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شخصية المسلم summary شخصية المسلم, series شخصية المسلم, book شخصية المسلم, pdf شخصية المسلم, شخصية المسلم a57a0c70cc The Ideal Muslimah Is Proud Of The Great Position That Islam Has Given Her Among Humanity She Performs Her Duties Knowing That Her Role Is Clearly Defined And That Her Rights Are Still, Even Today, Greater Than What Any Other Ideology Has Provided She Is A Woman Of Moral Excellence, True To Her Nature, Not Confused By Alien And Morally Bankrupt Ideas She Preserves Her Self Respect And Dignity Through Her Piety In Obedience To Allah Swta And His Messenger Pbuh She Is The Role Model That Every True Believer Hopes To Emulate

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    This was one of the first books I read after reverting to Islam in 2003 and I still love it today It s a beautiful and inspirational guide for any Muslim woman

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    I would say this book is definitely a keeper It s translated to be an easy read for Muslimahs striving to better themselves It covers all aspects of a woman s life, beginning with her relationship with the Lord, and moving on the family, neighbors, and society at large The author uses beautiful verses from the Quran and hadiths to support a point At times, I found the explanations to be repetitive, especially when it was common sense Perhaps the repetitiveness was to reiterate how easy it is to be a good Muslimah and to put greater emphasis on what is an Ideal Muslimah Overall, there were positives than negatives I learned much and have much to practice on.

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    When I first saw this book on my friend s bookshelf, I immediately know that I want to own all the series The Ideal Muslim, The Ideal Muslimah, and The Ideal Muslim Society Unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found in Indonesia and even not in Book Depository and the only way to get it online I have to pay a very expensive shipping cost So I use the jasa titip aka personal shopper service in an app I ve developed with my previous office, Prelo who knew I would very grateful to develop it and I asked an Indonesian traveler who will do his Umra that time to Saudi Arabia and the two books The Ideal Muslim and Muslimah arrived safely, with cheaper price I haven t bought The Ideal Muslim Society one because it would be very expensive haha After reading both of them so my review will cover both sides , here are the reviews ComprehensiveBoth books cover how Muslim should behave according to Islam, divided into ten chapters to our Lord, our selves, our parents, our spouses, our children, our children in law, our relatives, our neighbours, our friends and brothers sisters in Islam, and our community or society The to our children in law part is on the newer and revised editions, so maybe you won t find it in every copy Every chapters divided to smaller sections, such as The believing woman is alert , She Muslim woman regularly prays five times a day , in the chapter The Muslim Woman and Her Lord.There are parts that every Muslim should have known, such as worship Allah, regularly prays five times a day, pays zakah, fasts in Ramadan and another nafl fasts , Hajj, and so on There are also parts that I was surprised to find, such as how Muslims should mind their mind, body, and soul, because in my social media feed, all those Muslim accounts mostly discuss about soul power of ikhlas, etc , marriage the most popular topic , etc They rarely talk about mind and body This book emphasise the importance of taking care of your body, cleanliness, and good appearance within the Islamic rule The book also talks about how we should never stop studying, both the deen or the secular knowledge that will benefit society Full of storiesOne thing I never expect from the books are the stories Other than Quran verses and popular hadiths, there are also many stories that support the topic discussed that actually interesting and surprising in a way One of the stories I want people to read is this one, that is in the section She Muslim woman may attend the jama ah prayer