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Sharks Pride (Sharks Edge #2) download Sharks Pride (Sharks Edge #2) , read online Sharks Pride (Sharks Edge #2) , kindle ebook Sharks Pride (Sharks Edge #2) , Sharks Pride (Sharks Edge #2) 67f971aa8b8d Dreams Come At A PriceHidden Enemies Are Tormenting Sebastian Shark They Re Determined To See His Reputation In Shreds And His Plans For Building The Edge In Ruins To Make Matters Worse, Abbigail Gibson Has Written Him Off For Good, Choosing To Believe Their Night Of Blistering Passion Was Just Another One Of His Playboy ConquestsWhen An Unexpected Visitor Arrives On Sebastian S Doorstep, He Can No Longer Ignore The Danger Abbigail Is In Because Of Him Someone Has Declared War, And The Woman He Loves Could Become Collateral Damage UnacceptableBut Abbi S Not About To Ditch The Man Of Her Dreams Just Because Things Get ToughHis Rules Her Trust His World Her Safety Their Power Struggle Threatens To Rip Them Apart Again But Believing In Their Dream Is The Only Way They Ll Survive