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Before and After the Book Deal summary Before and After the Book Deal , series Before and After the Book Deal , book Before and After the Book Deal , pdf Before and After the Book Deal , Before and After the Book Deal c5bdc149d5 Everything You Ve Ever Wanted To Know About Publishing But Were Too Afraid To Ask Is Right Here In This Funny, Candid Guide By Acclaimed Author Courtney Maum Before And After The Book Deal A Writer S Guide To Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, And Surviving Your First Book Has Over Contributors From All Walks Of The Industry, Including International Bestselling Authors Anthony Doerr, Roxane Gay, Garth Greenwell, Lisa Ko, R O Kwon, Rebecca Makkai, And Ottessa Moshfegh, Alongside Cult Favorites Sarah Gerard, Melissa Febos, Mitchell S Jackson, And Mira Jacob Agents, Film Scouts, Film Producers, Translators, Disability And Minority Activists, And Power Agents And Editors Also Weigh In, Offering Advice And Sharing Intimate Anecdotes About Even The Most Taboo Topics In The Industry Their Wisdom Will Help Aspiring Authors Find A Foothold In The Publishing World And Navigate The Challenges Of Life Before And After Publication With Sanity And GraceAre MFA Programs Worth The Time And Money How Do People Actually Sit Down And Finish A Novel Did You Get A Good Advance What Do You Do When You Feel Envious Of Other Writers And Why The Heck Aren T Your Friends Saying Anything About Your Book Covering Questions Ranging From The Logistical To The Existential And Everything In Between , Before And After The Book Deal Is The Definitive Guide For Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted To Know What It S Really Like To Be An Author

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    This is life changing stuff.

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    I was lucky enough to get a draft of BEFORE AFTER THE BOOK DEAL three months before the publication of my debut novel, and I devoured it in one sitting within 24 hours It s now been about 6 months since I ve had it, and I d say I ve read parts of it at least once per week Why has it become so indispensable for me First, it s an amazingly helpful how to guide, with frank insider information that you can t get anywhere else If you re anything like me, you ll have questions you re too afraid or embarrassed to ask think sales numbers, advance figures, book tour budgets, and the like and, in any event, you don t even know who you d ask because most of your friends are clueless debut authors just like you This book answers them Second, it s a cathartic read for those moments when you re feeling insecure, confused, or just generally awful about yourself and or your book And believe me, no matter who you are and what happens to your book, you WILL have moments of panic, envy, and despair Courtney Maum shares anecdotes and insights about the publication process that are funny, honest, and wise I can t count the number of times I thought, I felt the same exact way and felt better, knowing that I wasn t alone, that it s natural to feel what I was feeling And just as many times, Maum provided an explanation and guidance about something that had been baffling me and my author friends For example, why do some friends say negative things about your book to you and or tag you in negative reviews And how do you respond In summary, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to be, has been, or is a debut author, and the perfect gift for aspiring writers My one complaint about the book is that it wasn t out years ago, when I was starting the whole writing publishing business I can t wait until it s out so that I can buy it for my writing friends and recommend it to every writer I know

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    A fun, accessible book with some great detail on what to expect when you get your first book published If any of my friends gets a book deal, I might buy them this book I also recommend it to anyone who just wants to add realistic detail to their fun daydreams about being a published author one day.

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    Everything you ve ever wanted to know about publishing but were too afraid to ask is right here in this funny, candid guide by acclaimed author Courtney Maum

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    A really terrific book for career writers whatever stage of the journey you re at I found the chapters on dealing with imposter syndrome and envy particularly useful, as well as the section on how not to annoy your editor

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    This book will whisper insight, good tips, and a little bit of gossip the kind you might want before and after you write and sell your first book Maum is funny and smart, but it isn t just her talking here weaved into every few pages or so are interviews and insights from other writers You really get a broad spectrum of experiences about the business side of books from poets like Rosa Alcal to prose writers like Alexander Chee.

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    A comprehensive explanation of the publishing process all the way from so you want to be a writer to do you have to publish a second book The soup to nuts guide to publishing, if you will Maum includes examples of personal experience and advice from many writers, editors, publicists, and agents to provide a larger scope of advice This also isn t a book of Rules About Publishing some of them are like, don t be a jerk to other people then expect them to help you in many instances Maum provides information about points where an author may need to make a decision MFA or no MFA Self publish or traditional publish Get an agent or go it alone To teach or not to teach without saying one choice is right or better than an other because it all depends on what an author wants from their career.And a good read for anyone who just wants to know about the process Plus, Maum is pretty funny.Thanks to Catapult for the galley I had requested the digital galley and then a paper copy magically showed up at the store for me from Jen Kovitz 3

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    Truly a wonderful collection of resources as well as encouragements and harsh truths from Maum herself and from many of her friends and colleagues in the industry, on both sides of the rejection letter Even if you re still just thinking about tackling your first book length project, I d highly recommend reading this because it will certainly prove helpful If you re experiencing writer s block and or suffering from imposter syndrome, YOU NEED THIS yesterday, go get a copy I think most writers who haven t yet hit their stride or who still have a day job which you should probably try to hold on to because, health insurance , wherever you land, pick this up.

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    I listened to the audiobook for Before And After The Book Deal by Courtney Maum during my 2 hour appointment at the dentist today It made everything hopeful and pleasant and I highly recommend reading everything by Courtney Maum I have read many books about publishing and craft, and this is definitely in my top 3 picks for any writers with the goal of getting published I really appreciated how the book is very diverse and yet succinct For example, the writer discusses chapbooks, poetry, the pros and cons of self publishing I especially appreciate the deep dive into the economics of writing that isn t sugarcoated and the discussion of book advances or two book deals I ve searched for a guide to ask the unwritten rules for becoming a published author who also makes money and was so happy to finally read it My favorite sections were when the book analyzes what is success Success can indicate many different metrics and definitions.

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