIn Her Own Voice, Acclaimed Author And Poet Nikki Grimes Explores The Truth Of A Harrowing Childhood In A Compelling And Moving Memoir In VerseGrowing Up With A Mother Suffering From Paranoid Schizophrenia And A Mostly Absent Father, Nikki Grimes Found Herself Terrorized By Babysitters, Shunted From Foster Family To Foster Family, And Preyed Upon By Those She Trusted At The Age Of Six, She Poured Her Pain Onto A Piece Of Paper Late One Night And Discovered The Magic And Impact Of Writing For Many Years, Nikki S Notebooks Were Her Most Enduing Companions In This Accessible And Inspiring Memoir That Will Resonate With Young Readers And Adults Alike, Nikki Shows How The Power Of Those Words Helped Her Conquer The Hazards Ordinary And Extraordinary Of Her Life

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    It s a long story, but I am a poet I can cut it short from the Prologue to ORDINARY HAZARDS Full Disclosure I ve been sitting with Nikki Grimes s memoir, ORDINARY HAZARDS, and I have been waiting for months to write a review The problem now We are one month away from your sitting with the memoir and experiencing what early readers like Lester Laminack and Ed Spicer and I have been sitting with for most of 2019 I can tell you with great joy and pride that Nikki Grimes is a friend No She does not call me We don t have lunch I sense we might if we lived closer together Or we might not To give one another space to be, to poem, to make, and to garden We are friends in the way that you know someone in this world sees you and stops by now and then to appreciate an idea To push on a thought To identify a random flower that has popped up in a garden To tell you that you cannot read, early, the body of a speech to come and reminds you that there is a an ask and an answer And then there might be the ask too much coupled with a need to wait ORDINARY HAZARDS is born of a need to wait To wait for the writer to present his, her, or their story with the sensitivity to self and to others and to tell that truth, even in light of sensitivity and truth, to tell the story completely Heartedly In light of hazards most ordinary Nikki s truth is now here in front of us What will we do now ORDINARY HAZARDS is an important book Not for what it reveals yes, it does reveal , but for what it illuminates Our best novelists for young people today present young people within the gamut of their daily lives, their hopes, their dreams, their concerns, and their obstacles For her presence within the world of upper elem, middle grade, and young adult literature, it is authors like Nikki Grimes who have placed themselves in the spaces and the shelves They have fought for the classroom space with their work over a number of years They realize some successes here and there with this title or that one, but even these celebrate anniversaries and are repackaged which always makes me wonder if the re packaging of back titles actually serve to remind us how old these books are even in the presence of trumpeting books from the canon that are celebrating fifty or years and still have a solid place in the canon Nikki Grimes has been illuminating the experience of the young to the young adult and has earned, by way of her deft story telling and rendering in verse ideas that would take prose pages and pages to express She has a corner of the room sharing space with Walter Dean Myers and Sharon Draper and Rita Williams Garcia and Sharon Flake and Angela Johnson and Jacqueline Woodson and Christopher Paul Curtis She is an anchor within the community of writers of color who write for readers And, now, Nikki Grimes works to make room for many writers in an age calling for and necessarily so the need for diverse books and own voices We desperately need the new voices And they are ringing true All the while.Nikki is still here doing the work With ORDINARY HAZARDS, Nikki steps from the corners of her own experiences, shakes herself free from the lists of authors you should know to be seen And to be known With ORDINARY HAZARDS, Nikki stays true to the readers who have followed here to this new place of sharing her truth while she welcomes in new readers with a revealing look at her young and young adult life And, ORDINARY HAZARDS will find itself in places perhaps Nikki s has not found audience.yet As a adult memoir As a collection of poetry With ORDINARY HAZARDS, Nikki positions her personal story alongside titles like Margarita Engle s ENCHANTED AIR It is my hope that the Lee Bennett Hopkins committee is seeing this new book From the first page Nikki centers memoir as a genre that presents itself own sense of irony to tell one s story in a way that might be of interest to another when the default of any personal story is that it should be of interest to another person.Humanity 101 Nikki presents a definition for memoir a work of imperfect memory in which you meticulously capture all that you can recall, and use informed imagination to fill in what remains Informed imagination A classroom teacher could have spent years in the classroom poring over the ideas presented by the experts in narrative writing and probably never have come upon, informed imagination Filling in what remains is the heart of ORDINARY HAZARDS It centers the author and her experience and we, the reader, as a reward perhaps of staying with this author for a number of years to see all of the magic and wonder of her catalog illuminated, glowing now from the revealed truths of a life lived And brought forward in stories we might share with young readers as a means of providing Rudine Sims Bishop s windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors In ORDINARY HAZARDS, Nikki comes to the gazing glass, reflected in the mirror of her past, to slide open the door to a time wherein her experiences are both sadly common and strangely uncommon all at once And brings it all to us in her gift of verse Informed imagination The Naming is the first poem from Book I of ORDINARY HAZARDS Nikki is the first invention for which I accept full responsibility I am shortening a most powerful stanza here, but from the first words of the book, we see ladders to other works wherein the centering of the importance of names and how we get them are a theme The Naming is quite possibly the best, quick, mentor text in exploring one s name that we have seen in some time and I do not doubt that this passage, the first poem within the book, will enter the canon for mentor texts in inviting students to write their narratives of nomenclature Book One takes the readers from Nikki s birth in Harlem, 1950 and takes us through the first five years of her life We meet mother and sister Carol We also meet the personifications of paranoid schizophrenia and the drowning and the war to come that that will take its POWs in the persons of Nikki and Carol