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Romance Your Brand summary Romance Your Brand , series Romance Your Brand , book Romance Your Brand , pdf Romance Your Brand , Romance Your Brand 030e5ae490 Genre Fiction Series Are The Bread And Butter Of Mid List Writers For Many, They Make The Difference Between A Writing Dream And A Writing Career Zoe York Ainsley Booth, USA Today And New York Times Bestselling Author For The First Time Ever In Print, Zoe York Breaks Down How She Plans A Series Something She Has Done Ten Times Over Romance Your Brand Is An Adaptation Of An Intensive Four Week Course, Now Available To Authors Everywhere This Book Covers High Concept Pitches World Building Taglines And Blurbs Building A Cast Of Characters Writing The First Book In A Series Finding Comparable Series Covers How To Write Towards Future Marketing And Why ALL OF THE ABOVE Should Be Considered Before You Write A Single Word

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    If you re an aspiring author or want to get your next series noticed, this book from successful author Zoe York has some great practical advice and information For a non author like myself it s interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to bring those books to a reader s attention Very enjoyable Note a copy of this book was provided by the author for review.

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    When I first saw this book, I had high hopes for it and pre ordered it immediately There s a vast array of writing craft books and I am a bit addicted to them, lol but there haven t been a lot of books that focused on developing a romance series Considering Zoe York s vast experience in the field she has multiple romance series out there and she s a best selling author I had high hopes for this.What a disappointment it turned out to be Truth, there are some nuggets of wisdom in this or less all of them in chapter 19 but it s barely enough to fit onto a Post it and it definitely isn t enough to warrant the 5 dollar price tag Price matters in this case had it been 2 or 3 dollars, I probably would ve bumped the rating up to 2 stars, but here I don t think I hardly got any value for money As mentioned previously, the author has quite a few series under her belt, so I would ve expected examples of how she built those series herself There is hardly anything on that Building hooks into your next book She mentions it, but no examples of how she did it with her own work or how other authors do that You need a great blurb to sell your books Yup, she mentions it In fact, she wrote a great blurb for this book, so much so that it convince me to pre order But again, no examples Cast of characters Yep, you need one of those as well and there needs to be some conflict And world building It s useful to draw a map Oh, and that series sell well in romance, so you re better off writing in a series than just stand alones That s about the genesis of this book, fitted into one paragraph.Going into this book, I wasn t expecting an in depth how to on world building, story structure and character development, but I did however expect the author to share how to build a romance series and to SHOW the reader how she goes about it herself by using examples She hardly ever does that, and because of that, this book never reaches beyond generic platitudes on writing And it s a shame, because the author could ve made a wave into a sea of writing craft books, because there isn t much on this specific subject, but she failed to do that from start to finish Your mileage may vary, but I hardly got anything out of this book, other than chapter 19 Really disappointed.

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    This book is like sitting down for coffee with Zoe York as she walks you through all the steps of creating a successful romance series How it differs from other craft books is that it s not about writing a single book, but rather the series as a whole how to world build, how to structure the first book, how subsequent books differ, and how to organize series information I was lucky enough to one of the guinea pigs when Zoe created an online series course in 2016, and that was the only reason that I wrote an actual outline for my Vancouver Vice hockey romance series As Zoe points out, your books can change and evolve from the outline, but five books in I m surprised how true I stayed to the original vision This stuff works But Romance Your Brand also has detailed advice I wish I d known when I wrote book one, which is vital for introducing reader to your series There are things about book one I regret now, but Zoe also offers advice for fixing existing problems like revision or marketing.The book s tone is very conversational and the advice is pragmatic This book would be particularly helpful to new romance authors, someone about to start a series, or someone wondering why her series hasn t sold better Basically, any author is going to find a ton of good advice.

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    Best writing for marketing book everWow I really wish this had come out two years ago If I d had this level of organization, my SF series would be better and marketable I look forward to using these methods, tips and tricks when I revise the romance series sitting on my hard drive.

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