in the mosque Wa il al Kindi reported that a woman was assaulted by a man in the darkness of the early morning, whilst she was on her way to the mosque She shouted to a passer by for help, then a large group of people came by, and she called to them for help They seized the man to whom she had first called for help, and her attacker ran away They brought the innocent man to her, and he said, I am the one who answered you call for help the other man got away They brought him to the Messenger of Allah and told him that this man had assaulted the woman, and they had seized him whilst he was running away The man said, I was the one who answered her call for help against her attacker, but these people seized me and brought me here The woman said, He is lying he is the one who attacked me The Messenger of Allah said Take him away and stone him Then a man stood up and said, Do not stone him, stone me, for I am the one who did it Now the Messenger of Allah had three people before him the one who had assaulted the woman, the one who had answered her cries for help and the woman herself He told the attacker, As for you, Allah has forgiven you, and he spoke kind words to the one who had helped the woman Umar said, Stone the one who has admitted to the crime of adultery The Messenger of Allah said No, for he has repented to Allah I think he said, with an act of repentance so great that if the people of Madinah were to repent in this way, it would be accepted from them Seems relevant to current issues, right Where women are heard and not questioned why are you in the darkness what clothes are you wearing etc etc There are many interesting stories here for many different topics, but you should read it yourself Also, what s with the writing of hadith that requires everything to be in one paragraph It s confusing.Difference between Muslim and MuslimahWhile I agree that men and women have different physical condition, needs, obligations, and rights, I can t help but notice the difference between the two books in the the chapter about spouses I read The Ideal Muslim in English Edition 4 2005 and The Ideal Muslimah in English Edition 6 2005 While the other chapters relatively balanced, this one chapter is unfortunately not I really like the part of She Muslim woman chooses a good husband , which emphasises the right of woman to choose a man for whom her heart may be filled with love and respect, and who is pleasing to her both in his appearance and in his conduct I am tired of those posts that implies chemistry aren t important in choosing future spouse, because what s important is religion and character, as if holistic view is not important However, noticing The Muslim Man and His Wife has 9 sections spread in 23 pages, while The Muslim Woman and Her Husband is in 59 pages divided into 19 sections such as She Muslim woman fills her husband s heart with joy , She shares his joys and sorrow and there is no male counterpart made me upset a bit It is as if wife has sooo many responsibilities in making her husband happy, while the husband only has to understand his wife and respect her feelings , as if they don t have to share her joys and sorrows I really hope it is revised in later editions because it seems so unbalanced.Western obsessionThe book made many references to corrupted western values that corrupts many Muslims nowadays Some of them are right, but the author referenced it so many times it almost funny and made me laugh and think Is he obsessed with Western people I mean, not every so called Western values are bad, right I admire their independence, hard working, and appreciation of individuality The author wrote it in a way that if you are an alien from another planet, you ll think Western values are complete evil However, if someone from the Western world made a praise about Islam, he will referenced it immediately That s why I said it s almost funny That being said, with its plus and minus, the books are something Muslims should read I suggest people to read both because I think the author put too much attention to The Ideal Muslimah I really hope there is another edition that is written by female scholars to make it balanced.

