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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry summary The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, series The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, pdf The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry bf00d87152 A Compelling Emotional And Spiritual Case Against Hurry And In Favor Of A Slower, Simpler Way Of Life As Someone All Too Familiar With Hurry Sickness, I Desperately Needed This Book Scott Harrison, New York Times Best Selling Author Of ThirstWho Am I Becoming That Was The Question Nagging Pastor And Author John Mark Comer Outwardly, He Appeared Successful But Inwardly, Things Weren T Pretty So He Turned To A Trusted Mentor For Guidance And Heard These WordsRuthlessly Eliminate Hurry From Your Life Hurry Is The Great Enemy Of The Spiritual Life It Wasn T The Response He Expected, But It Was And Continues To Be The Answer He Needs Too Often We Treat The Symptoms Of Toxicity In Our Modern World Instead Of Trying To Pinpoint The Cause A Growing Number Of Voices Are Pointing At Hurry, Or Busyness, As A Root Of Much EvilWithin The Pages Of This Book, You Ll Find A Fascinating Roadmap To Staying Emotionally Healthy And Spiritually Alive In The Chaos Of The Modern World

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    The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry is a guide to discovering how to live a life like Jesus lived The author voice is engaging, his anecdotes filled with wisdom I appreciated the interesting history of our present concept of time and how modern society has mangled the Sabbath Society boasts of busyness This book exposes the wisdom, grace, and power of patience, rest, and reflection I will definitely read this again and again Those looking to live a powerful life will enjoy this book An added note the index of referenced material is a treasure trove of additional reading on the subject.

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    Ever feel tired, lost, and just plain burnt out Same In The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, by John Mark Comer, we begin to see this problem is common than we think Are we replacing Jesus with striving to keep up with everyone and everything Comer helps us refocus and retrain our minds to think differently and ditch the hurry mentality.Honestly, I loved this book Sometimes Christian books tend to get overly preachy, or just feel cheesy This book brought enough preaching and truth mixed with helpful tips to make the book feel like a resource I would use practically There wasn t any gimmick or fluff Just helpful, practical material.

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    Deeply needed stuff.

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    Revolutionary No Approachable, practical, and engaging, yes.

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    I have loved John Mark Comer s books and teachings for a few years now He has beautifully mastered the art of using his own unique voice when writing, making deep or hard topics seem easy to read This book is no exception and, honestly, may be one of his best works I felt convicted yet encouraged, exposed yet freed We live in a world that highly values productivity and hurry, celebrating the people who can do it all The church, sadly, often shares this same value Yet this way of living has left nearly all of us, myself included, feeling empty, burned out, and weary In this book, John Mark weaves teaching and insight with his own story of the struggle between the desire to prove his worth do it all and the desire to actually enjoy his life, his ministry, his family, and, mostly, being a disciple Jesus.This book has showed me a better way, and it s been like a breath of fresh air to my soul There are definitely sections that felt heavy because they hit so close, exposing parts of me that I ve hid for a long time behind the mask of busy ness Yet every thread he pulled unraveled things in me, giving me words for things I didn t quite understand yet and methods to finding rest and slow again I honestly believe that every person needs to read this book to find a new way

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    I cannot say enough good about this book It was such an easy read with so much truth and practical application for living a life based on the practices and habits of Jesus I found this book to be inspiring, perspective shaping and I loved the authors style of writing He adds wit and humour to every page but it doesn t take away from the very important truths expressed I would recommend this book to everyone I know because being busy is an epidemic that needs some healthy perspective.

