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    A dense, slow read, but peppered with rather thought provoking quotes.___If you say I am empty , the I am is there, and the I cannot be empty So emptiness cannot be claimed, just like how no one can say I am humble Not only can you not say it, but you cannot feel that you are humble because the very feeling will give birth to the ego again.Acceptance dissolves Only acceptance If you fight, you create another disturbance and this can go on ad infinitum The action that comes out of fear cannot be anything other than fear.Suffering is there It is part of life and part of growth nothing is bad in it Suffering becomes evil only when it is simply destructive and not creative at all it becomes bad only when you suffer and nothing is gained out of it But I am telling you the divine can be gained through suffering then it becomes creative Young man, I am not young enough to know so much With a knowing mind you are clever, not innocent Innocence is the door.Socrates When I was young I knew too much When I became ripened, experienced, I came to realise only one thing that I am absolutely ignorant.A real master teaches you unlearning it is never learning.When desire disappears the energy that was moving in desire remains it cannot disappear Desire is just another form of energy That s why you can turn one desire into another Anger can become sex, sex can become anger, can become greed Whenever you find a very greedy person he will be less sexual.Upon enlightenment the energy transforms into compassion.It is difficult to find a businessman who is simple He is always cunning, clever, otherwise he cannot be a businessman A warrior is always simple, otherwise he cannot be a warrior He knows only two things, life and death, and his life is always at stake, he is always gambling.Businessman means a quality of the mind which is always bargaining, trying to give less and get If a businessman thinks of enlightenment, he thinks of it as a commodity among many other commodities, to be purchased.Occupation is your drug that is why when you are without any activity you feel uneasy Yet it is in the static state, when all activity ceases, that you become alert Activity, occupation in the mind, is unconsciousness.Whenever you act unconsciously, you are in hell, whenever you are conscious, whenever you act with full awareness, you are in heaven.You dream only because you carry the burden, you dream only because the day is incomplete, because desires are unfulfilled.If you are total in your anger, you will be total when the anger disappears If you are false in your anger, you cannot be real in your silence.Reality cannot be known through thinking, but it can be known through action Thinking is just a dream phenomenon The moment you act you become part of reality.The ego plans, and whatever you plan will miss reality because reality can only be encountered spontaneously This is the difference between a man of knowledge and a man of wisdom A man of knowledge has ready made answers you ask and the answer is already there You are irrelevant, your question is irrelevant Before the question, the answer exists your question simply triggers the memory But if you go to a man of wisdom, he has no answers for you He has nothing ready made Why are we not spontaneous It is because of fear The fear is there that the answer may be wrong, so it is better to decide beforehand Then you are certain But certainty always belongs to death Remember, life is always uncertain Everything dead is certain life is always changing, moving.Your saints cannot be innocent because their goodness is too forced their goodness is already ugly Their goodness is managed, controlled, cultivated It is not innocent.Love cannot be jealous, it is impossible It is always trusting, and if something happens that breaks your trust you have to accept it Trust is not something to be maintained, it is there or it is not there.Explanations are precious because the experience is lacking theories are significant because there is no knowledge.A religious man is in search of authentic experience, not borrowed words, nor experiences of others.The ego never wants to be a disciple, it is always in search of being a master.When you claim ownership, from whom are you claiming ownership The whole belongs to the whole, the part cannot claim the whole Every claim is aggression Non possessiveness doesn t mean that you should not live in a house Live in a house, but be thankful to the whole, to the divine Give it but don t possess it If you can use things without any possession you have become a sannyasin.Once you stop fighting the ego cannot exist The ego exists through fighting, the ego is a relationship, it is not in you, it is always located between you and the other somewhere in between where the fight is.Meditation is not contemplation, it is action, action of the whole, of the total being.A fool is not afraid of anybody else, he will speak, whatsoever the consequences A fool is a man who will not think of the consequences.The world is so mad the parents, the teachers, the moralists are so mad and insane that they teach children to love Mothers say to their children I am your mother, love me as if the child can do something to love Nothing can be done Only one thing can be done, you can pretend Once you learn how to pretend love, you have missed Your whole life will go wrong Then you will go on pretending that you love Then everything is false Once love becomes a duty it cannot be a celebration, you cannot laugh, you cannot enjoy It is a burden to be carried.Meditation cannot be a fragmented thing it should be a continuous effort Meditation is de automatization in the beginning If meditation really happens, whatsoever the cause, compassion has to follow Compassion is the flowering of meditation This is compassion, when the other becomes valuable than you This is love when you can sacrifice yourself for the other.Alexander the Great asked for his body to be carried with his hands hanging out, to show that even one as accomplished as he died with empty hands My kingdom is great, but I am still poor.

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    Lots of good insights But some things in the book gave a bad taste in the mouth like when he said killing a cat doesn t matter because they are a pure soul and won t be reincarnated or something dark like that And I hated the chapters about the zen masters beatings, I skipped over them.

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    This book may not necessarily be read the way you normally read any other book.Having read The Mustard Seed by Osho, I couldn t resist reading another one of his extemporaneous discussions put on book This may not be Osho s best book in the eyes of many, but its wisdom is equal with his other works, as wisdom is only one because the answers lead to only one Truth I enjoyed The Mustard Seed very much this enjoyment is a different kind , but I still really find this book phenomenal its own glory Having never known anything about Zen my whole life, this book opened me to another spiritual path I do feel that they are all the same, all right paths leads to one, but it is beautiful to be introduced to Zen It s like being introduced to a different world, a world that can never be understood with words, synonymous with the Truth itself.Upon reading the first page of chapter 1, I will have to be honest, it was very difficult for me to read it I refer difficult in quite a different way The first anecdote was a very strong dose for me I was stunned after reading it Upon realizing this, I tried to read on Although not completely sober yet from the stun, I forced myself to read but line after line stops me It was internally arduous, forcing myself to read even just to get to the last word of this page I did get there for I don t know how long that took me and in my arrival, I put the book away.My God, I thought, if page 1 does this to me, how can I possibly go on with the many pages Of course, I didn t know the answer I found out that I can never know anything and what freedom there is in that The next day I read it again, finally being able to get through smoothly this time.There are 11 zen anecdotes here, and a mention of Osho s new meditations that will take place in Osho International Meditation Resort, but do not bother about that It will only be a mention here If you ll try to interpret the zen anecdotes on your own, please do not It will very likely be a mistranslation anyway It was impossible for me, so I gave it up Only enlightened beings can give an accurate translation to the fables and anecdotes spoken of by other enlightened masters and Osho does that very well, which may be the reason he is branded as a contemporary mystic He can get the message to you, although please do not be fooled by your own self It is not the entire message also He will give you an understanding, but you cannot stop there Everything is much much deeper than how you interpret it, and I can only speak of my own experience You could be very lucky and get the message in its totality right then and there Or I could be totally wrong with everything I have just said DI enjoyed this book very much, but I still cannot get to the bottom of it I only hit the markers, I still missed the bulls eye But the application of zen with Osho s suggestions, may lead me to hitting the target And maybe there is no target, because I am the target itself, only missing something like a razor s edge in that regard Thank you, Osho, for sharing your wisdom.

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    un libro lleno de reflexiones y lecciones que nos hacen conocer tecnicas de desaprender para aprender este libro nos da la gana de meditar y refuerza la voluntad para vivir con coraje y sabiduria me disculpo por la carencia de los tildes etc

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    Zen masters way of life explained by the master this book is full of compassion.

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    Must read book Have this as reference for life and a life guide

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