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    In defining what an ideal Muslimah s character would look like, there are a few key attributes which separate her from the average woman The Qur an also defines specific characteristics that distinguish her from her male counterpart in the way that she worships her Lord and she lives her life Entailed in this book are verses from the Qur an and examples from Prophet Muhammad blessing and peace of Allah be upon him to help guide the Muslim woman towards the righteous path of Allah This book is truly a precious gift to give your sister, daughter, wife or friend.

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    This book really helps me understands the reasons behind the do s and don t s in Islam especially regarding women and embrace it It kept me company during that time of the month since I can t read the quran Love it

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    This book perfectly shows that us, muslim women, are not oppressed as society and media suppose we are Islam has raised our status so high that when we are children we open a door of Jannah Paradise for our parents, when we get married we complete our husband s Deen Faith , and when we become mothers Jannah is at our feet This book taught me a lot of valuable lessons how to improve myself, my behaviour and to become a better person.

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    This is a pretty good book I got the general idea of what it is to be an Ideal Muslimah Although i am 100% sure that no Muslim women infact no human being can be perfect But they can be people perfect and that is a whole other discussion

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    If women are the main residents of hell, this book will explain why Women are practically required to do everything and anything for everyone in their life, except financially support themselves Oh, what a burden to have a job, thanks but I like having my own money and not relying on anyone Women are required to be the slaves of their husbands, their parents, their husbands parents, their children If their kid grows up to be a brat, it s because the mom is a brat If your husband cheats on you, it is because you did not beautify yourself enough or take care of him as you should If a man sees you and does something haram, it s your fault for being TOO beautiful No one takes on the responsibility of the Ummah s sins like a woman does While a husband is above a woman, it is the husbands mother who is above him, so ladies don t move in with your in laws Also I absolutely detest the idea that all children are born Muslims but their parents corrupt them into non Muslims Yes, I really bet that if you left a child to their own devices they d suddenly believe in 1 god, pray 5 salat a day, fast for Ramadan and make pilgrimage to mecca not to mention recite the Shahada in arabic Also there is a lot of unnecessary criticism of western culture, cause if you can t defend yourself you might as well as take the limelight off Anyway, why then do Arabs flock to western societies if we re so detestable Personally I can t stand opinionated pieces, but what can I expect Keeping dogs in the house after the Western fashion, spoiling them, manufacturing special food and shampoo for them, setting up beauty parlours for them and all the other things on which people in the West and the U.S spend millions upon millions of dollars annually All of this has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam and its tolerant customs The psychological state of Westerners, and the dry, materialistic life they lead, had driven them to these extremes in caring for their dogs, to compensate for the lack of human love in their social lives But the social life of Islam is filled with human emotion, so Muslims have no need to go to such absurd extremes This is a small example of some of the absurdity in this book Essentially an Ideal Muslimah is a woman who is quiet and reserved, shy, friendly and likable, gentle and sensitive, humble and modest, feminine, lighthearted, obedient, who constantly works to maintain her beauty but only shares her beauty with her immediate family , constantly serves others husband, children, family, neighbors, then friends and community Her home is always open to unwelcomed guests She is perfect in her words and her manners She avoids seeking fame or recognition She tolerates every injustice against her, is unyielding patient with those she serves She makes herself available to her husband to every degree in trying to fulfill his wishes and desires She is cheerful and optimistic She doesn t spend her husbands money on herself, or even her own, and prefers to give it to charity and giving her money to her husband or children is the best charity She is never jealous, envious, arrogant, prideful, argumentative, or selfish She doesn t gossip, or spy on the business of others or seek out their faults She doesn t talk too much She doesn t raise her voice, or speak ill words She never angers The Muslim woman who understands the teachings of Islam should be very serious in her attitude, concentrating on noble aims and shunning frivolities But this should not stop her from having fun occasionally, in ways that are permitted by Islam Oh gosh The true Muslim woman prefers hunger to ignoring the rights of this guest She s practically saintly Too bad there wasn t a chapter on dealing with co wives, that would have been entertaining One note on some strange happenings A woman goes to hell after being a good devout Muslim because she has a sharp tongue and a prostitute goes to heaven because she gave water to a dog once Seems to me that God s ways are so mysterious as to not really matter, you may or may not get on his good side, and you can t possibly hope to know that before destiny is fulfilled Anyway, it s not the worst thing I ve ever read because at least it has substance and does have a rather nice chapter reminding the Ummah of all the women who made jihad along side Muhammad.

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    Although the work is comprehensive and detail, to a point of being redundant and repetitive, my biggest issues with the work are 1 the narrations quoted focused still on the male sahabah, 2 there is nothing new or overwhelmingly uplifting perhaps because of the flat tone and prose adopted, 3 admitted that the author quoted as much as possible but there were still narrations without quotation, rendering the narrations questionable unless otherwise verified, 4 the author falls into a clear mistake when he presented women should work only in field suitable to the nature, and by so he means staying at home moms, this underlines my biggest issue with the work.1 The premise conflicts with what the author presented at the beginning of the work that women were major contributors to the religion 2 women actually went to wars with the Prophet and the Prophet brought Aishah to negotiations 3 there is no hadith or Quranic verse to support such absurd contention.

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    This is a very thorough book, hitting on every aspect and relationship a Muslimah has both in the present and future.Everytime I read it I come away with something different because things change in my life.This is not a book that the reader can outgrow.It will never become obsolete.Every Muslim woman every woman for that matter could benefit from this book.It is wonderful encouragement and guidance on being as excellent a woman as possible.

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