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    This book contains truth and practices of crucial need in our modern lives The author begins by sharing his own story of burn out which I found of great encouragement and help The book then goes on to speak on the dangers of hurry and technology alongside the importance of being emotionally and spiritually healthy.Technology has helped us and yet also challenged us with constant notifications that make us reachable 24 7 Hurry, busyness and productivity have become near gods in our lives, controlling us in ways that can quickly lead to burn out One could even say they have begun to control many of us.I believe this book is a critical message for our general Hurry is presented as the enemy of our spiritual lives, and rightfully so Hurry is uncovered as an issue affecting even the depths of our souls Addiction to technology is shown as the controlling idol it has become The question is, will we let this knowledge spur us to action or not This book explains how certain spiritual disciplines and life altering practices can help alleviate the toxicity of hurry in our lives These practices include silence and solitude, sabbath keeping and rest, simplicity and slowing down By employing these spiritual practices in our lives, we will find hurry and distraction no longer keeping us from living life as we should live it We can begin to find ourselves truly present in every moment A review copy of this book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    What s hard isn t following Jesus What s hard is following myself, doing my life my way therein lies the path to exhaustion With Jesus there s still a yoke, a weight to life, but it s an easy yoke, and we never carry it alone Quote from The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer We live in a time where we see people going through life in a hurry In a hurry to get a job promotion In a hurry to get the latest technology In a hurry to binge watch the latest Netflix show or get the newest, most stylist clothes What if you don t have to live life in a hurry What if living a simple, minimalist life is truly better for you John Mark Comer invites you to look at the deeper meaning of living a life of slowing down He shares four practices that have helped him live a simple life and shares how they can help us as well.1 Silence and Solitude2 Sabbath3 Simplicity4 SlowingI received a complimentary e copy from Netgalley for a review All opinions are my own.

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    I ve recently discovered Jon Mark s teachings the Bridgetown church podcasts and have very much enjoyed listening to them So I was excited to dive into this book.I loved the writing, it reads like a conversation This book is full of food for thought but also a lot of practical advice on how to eliminate hurry from our lives.I can t recommend this enough.Thank you to Netgalley and WaterBrook Multnomah for the eARC

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    Definitely on trend and yet a refreshing read on the topic I just loved it both the content and the conversational prose The author leverages his story as a pastor of a Megachurch to communicate why hurrying just cannot be a sustainable lifestyle, if one is looking to have a spiritual life, if one is looking to develop and grow a relationship with God one needs to spend time with Him, we need to allow Him to talk to us, to guide us In describing his lowest point and the journey he has taken since then, the reader is encouraged to make important changes in one s life It resonated when the author indicated that Hurry kills relationships, gratitude and joy Having already embarked on the journey of slowing down, I concur He invites us to savour and enjoy the now, to slow down and simplify our life He quotes Anne Lamott, No, is a complete sentence How many of us need to learn how to say no, kindly but firmly in order to achieve the life we really want Rather than being disciples, he describes the followers of Jesus as apprentices He reminds us to live into both our potential and limitations He asks how many of us are prepared to adopt the life of Jesus While we aspire to His leadership style He is about love, joy and peace He is about example and invitation , while we admire who He is, the lifestyle He practised is not one that we naturally look to emulate There is just too much pressure to give in to worldly pressures, to pursue worldly goods I enjoyed this thread that ran throughout the book It is both challenging and reassuring to consider that a balanced lifestyle is based on biblical truth However, the author is not shy of leveraging other sources to build his arguments He also quotes studies and research that dovetail with these spiritual teachings.I have read that boredom is a catalyst to creativity and here the author describes moments of boredom as opportunities for prayer It s so contrarian to how I was raised ie The devil makes work for idle hands The value of the Sabbath was espoused and it becomes quite clear that this is so much than just taking a day off The busier we get, the effort we need to make to ensure we have enough quiet times for prayer and to stoke our spirits We need the time to breathe.There is a chapter full of rules suggestions on how we can make changes that will help us to slow down While helpful, the gentle and humorous writing style ensured that I digested them in the way they were intended, with a couple of chuckles along the way Oh, how I wish checking email once a week was a possibility Not in my chosen profession, but I can schedule times to pay attention to mail and use the time in between to work on projects and not be distracted I highly recommend this book and am sure I will revisit its contents.With thanks to NetGalley, WaterBrook Multnomah and the author for my free copy to review in exchange for an honest opinion.

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