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    One of the BEST WW2 books I ve read What the fuck was that An artillery shell I know it was a fucking artillery shell Then why d you ask What can you expect from a book that starts those words I acquired the book from two of my pupils who was reading it in the classroom in a break between two lessons They was studying the last third of the book at the most romantic part about how to hump a slutty woman in her own castle Well, that s interesting for teenage girls than French.The novel is a genuine Len Levinson masterpiece written as Richard Gallagher The story takes place in the Ardennes in terrible December of 1944 The Nazis, summoned all possible reserves, once again try to push back the Allied forces Twenty nine men, led by sergeant Mazursky, get command they have to stop an entire Panzer division from advancing and hold a vital road until the retreating American army can regroup Everybody knows it s a suicide mission But sergeant Mazursky decides not to die.The novel is great in its genre fast paced, action packed, enriched with corking dialogues and abounds in graphic violence, without political correction.The book is a really quick read, every inch WW2 fiction Everybody should read this story, even chicks who were grown up on Maya Banks and Nora Roberts novels.

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    It is a WW2 story from the middle of the Battle of the Bulge An American platoon have to block advance of a Nazi panzer division.I enjoyed the story The actions are well written and I liked real speech of war heroes who are not superheroes just men in a bloody war, where they never wanted to be.

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Doom Platoon download Doom Platoon, read online Doom Platoon, kindle ebook Doom Platoon, Doom Platoon 98a6f5d77946 THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE ONE PLATOON HAD TO HOLD THE PANZER LEHR DIVISION The Germans Were Beaten But No One Had Thought To Tell Them So They Launched A Lightning Attack Through The Ardennes, Right Over The US Th Infantry There Was A Big Depot At Dillendorf If The German Tanks Could Be Kept From It, They D Run Out Of Gas And The Attack Could Be Stopped If The Panzers Took The Depot, Nothing Would Stop Them Until They Reached The Sea There Was A Narrow Spot On The Road To Dillendorf The Second Platoon Was Ordered To Hold It Against A Panzer Division To Hold It Until Noon No One Expected Them To Survive, But Sergeant Mazursky Refused To Die