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Murder Your Darlings files Murder Your Darlings, read online Murder Your Darlings, free Murder Your Darlings, free Murder Your Darlings, Murder Your Darlings 08b500ddc From One Of America S Most Influential Teachers, A Collection Of The Best Writing Advice Distilled From Fifty Language Books From Aristotle To Strunk And WhiteWith So Many Excellent Writing Guides Lining Bookstore Shelves, It Can Be Hard To Know Where To Look For The Best Advice Should You Go With Natalie Goldberg Or Anne Lamott Maybe William Zinsser Or Stephen King Would Be Appropriate Then Again, What About The Classics Strunk And White, Or Even Aristotle Himself Thankfully, Your Search Is Over In Murder Your Darlings, Roy Peter Clark, Who Has Been A Beloved And Revered Writing Teacher To Children And Pulitzer Prize Winners Alike For Than Thirty Years, Has Compiled A Remarkable Collection Of Than Of The Best Writing Tips From Fifty Of The Best Writing Books Of All TimeWith A Chapter Devoted To Each Key Strategy, Clark Expands And Contextualizes The Original Author S Suggestions And Offers Anecdotes About How Each One Helped Him Or Other Writers Sharpen Their Skills An Invaluable Resource For Writers Of All Kinds, Murder Your Darlings Is An Inspiring And Edifying Ode To The Craft Of Writing

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    Murder Your Darlings is not just another book about writing It shares the wisdom and creative insights of fifty or so authors, some famous, some not, and some who wrote their own books about the craft.In his own unique manner, Roy Peter Clark distills the main lessons from each writer and presents them in curated chapters The chapters are organized into six parts language and craft, voice and style, confidence and identity, storytelling and character, rhetoric and audience, mission and purpose.Aspiring or struggling writers can go directly to the issue she may be facing at the moment or read the whole thing to find tips and techniques that fit her emerging efforts best.Though this may be most useful to writers who have a particular problem in mind, I believe any writer who wants to elevate their work could find something illuminating in these pages.At the very least, Clark saves writers days of research time into locating appropriate writing resources If you like the brief outline he gives of a writing guide, you could go invest the time to read the whole thing.Highly recommended for everyone who strings words together or dreams about doing so.Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a free digital copy of this book.

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    I selected Murder Your Darlings to read mainly because I liked the title, and Roy Peter Clark would approve one of the first things we learn as writers is that every choice we make is important, from the title, to the layout, to the way we use words This book, organized as an overview of different books on writing, showcases hundreds of tips on writing book by dozens of writers Writers and teachers of writing will recognize many of the names in this book, and I found myself wandering down memory lane to my first semester as a composition teacher when I was marinated daily in the wisdom of Don Murray and Peter Elbow.The layout of the book is pretty straightforward each chapter features a different writing guide and begins with a toolbox, which is an overview of the top writing tip s of that guide Then, a discussion follows where Clark discusses the highlights of the guide interspersed with anecdotes from his own writing life and interesting information about the author, and finally the chapter closes with three or four lessons that sum up the main takeaway of the chapter.This is a good reference book, especially for those who are newer to writing and want to know where they should start However, I ve been a writing teacher for over a decade, and I found myself jotting down lots of notes I actually used one analogy on structure the next day in class thanks John McPhee and putting several of these books on my wish list It s not a book that you need to read all at once and in order, but it s a good book for anyone interested in writing to add to their shelf.

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    Writing can be tough When you hit a block, it can even make you feel downright murderous I know I ve been the mayor of Writer s Block Town for the last several months I had completely stalled out on the academic paper I have devoted the last 8 months or so of my life to I ended up using some of the advice I found in Murder Your Darlings to help me through the final phases of editing I m actually done now I just have to smack down my fear of rejection for long enough to submit it I wish this book helped with that as well I kid, but also, that would have been stellar.I like that each chapter is devoted to one or sometimes two books on writing, and that Clark distilled them each down to only their most important points For someone like me, who hardcore sucks at writing succinctly whaaaa I know , I really jammed on the first chapter which covers On the Art of Writing by Sir Arthur Quiller Couch Quiller Couch also originated the phrase which gave this book its name murder your darlings, referring to distilling your work down to only what is needed I found it to be the most useful bit of the book but I think there is definitely something here for everyone.All of the books on writing you have ever likely considered reading are touched on here and probably even a few you re unfamiliar with He even covers Stephen King s On Writing A Memoir of the Craft This alone will likely appeal to a lot of people Although unpopular opinion time I don t like the way King writes, I don t deny that he s clearly doing something right You don t get a bazillion mega fans or book deals or movie adaptations if you re bad at what you do, right I liked this book a lot And like I mentioned, I ve already gotten some good use out of it I ll probably buy it to add to my collection of I have a bad case of imposter syndrome and need these to help me feel like I know what the hell I m doing books.

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    A good look at books about writing I regard this book as a sampler of writing books Roy Peter Clark takes these writing books and adds his own take on them It is a great way to be introduced to a variety of writers and how they work Given Clark s credentials and expertise, I have no doubt that these are indeed good books for writers or want to be writers to read I appreciated how Clark incorporated his own experiences into the book and how he showed his good sense of humor.Disclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley for review purposes.

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    O usually enjoy reading books about writing but this book looks at books about writing It was uninformative and I didn t see the need to cover this topic Still, it may have worked if it was at all engaging, but it didn t work for me The information and tone work Roberto make it uninteresting.

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    Aside from the chapter on Hayakawa, the book wasn t as enjoyable or insightful as I had hoped I received an ARC from a Goodreads giveaway.

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    This book just was not for me I did not love it at all, and DNF it.

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    This is a collection of short essays from several books on writing This is NOT a brand new manual on writing, FYI.

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