who will spend days in dark closets from where we pull the title of the memoir We learn about the child s belief in prayer and the cultures response to orphaned children.In my original notes, I wrote A Proper Introduction appears on page 28, 10% which means that ORDINARY HAZARDS presents the urgency of time and place in front of the subject of the book I wrote this note to remind myself that the sharing of macro, meso, and micro setting can be a powerful approach to knowing how we center the character, the poet.the memoirist In her proper introduction what might be seen as self deprecation is the poet s self description that brings us closer to a figure we might have missed passing on the street We won t miss her poring through these pages Throughout the book, Nikki guides the reader through italicized vignettes called Mystery of Memory Here, Nikki continues to point back to informed imagination the way an expository writer might point evidence back to a thesis In the first of these vignettes, Nikki implores, from her position as author and storyteller, for order logical sequences, and smooth transitions As I read this vignette, I think of what we ask from memoir for our student writers Here, an accomplished, award winning poet begs for a modicum of skill She asks, Where is the chronology of a life chaotic from the start Isn t this the question of memoir Should it be as we approach the genre with our younger writers To see Nikki Grimes struggle inside of this genre even as she is presenting it is a model of vulnerability that comes with the exploration and the exposition of a life In Book Two, Nikki walks us through 1955 1960, a life spent with the Buchanan family Here, our poet explores new family dynamics, checks the locks on doors to assure she will not be sealed up, mute a voice that will eventually help her to become a storyteller, befriends the largely ignored dog who notices her, discovers lilacs a connection she will share with a classroom teacher years later , and finds the power of a notebook Journey is our introduction to Nikki s record keeping, even if incomplete and in need of the filling in the blank page was the only place I could make sense of my life or keep record of each space I called home The daily march of words parading from my pen kept me moving forward From this point on within ORDINARY HAZARDS we get glimpses of the notebook entries The first depicting a revelation of the deeper parts of her foster matriarch Small, short pieces carry a large load from the memoirist and, within the first, a jelly jar of lilacs elicit the response of love earnestly sought by Nikki in her first ten years of life.In Book Two, we see a world of words begin to come to life for the author The origins of WORDS WITH WINGS Perhaps And what we might hope for having fallen in love with this little book Book Three takes us through three years of the author s life In Mystery of Memory 2, Nikki begins with Trauma is a memory hog We hope, removed from Nikki s experiences, that we might get a glimpse into the author s early school experiences Perhaps we want Nikki to explore and to expose these moments that we, ourselves, have let slip into the memory loss that eventually becomes warm and fluid, but never solid What we want from our poets many times is what we could not hold onto for ourselves We make the writer, the poet, do this work Nikki apologetically reveals the gaps here and ends this vignette I ve bridge the gaps with suspension cables forged of steeling gratitude for having survived my past at all As I revisit my notes from February s early reading of the book, I note that this is where I shared a Facebook message with Nikki and I agreed to slow the reading down considerably I was walking along a suspension bridge now Nikki keeps these lines tight so that they will not wiggle the walker too much in moving through the narrative Nikki s memoir is our path and our safety net Book Three brings Nikki home and the presentation of the text becomes a combination of poetry and prose, each giving and taking and adding to the other upon the page as Nikki presents neighborhood struggles, the call to be part of gang politics, the conflict between her innate gift for story keeping and story telling measured against her having to play catch up at midterm from entering class and coursework later in the year later, the poet who had to once play catch up becomes a one who would be awarded full tuition to schools she would decline and schools she would ultimately enter and within which she would thrive The library becomes a safe haven A library card becomes a passport We can live through We can learn of We can breathe We can bleed A cigarette burn a reminder of all that can be taken from us in a flash From the flammable We can live We can lose Ordinary Hazards.The un ordinary hazard The extraordinary hazard is also revealed in Broken from Book Three This is a particularly painful revelation from the author and it draws from me a sort of wish another ordinary hazard of the survivor that all I had in common with this author was a love for lilacs As the books of ORDINARY HAZARDS advance the narrative, the mystery of memory becomes mastery like as Nikki recalls the reunion and deepening of her awareness of what is happening to and around her Her exposure to learning and to literature and to life are enveloped now in social unrest in response to assassinations Anchored in fundamental literature introduced to her by her father that will help to moor the author to the literature she will bring back to readers in the future A page turner, readers will be tempted to move quickly through the book Nikki teases this response out of the reader whose natural curiosity will want to know As this reader learns , he, she, or they are forced to pause, an most ironic inner response to tell me There is so much to share in a life Nikki s life shared in ORDINARY HAZARDS make it a natural ladder for her other books For books For the power of narrative as a means of showcasing situations set to harm, to kill, that become spaces for allowing survival to settle.Nikki Grimes is a treasure of elementary, middle grade, and young adult literature She takes her place now in memoir, a place carefully considered in the presentation of the vulnerable child who becomes the venerable author poet She continues to give to us from her craft, her continued explorations of what it means to create and to curate art, and in her encouragement of classroom teachers, like this one, to consider story, in all of its forms And informing sources Grimes s imagination is a revelation And her revelation is an inspiration.Inspiration.can drive adoption Of texts And, subsequently, of stories As soon as this classroom teacher can make it happen, ORDINARY HAZARDS goes on the classroom reading list for Room 407.

