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Free ↠ Lady Macbeth's Daughter By Lisa M. Klein – chapter 1 Lady Macbeth's Daughter, meaning Lady Macbeth's Daughter, genre Lady Macbeth's Daughter, book cover Lady Macbeth's Daughter, flies Lady Macbeth's Daughter, Lady Macbeth's Daughter 241b9f47f993e The Daughter Macbeth Might Have Had, If Shakespeare Had Thought To Create HerAlbia Has Grown Up With No Knowledge Of Her Mother Or Her Father, The Powerful Macbeth Instead She Knows The Dark Lure Of The Wychelm Wood And The Moors, Where She S Been Raised By Three Strange Sisters It S Only When The Ambitious Macbeth Seeks Out The Sisters To Foretell His Fate That Albia S Life Becomes Tangled With The Man Who Leaves Nothing But Bloodshed In His Wake She Even Falls In Love With Fleance, Macbeth S Rival For The Throne Yet When Albia Learns That She Has The Second Sight, She Must Decide Whether To Ignore The Terrible Future She Foresees Or To Change It Will She Be Able To Save The Man She Loves From Her Murderous Father And Can She Forgive Her Parents Their Wrongs, Or Must She Destroy Them To Save Scotland From Tyranny In Her Highly Anticipated Follow Up To Ophelia, Lisa Klein Delivers A Powerful Reimagining Of Shakespeare S Macbeth, Featuring A Young Woman So Seamlessly Drawn It Seems Impossible She Was Not Part Of The Bard S Original Play.

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    In this novel, set in 11th century Scotland, author Lisa Klein starts with the premise that Macbeth and his wife had a baby daughter, born with a deformed leg, and that Macbeth in his anger that she was not the healthy son he longed for, left the infant to die Lady Macbeth, not much than a girl herself in a time when women had no power, was helpless to stop him, and grieves for the loss of her daughter as well as the subsequent pregnancies she loses, believing herself cursed.What neither of them know, however, is that their baby daughter did not die She was saved by Lady Macbeth s serving woman, Rhuven, who took her to live with her sisters in the Wychelm Wood The sisters name the child Albia, and the little girl grows up believing one of the sisters to be her mother The years pass by peacefully, until the year Albia turns fifteen and great turmoil comes to Scotland King Duncan is murdered, and Albia is sent to live with a foster family Banquo, his wife Breda, and their son Fleance And there is turmoil inside Albia as well she is confused by her feelings for the attractive but maddening Fleance, and she longs to know the identity of her father When she learns the truth about her heritage and that her birth parents murdered the king in order to seize the throne she struggles with her feelings of revulsion at what her parents have done and determines that she must destroy them and bring peace and justice to Scotland.Lady Macbeth s Daughter is a rather interesting and complex novel It is mainly told from the point of view of Albia, although we also see some events from the point of view of Lady Macbeth Her perspective, and the difficult life she lived, made her actions, wrong though they were, understandable Overall the story and the ending especially were rather thought provoking, making me think a lot about the motivations of various characters, and wondering what happened afterwards I would recommend this book to readers, young adult and older, who enjoy either historical fiction or unique retellings of Shakespeare s plays.

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    I haven t read a whole lot of really good historical books recently so I just figured this would be another one to add to that list Boy was I wrong Lady Macbeth s Daughter was probably one of the best historical books I have ever read I started Lady Macbeth s Daughter already knowing the story of Macbeth I don t think it s necessary but it was really fun to compare this new take with the original Surprisingly they don t differ that much, except for the daughter, obviously It was a really believable take on an old tale and I guess I wasn t expecting that Lisa Klein did nothing to take away from Shakespeare s story, she just added onto the brilliance.I think the one difference between the two stories was the insight into why some of the characters did what they did Lady Macbeth and the Wyrd Sisters have such a big part in this story where they never really did in Macbeth They had important parts in the original but you never got to know them Also, I felt like I really knew Banquo and Fleance and I loved them They were both so great to Albia All the characters in the book were just spectacular.Overall, Lady Macbeth s Daughter is a book I think all historical fans need to pick up Even if you don t know much about the original story, this one pretty much explains itself and is truly worth buying

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    Follow all my reviews at reading Romeo s Ex Rosaline s Story I actively sought retellings of Shakespeare s plays Lady Macbeth s Daughter was one of the first titles I came across and to be honest, it was the one I was most excited about reading I am a huge fan of Macbeth and was overjoyed to find that my local library had the title First of all, being familiar with the play helps with the reading but isn t necessary I thought that was a major achievement because lets face it, not everyone likes Shakespeare More than that, Klein included enough history and characterization to make her telling unique even to those of us who have managed to memorize stanza after stanza of the original The romantic story line didn t seem necessary to me and Albia s voice is a tad inconsistent for my taste but I think both fall into the category of things you have to accept when you are reading young adult literature Overall she created a solid story Much of the cast benefited from Klein s modifications In most cases I really enjoyed seeing new characters and fresh perspective of the principal cast That being said, there was one notable exception Lady Macbeth The very idea that she has even an ounce of compassion irks me Klein s revision to her makeup greatly diminishes the intense persona she exercises in the play Lady Macbeth is one of the most compelling characters Shakespeare ever created While I admire the desire to bestow her with depth and purpose, I felt Klein s efforts were a tragic misstep that weakened not only the character but a cornerstone of the play on which her book is based Shakespeare s Macbeth is one of my favorite books It is intense and tragic and depressing but it is good I can t accept a glossed over version with a blah ending Three stars for originality and nothing .

