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Nessie Quest pdf Nessie Quest , ebook Nessie Quest , epub Nessie Quest , doc Nessie Quest , e-pub Nessie Quest , Nessie Quest 2291525ddcd Two Friends Head Off On An Adventure To Find The Loch Ness MonsterAda Ru Finally Thought Her Parents Were Going To Agree To A Fitzhugh Family Vacation In Disney World The Summer Before Sixth Grade, Until Her Father Announces He S Taking A Teaching Position In Scotland, And Moving The Family There For The Entire SummerAda Ru Is Anything But Happy She Doesn T Like Their New Home, She Hates Haggis, And She Certainly Doesn T Like The Idea That She Will Be Away From Her Best Friend All Summer To Top It All Off, There Is Said To Be A Monster In The Lake Near Their House That S When She Meets Hamish Bean Timmy, Hammy Bean For Short, Captain Of The Nessie Quest Monster Chaser Boat Tour He Knows Everything There Is To Know About The Fabled Loch Ness Monster And Scotland But As The Two Unlikely Friends Embark On An Epic Adventure To Spot The Lake Monster, They End Up Discovering Than They Ever Could Have Imagined

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    Well, here s a mix of a review I say that, because what I loved most about this book was not having to do with our main character, but that of Hammy Bean He s what this story was really made for, and it only made things better by including Scotland Oh, and can t forget the Nessie Quest that brings Ada Ru, her family, and the Tibby family together There were some really great moments in here, and then there were those that we all could have done without Mainly, Ada Ru s personality and a good chunk of the things she said throughout the book It didn t always come out in the way it was probably meant to be But, here s where the love for the other half of this book came in and kept me reading on It really was about Hammy Bean His character made this, it s also what made me care a bit for Ada then I first did The two of them together made her seem a lot less un welcoming Maybe her talks of the prince of darkness, or her parents being muggles and not understanding, or the supernatural and vampiric beings possibly taking over, were meant to make her seem like she had a sense of humor Either way, this wasn t what this book turned out to be Those parts were only a portion of this book It was about the hopes and aspirations of Hammy Bean, the new opportunities Ada Ru s parents were given, the tales by Corny and Cappy McGee and the Loch Watchers Ada Ru s character wasn t enough to keep me from enjoying everyting else about this novel, but it would ve probably helped if she weren t the most unlikeable character in all of this I received this copy from Crown Books for Young Readers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    E ARC from NetgalleyAda Ru is NOT happy when her parents tell her she isn t able to stay at home with her best friend in Denver during summer break, and it s not because they are going to Disney World Instead, the father is teaching a photography class in Scotland, and Ada and her mother are going along so they can visit the father s family, Uncle Clive, Aunt Isla, and annoying cousin Briony The university housing is in a creepy old building with an even creepier caretaker, Euna Begbie Since the town where they are living is small and located on a loch where Nessie has been spotted in the past, it s at least a little bit interesting to wander around She manages to meet Hamish Bean Tibby, Hammy Bean to his friends, who works with his grandmother giving boat tours of the loch to tourists He s also home schooled by Ms Begbie because he is blind She also meets Dax, another American spending the summer in Scotland Dax is cute and angsty, and carries his guitar everywhere with him The three team up to help Hammy with the Nessie Race and also in publishing his Nessie Juggernaut, which his a bit outdated, so they also work on creating a podcast with the same information Ada gets to meet lots of locals while interviewing various residents about their Nessie experiments, and comes to think that Scotland is not too bad There is some friend drama with Dax involving Briony and Hammy involving secrets about his parents , as well as some suspense when Hammy makes some bad decisions when upping the level of his investigations In the end, however, devotion to cryptozoology wins the day, and Ada is sad to be leaving her summer location Strengths Scotland This is a much less stressful vacation to that locale than Schwab s City of Ghosts, and who doesn t want to spend a summer lakeside The inclusion of a sight impaired character and explanations about how he does certain tasks was interesting The possible romance with Dax is fun, and the drama with Briony on point The local restaurants are the real star for some of this for me, but younger readers will love the freedom to wander that the characters have I don t have a lot of students interested in cryptids, but there are usually a few, so this is a good title for the long haul Weaknesses I m never fond of children who don t want to go to fantastic places, so Ada really irritate me during the beginning of the book There s also a bit dialect than I enjoy reading What I really think While I enjoyed this one, I fear it won t be a big circulator I will probably purchase, justifying this as a title readers might pick up after reading Martin s fantastic Hoax for Hire.

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    This one is a 3.5 for me I appreciate how this author is not shy about delving into unusual topics that may fascinate middle graders in this case, the Loch Ness Monster Just as she did in her earlier book, Lemons, she steers carefully around reality and what might be, drawing readers along as they start out the book feeling doubtful about Nessie s existence and then finishing it with a sense of possibility Maybe there is a Nessie out there But along the way, readers will be delighted to meet twelve year old Ada Ru Fitzhugh, who will remind them of themselves in many ways When she learns that her family will be spending the summer in a small town in Scotland rather than vacationing in Disney World, she hatches all sorts of plots to prevent this from happening After all, she can t leave behind her beloved cat or her best friend she might lose her to someone else or her position in the Beyonce fan club Middle graders will relate to her concerns and her reluctance to appreciate anything Scotland has to offer Of course, as it turns out, the trip provides an opportunity for her to stretch and conquer some of her fears while writing and photographing the area and its inhabitants Part of the credit for these changes goes to Hammy Bean Tibby, a local boy who is deeply invested in the legend of the Loch Ness Monster and determined to find evidence to support its existence He enlists the help of Ada Ru and Dax, a budding songwriter and musician, even using walkie talkies and codes to aid his young team in their efforts But when Ada Ru gets her feelings hurt by a remark he makes about her writing, she hurls careless, hurtful works at her friend, which leads to what could have been a tragedy There is quite a lot going on in this book, and Ada Ru s distinctive voice will be just as memorable as Hammy Bean, who refuses to let being blind or having been abandoned for his parents keep him from reaching for his goals Some of the poignant parts of the book concern his parents having chosen drugs over him, a decision with which some readers will be able to relate Despite some of these heavy topics, the story never becomes maudlin, instead delivering characters who change even while making mistakes I loved having some Scottish dialect sprinkled into the conversations to add flavor and authenticity to the story I m sure that I won t be the only one looking into booking a trip to Scotland after finishing this book.