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    Note Reviewed from an ARC.If you are to read one book this year, this should be the one you should pick up Ordinary Hazards A Memoir is an amazing peek into the formative years of poet Nikki Grimes Not only does this work detail her faith, resiliency, and strength of will, but it also informs on her creative mind and writing process.In this free verse memoir, Grimes tells of her childhood from her birth in Harlem through the time she finally leaves her mother s chaotic home and finds stability after moving in with her older sister, Carol She opens up about many of the traumas she experienced while living with an alcoholic mother who struggled with mental illness rejection, abuse by caregivers, racism, rape, gang violence, and her father s death She balances these events with uplifting experiences and people living with a loving foster care family, a teacher who encourages her to write expecting no less than Nikki s best work, going to the Countee Cullen Library in Harlem, singing in the choir at Convent Avenue Baptist Church, discovering Michaux s bookstore , making life long friendships, and the love, support, and encouragement from her sister and father Through her father, Grimes was exposed to some of the most important authors, musicians and artists in Harlem at the time It was faith, hope and love that carried her spirit through a difficult childhood.The book is subdivided into four sections called Books Each covers different time periods of her life, from 1950 55, 1955 60, 1960 63, and 1963 66 Since her mother destroyed the many journals she kept as a child, Grimes had to rely on the memories of her friends, her sister, and her own painful remembrances in order to reconstruct this free verse masterpiece of strength and resilience She includes some poems named Notebook sprinkled throughout, ostensibly to recreate some of her journal entries destroyed by her mother.One could use many adjectives to describe her childhood journey heartbreaking, horrifying, harrowing but none of these words includes the depth of bravery, gumption, faith, and external support that Grimes leaned on in order to deal with such a relentlessly excruciating childhood Told as no one else could, Grimes makes readers feel each horrible turn experienced and the joy felt when things went her way A must read for Nikki Grimes fans Highly Recommended for grades 9 up.

