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➺ 19 Love Songs Free ➰ Author David Levithan – Fanfaremedia.co.uk chapter 1 19 Love Songs, meaning 19 Love Songs, genre 19 Love Songs, book cover 19 Love Songs, flies 19 Love Songs, 19 Love Songs 729efaa196259 The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Every Day, Someday, And Two Boys Kissing Is Back With A Short Story Collection About Love Perfect For Valentine S Day Or Year Round Reading A Resentful Member Of A High School Quiz Bowl Team With An Unrequited CrushA Valentine S Day In The Life Of Every Day S Protagonist A A Return To The Characters Of Two Boys Kissing Love Songs,from New York Times Bestselling Author David Levithan, Delivers All Of These Stories And Born From Levithan S Tradition Of Writing A Story For His Friends Each Valentine S Day, This Collection Brings All Of Them To His Readers For The First Time With Fiction, Nonfiction, And A Story In Verse, There S Something For Every Reader HereWitty, Romantic, And Honest, Teens And Adults Will Come To This Collection Not Only On Valentine S Day, But All Year Round

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    Every Valentine s Day, Levithan writes a short story to send to his dear friends I ve heard about this for years, and finally, some of those Valentine stories are released and included in this collection All sorts of love in these nineteen stories are explored romantic, familial, true friendships a portion of them being tales from his own life Each story, whether one I ve read before or not, warmed my emotional insides His signature soft, poetic way of phrasing mood and experiences will always be one of a kind.

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    Umm, EXCUSE ME, but why did no one tell me David Levithan has a new book coming out

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    1 17 20 THIS HAS A IN IT.I FREAKING CHOKED.I mean, I haven t read Someday yet I know, I m just not ready aagh I ll do it I ll have to read Someday before this so I can read this on Valentine s Day.But stillI love Every Day so much.Really pumped for this.

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    This is such a beautiful book These stories are lovely, they re charming, they re gentle and loving and good Every single one of these stories was something heartwrenching in the most wonderful possible way.

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    I went back in forth about how many stars to give this When the stories were great, they were really great The others just fell short for me I ve loved Levithan since Two Boys Kissing He writing is wonderful and thoughtful.

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    I always have a really hard time reviewing Levithans books, which is why, for the most part, I just t don t do it They just always seem so real and get to me in a very personal way I couldn t possible express these emotions in the right way On top of that there are some really beautifully written autobiographic stories in 19 Love Songs as well They were extremely enjoyable and at least to me felt like actually listening to David Levithan and not just reading about his life But that makes it a bit weird to judge because you can t really rate someone elses life, right Overall this was definitely a 5 star read for me like most of Levithans books.Some parts were cute, some were sad, some were funny I m talking about you, page 163.I couldn t choose a favourite story if my life depended on it, but I would say that the last 20 pages had the biggest impact on me Obviously som stories were a bit forgettable than others, but I enjoyed every last one of them.I always get a bit sad when I read a negative review for one of my favourite books But especially with David Levithans works I never really understood them His writing style, the characters, the messages he conveys everything is so sad and funny and positive and thoughtful all at the same time You always finish his books and feel less alone I guess this is why this anthology is so awesome you don t only get one story ending but instead 19 Before I come to end I obviously need to mention the representation Not only does it include gay, lesbian and transgender people but there s also a good chunk of jewish representation yes, there s also gay jews So yeah, I guess uhm read this now Oh and there s a Two Boys Kissing story which is my favourite book of all time so uhm YES I FANGIRLED A LOT OK AVERY IS AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL I LOVE HIM OK BYE

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    True confession I have attitude about short stories I either get invested and then it s over too fast rare , or because there s so little time space, you don t get a full story or complete characters and I just feel cheated far often I ve read a few YA anthologies in the last several years that I ve enjoyed than I expected and where the majority of the stories are pretty strong There was a winter holiday one, a Halloween one, and a summer one So I thought I d give this one a try, thinking it was centered around Valentine s Day and knowing that I often enjoy Levithan s writing.But this one didn t work for me I discovered that he has a yearly tradition of writing a story for his friends on V Day, and that s where a lot of these came from And maybe they made sense to his friends because they spoke to shared experiences or private jokes, but I was pretty lost throughout My favorites were the Every Day story and the one that was actually a Christmas tale that came from the Winter anthology I mentioned The rest were a mixed bag of angsty conversations and epiphanies, and none of those were all that interesting to me Still, Levithan sure does have a way with words I kind of wish I was one of his friends so the stories would be meaningful to me.

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    A well known ya author compiles a 19 track mixtape Each far too long to get any radio play But seriously, Levithan s collection of Valentine s inspired stories is a gorgeous exploration of all types of love Born from his annual tradition of celebrating the holiday by sharing stories with friends, it presents a satisfying blend of familiar and new faces and fiction, verse, and memoir If I m being totally honest, not every one was for me But that s what makes this collection so special It feels like listening to an album the first time through Not every song is going to grab you But when one does oh man You ll want to play it over and over until the lyrics become old friends Definitely worth giving this one a shot.

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    Writing a love story every year for friends may seem like a very boring book But, OMG The writing The stories It s like having like 20 complete books all in one audiobook The narrators were great, the writing was great The stories made me feel all the feels I just can t say enough good things about this collection I was initially worried that some of the stories were going to blend in together, but Nope Also, Two Boys Kissing is back in short story form This made me cry Just read this thing I m amazed it hasn t gotten as many reviews yet This is a really solid book One readers can get emotionally invested Very good