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[Epub] ↠ Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different Author Chuck Palahniuk – Fanfaremedia.co.uk chapter 1 Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different, meaning Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different, genre Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different, book cover Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different, flies Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different, Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life after Which Everything Was Different 17eaf97b63eec Renowned, Bestselling Novelist Chuck Palahniuk Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of The Writing Life, With Postcards From Decades On The Road And Incredible Examination Of The Power Of Fiction And The Art Of StorytellingIn This Spellbinding Blend Of Memoir And Insight, Bestselling Author Chuck Palahniuk Shares Stories And Generous Advice On What Makes Writing Powerful And What Makes For Powerful WritingWith Advice Grounded In Years Of Careful Study And A Keenly Observed Life, Palahniuk Combines Practical Advice And Concrete Examples From Beloved Classics, His Own Books, And A Kitchen Table MFA Culled From An Evolving Circle Of Beloved Authors And Artists, With Anecdotes, Postcards From The Road, And MuchClear Eyed, Sensitive, Illuminating, And Knowledgeable, Consider This Is Palahniuk S Love Letter To Stories And Storytellers, Booksellers And Books Themselves Consider It A Classic In The Making

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    I won this book from a great bookstore and am excited to read it because I ve read fiction books by this author previously.At only 20 pages in, I m enjoying this book Seems helpful in a practical not preachy way One thing mentioned is not to let readers lose track of who is saying what I would not have been able to articulate this as a reader, or not as well as he has, but I totally agree I ve read many books, including ones I really liked, where I couldn t tell which characters in the novel were speaking.I have a lot to say, pretty much all positive, but don t want to give too much away while the book isn t even available until January I will say it s a cool combination of stories and tips for writing Writing prompts for long into the future Fantastic last line.

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    This might be one of the best craft books ever written.

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    I remember a time when my writing halted because I realized I was trying, and failing, to sound like Palahniuk That failure was important to my development because I realized that maybe I shouldn t be Palahniuk that after all Palahniuk had covered all the bases of being Palahniuk I believe that if you follow this book s rules perfectly, you might sound a lot like Palahniuk There are certain tricks he teaches e.g unconventional conjunctions, template chapters, the infamous Chuck chorus that are such hallmarks of his voice that I m not sure I ll ever try them But even if you only choose to consider these tips, at the very least you ll learn to spot the issues these tactics intend to address and perhaps come up with your own unique solutions All that said, I absolutely love this book The author comes to this subject with loads of heart and humility, and isn t afraid to showcase his influences The advice might be familiar to his fans, and you may ve heard similar advice from other writers, but the memoir pieces scattered throughout give readers something new to connect with and new ways of illustrating the truth of old rules The checklist at the end does a great job of distilling the previous 200 pages and makes this useful as a reference material though a subject index would be appreciated This is a must read for fans of Palahniuk s writing, and is exactly what I needed to read at this point in my life I honestly don t remember crying like this while reading a writing craft book.

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    A Chinese fortune cookie opened, its prophecy that this book will fast track onto the remainder list.Book lovers, discard generic Palahniuk reading fare, you will be taken beyond fortune s reward, the precious metals for readers who lay eyes on my words.Joan of Arc didn t write books, she loped off heads in battle that s badass Fight Club is absent verity and replete with cartoon violence It is a running joke in the book world Suck better, bro poem Chris Roberts, God in Real Time

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    Lots of great, inspirational writing advice to be found here as well as interesting writing prompts Palahniuk often uses the framing, if you were my student and his voices really shines through Note that Palahniuk references his own books and stories a lot including spoilers for Fight Club , so if someone s looking for a pure writing guide it helps to be acquainted with his work This small personal anecdotes don t give as much insight into Palahniuk s life as I hoped but they do delve into how he developed his craft through guidance of his mentors, interesting things that happened on his numerous book tours, and how he thinks about writing tip don t overthink At times I found this a bit tedious, especially when the writing examples are repeatedly dated books I don t particularly care about Gone with the Wind, Nora Ephron s Heartburn, Breakfast at Tiffany s But overall the analysis of the art of fiction and of storytelling was so well done that I powered through and was able to enjoy.

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    Really enjoyable read The writing tips may be useful, if you re I writer I wouldn t know But the stories from his days on book tours are absolutely priceless Palahniuk s events unsurprisingly attract all kinds of oddballs and his tales about these interactions are bloody hilarious.

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    What a fabulous insight into Chuck s writing craft so many useful tidbits of information, stories, examples, teaching this has got to be up there with On Writing by Stephen King for all aspiring and current writers Longer review coming to STORGY and I ll update

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    Opening lines Bob Maull scared the crap out of me.

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    About the book It s part memoir and part writing advice.First impressions I love reading about writing, so I was excited to delve into this I like the title, and the cover is clever.Content Palahniuk offers good advice, both his own and from other writers as well He covers topics like tension, authority, plus much I expected the book to focus mainly on the writing process, but I loved the insights into things like doing book tours What if world events are unfolding in perfect order to deliver us to a distant joy we can t conceive of at this time Writing The chapters are short, and the book itself isn t very long I wish it was longer I appreciated the author giving advice without being preachy or condescending He shares his mistakes and failures There are funny, light hearted moments but also serious ones too.Final thoughts If you re a writer and or a fan of Palahniuk, I d recommend Consider This It s a fun, fast read about writing.

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    I have been waiting my whole life for Chuck Palahniuk to write this book As a writer myself, I have the utmost respect for his willingness to push the envelope and to do it in such a stylistically sharp and unique way To learn about his process and observations about what makes a piece of fiction work have sparked my desire to dive into my own writing in the most honest and fervent matter that I can, which seems to be his intention with this book His vignettes about touring and his writing group were humorous and insightful, giving context to my favorite pieces of Palahniuk s as well as Monica Drake s work Palahniuk writes his fiction with such a visceral specificity, and has done the same with his guide to writing fiction in Consider This For years, I ve been trying to explain to people about that technique that Palahniuk uses that makes his writing so effective for me it s the unconventional conjunctions, BTW , and now I have the playbook for being able to utilize this method, as well as others, for myself I will go back to this book over and over as a guide, an inspiration, and a reality check THANK YOU, CHUCK