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    I ll start by saying that despite my huge disappointment with this book, I want to stress that it did have one important and exceptionally well rendered element The character of Hammy Bean and how he and the other characters navigate the issue of his blindness I know this is a personal issue for the author relating to her own mother s blindness and I thought she handled the topic well here Unfortunately, that s where the positives end The basic plot is fine Nothing overwhelmingly good but also not problematic The writing and the characters, howeveryikes and double yikes My biggest takeaway from this book was that it was almost unreadably obnoxious, particularly in the dialogue and to a lesser extent, in the narrator s inner monologue The author clearly thinks she is something of a comedian She does land a few, but the majority of the time she misses badly and because the attempts to be cute and humorous are near constant, it becomes stunningly irritating rather quickly Our main character clearly means well and seems like a nice girl, but the way she s written doesn t make her very likable Her fear of water, hatred of vegetables, and insecurity about her friendships were no doubt intended to make her seem relatable, but she mostly came off as whiny and lame Interesting semi autobiographical casting by the author in the mother s role Unfortunately, it s a problematic portrayal as well As the child of a therapist myself, I picture my own mother cringing with disgust at the psychobabble portrayal of the Feelings Journal and the grossly patronizing way this woman talks to her daughter And the father s constant spouting off of unfunny nicknames was so grating that it almost made me put the book down for that reason alone All the credit in the world for the successful incorporation of a blind character into a complex narrative role, but otherwise, this is a dud with cringe worthy dialogue I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I enjoyed this book much than the first few chapters had me thinking I would The main character, Ada Ru, was annoying and seemed very entitled I know, a lot of you are saying that she sounds like a typical twelve year old right Well, it can be pretty accurate but still annoying It did however leave a lot of room for character growth and I m glad to say that the author certainly did deliver that The Ada at the end of the book is a much better and kinder person than the one at the start I especially love her relationship with her parents How they re both embarrassing but still one hundred percent supportive of her My favorite part was the character of Hammy Bean and how well the author handled writing his blindness onto the story I m always a fan of better representation for people with disabilities in fiction, particularly children s fiction, and I think that his character was handled very well As to the story, I thought it was a cute concept I love long lived legends and the Loch Ness Monster has always been one of my favorites The characters have fun, and sometimes scary, adventures in their search, chock full of orange possibilities This is a beautiful fun read about friendship, and making the most out of everything you have.

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    This is a tough one to review, because Ru is such a brat at the beginning of the book that I almost coulnd t read it Here her parents were going to take her to Scotland for the Summer, and all she wanted to do was go to Disneyland And then proceeded to bitch about it for at least the first third of the book.But, on the other hand, we have the character of Hamish, the Ron of Ru s Harriet Potter as she envisions her version of what is happening while she is in Scotland He is smart, he is funny, and he is searching for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster Oh, and he is also blind.When asked if he has seen the monster, before Ru realizes he is blind, he says that no, he hasn t, but he has heard her.Once we get Hamish in the story, it takes off And that might be because Melissa Savage says, in her back pages, that she was basing him a little bit on her mother, who went blind when Melissa was young.So, if you can get past Ru, and get to Hamish, you will probably enjoy this good middle grade story.Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

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    Nessie Quest by Melissa Savage was published in 2020 This fiction book is a great read aloud option for 1st 3rd graders The overall summary of this book is about a new chapter a family will embark on due to a job offer and has themes that symbolize friendship and adventure There are rumors of a lake monster nicknamed Nessie that apparently inhabits the new place the family is moving to Ada Ru meets the captain of the Nessie Quest tour boat and embarks on a voyage to uncover about the Loch Ness Monster Students will be able to develop in their abilities of following along the story structure and be able to connect events.

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    This was a good one Sweet and ended with a good point about the power of words Also, this book has a character named Hamish Bean Tibby, Hammy bean for short, and that is 100% enough of a reason to read this book.

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    I have so many students who will love this book It had a plot line that kept the reader wanting The characters had both humorous and heartfelt qualities I will be purchasing a copy for my classroom.

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    If you have not read a Melissa Savage middle grade novel, you need to run immediately to your favorite bookstore and settle in for a story that will just delight you Lemons is about BigFoot, The Truth About Martians is about the Roswell Crash, and Nessie s Quest is about the Loch Ness Monster But, just like in her previous two books, Nessie s Quest isn t just about the search for the Loch Ness monster Nessie s Quest is about dealing with whatever life hands you In this case, a blind friend being raised by his grandmother since his parents are unable Savage knows just the right way to handle the big issues through humor, compassion, and food, lots and lots of food This is a book you don t want to end It is that wonderful

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