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    Extraordinary writing that touches every part of the heart and soul Grimes poetry is exquisite and there isn t a single poem in this book that wasn t like taking a master class in writing Every emotion and experience becomes a part of the reader.Even extraordinary is the story of searing childhood experiences that Grimes managed to surmount, learn from and triumph over Inspiring is an over used word but this memoir is inspiring.

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    Ordinary Hazards A Memoir I tried to fix title ISBN glitch but couldn t Poignant, beautiful, and even meaningful because of a wonderful dinner I had with Grimes several years ago at TLA.

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    Nikki Grimes memoir is a must read The books covers what she can remember of the incidents involving her childhood with an alcoholic and schizophrenic mother, a distant father and an abusive step father The story is told in poetic prose and is just beautiful.

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    The writing

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    A FANTASTIC memoir that should be added to all high school collections Beautiful writing Highly recommend this one Out in October.

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    The many starred reviews, awards, and raves only scratched the surface of why I was eager to read this recent book by Nikki Grimes I have loved every book she has written, spanning many ages and genres In fact, what draws me to her work is the talent she has, in every case, to make the words flow off the page and into my heart as if hearing a dear friend bare her soul Each line and page conveys soul and significance, the text ringing in my ears as if performed at a spoken word event This memoir is a page turning, heart tugging revelation, despite the author s admission of choppy, distorted post traumatic memories On one hand Grimes unfolds her life story as if in a series of conversations over coffee or tea On the other hand, her meticulous craft is seamlessly present in every line, there for the taking after first digesting the feast of the whole text.It s true that her life story will reflect the traumas and struggles of others, situations rarely dealt with so honestly and deeply That s a much needed rationale for the work It s equally true that this memoir allows those of us who had a loving and secure life to experience vicariously an emotional shadow of the details and impact of her vulnerable and vicious early life I have long admired the work and work ethic of Grimes before this.This book allows readers and admirers, like me, to see her and know her with a connection and depth I never imaged possible Thank you to Grimes for sharing the TRUTH of her life, despite her inability to recall all the facts Truth matters .I had already purchased two copies as gifts, before reading it Now I m off to buy .

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    Grimes writes a searing verse memoir of her years growing up with a mother suffering from alcoholism and schizophrenia Removed from her mother at a young age and separated from her older sister, Grimes found a loving foster family where she discovered the power of writing her feelings and experiences out on paper She visited her mother occasionally during that time and they were eventually reunited when her mother got sober and remarried But it wasn t that simple or easy Grimes was trapped in a home filled with a cycle of addiction, mental illness and sexual abuse from her stepfather Told with a strong sense of hope and resilience, this book is a brave look back into a traumatic childhood.Grimes has created a book that carries readers back into her previous experiences, showing how she survived, how writing helped, and how she found hope and strength in people other than her mother Grimes has recreated some of her childhood and teen journals which were destroyed In these small glimpses told in the voice of her youth she shows her confusion and strength vividly.Throughout the book, Grimes mentions that she doesn t have clear memories of much of her youth due to the trauma that was inflicted upon her Her willingness to explore such painful subjects even though her memories are incomplete or entirely gone is a concrete example of her resilient spirit and hope.A powerful and poetic look at trauma and the building of a new life Appropriate for ages 16 adult.

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    As an aspiring young writer, Grimes told her mentor, I want to write books about some of the darkness I ve seen, real stories about real people, you know But I also want to write about the light, because I ve seen that, too That place of light it s not always easy to get to, but it s there It s there In the author s notes at the end of the book, she writes, I hope my story helps you to live fully into your own The best I can say is that she has done what she set out to do This beautiful memoir conveyed through poetry makes both darkness and light achingly real the way our relationships both cut and heal, the way one friendship or one mentor or even one comment from a stranger can change the trajectory of a life, the way some of us are able to find the light and others never do This lovely story does indeed help me to live into my own I am grateful to have read this book.

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