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    In Shakespeare s tragedy, the Macbeths are childless, although Lady Macbeth makes reference to having nursed a baby the premise of this book is that Lady Macbeth gave birth to a girl, who was promptly rejected by Macbeth because he desired a son and heir to the throne The girl, Albia, is raised by the three Wyrd sisters and eventually makes her way back into the court, not knowing who her parents are until quite late Specific lines from the play are woven seamlessly into the novel whenever Albia is in the presence of her parents With chapters alternating between the voice of Lady Macbeth and Albia, the plot moves quickly to its tragic conclusion.The author clearly knows her Shakespeare, and has done her research on medieval Scotland well This is a fantastic book that would go well with a class reading of the play, or by itself for the younger Shakespeare fan set Highly recommended for grades 8 12, although there is a fair amount of gore, alcohol and herbal drug use, and mental illness.

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    The Good I usually stay away from historical fiction, but Lady Macbeth s Daughter wanted to change my mind about the genre It was wonderfully written and so enjoyable to read.I loved how the author added depth to the characters and all of them were well developed and not boring what so ever.Albia is a fantastic main character and definitely my favorite character in the whole book Seriously, I just wanted to give her a huge hug just because she was just so kick ass Seriously, what was Shakespeare thinking by NOT putting Albia in the original I wished I could ve seen romance between Albia and Fleance, but from what I ve read, the romance was sweet without wanting the reader to gag.My favorite part about Lady Macbeth s Daughter was that the author gave us reasons why the characters acted the way they did and that made the characters believable and relateable.The Bad The ending was a bit disappointing The first words that came to my head were, Is that seriously the end I have nothing against endings that make the reader think a little, but for this book, I wanted closure And I got zilch and that made the story feel incomplete.Overall Lady Macbeth s Daughter is a fantastic book that is sure to enthrall the attention of historical fiction lovers everywhere.Grade B

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    A very intriguing side story intwined tale to probably my favorite of all of Shakespeare s tragedies Here Macbeth and his lady come to life in a different way, joined in their daughter, whose wrath makes their pale in comparison I think I especially liked this book mostly for the fact that it does not end in the traditional happily ever after manner that it s predecessor, Ophelia, seemed to That she loves Fleance is true, but I like that she did not feel that she was ready to settle down into the whole lady of the keep role and thus took off to better comprehend who she is.So very often Shakespeare s tragedies unfold from a single moment or event, and here Klein builds on that precept Macbeth s rejection of his daughter because he had been promised sons sets the events of the book in motion, and it helps very much to bring about his ruin.Lady Macbeth s madness is all the interesting in this rendition because we see her descent much clearly than we do in the original play Very cool twist on a favorite play.

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    I need this book so badly I love this author and I can t wait

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    Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it Lady Macbeth, Scene V 3.5 out of 5 starsSetting Scotland 1032 1048Coverly Love No it s just a girl, and while she is no doubt lovely, it comes off as a quite plain cover Plot In this imaginative retelling of Shakespeare s play Macbeth, Macbeth and his wife have a secret daughter But since she is not the son he so desires, he disowns her and leaves her to die on the mountainside And die she might have, if not for the compassion of Lady Macbeth s lady in waiting, Rhuven She wisks the baby away and, along with her sisters Helwain and Geillis, raises the baby girl as if she were their own Years later, this baby girl is now known as Albia, and knows nothing about her true heritage Albia has a special gift, however she can see into the future So when one of these visions foretells the death of the King, she is whisked away once again to live with a foster family There, she learns the horrible truth she is indeed the daughter of the murderous King Macbeth and his wife Will she ever be able to forgive her parents for what they have done And will she be the one to save the Scotland Applause is in order for Lisa Klein for taking such iconic literary characters and making them new and fresh I myself have never read Shakespeare s Macbeth, but I do know that he made out Macbeth and his wife to be the ultimate nightmare She does the unthinkable she makes them human and emotional at least in Lady Macbeth s case Macbeth. on him later She provides a perfectly logical explanation as to the motives of the characters in the original play, al from studying one line.Characters Albia is a spitfire, that s for sure Strong, independent, feisty, and hot tempered, this heroine of the story is a likable individual You can t help but feel sorry for her, since she has suffered a lot of hardship in her life, with her parents abandoning her But she never loses her tenacious spirit, and in the end learns a powerful lesson of forgiveness Lady Macbeth was an utterly heartbreaking character, and you can see why she ended up the way she did mad and crazed with guilt over the daughter she loved but had to give up, something she regrets deeply The three sisters who rescued her were also good characters, as their compassion showed for Albia Fleance, Albia s foster brother, former enemy and eventual lover, was a hard character to like at first, but he grows on you, just like he grew on Albia And finally, Macbeth All I can say is that he is a absolute monster.Pros I loved the historical setting of ancient Scotland, and how vividly Mrs Klein was able to portray some of Shakespeare s most iconic characters.Cons None in particular Love Triangle Kind of Fleance vs Albia vs Colum Nothing romantic happens between Albia and Colum, but he does admit to having a crush on her and wanting to be than her friend Albia s heart clearly belongs to Fleance, however.Insta Love Nope A Little Romance Fleance and starts out hating the guts out of Albia when he first meets her, but gradually, she falls in love with him, and he her Conclusion A wonderful retelling that makes me want to go and read the original play Read This Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

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    This is the second book that I have read by Lisa Klein the first was her re telling of Hamlet through Ophelia s eyes and I wasn t sure if I wanted to read another Shakespeare make over I almost gave this book three stars because i didn t love the story when told by anyone other than Shakespeare.It seemed a little bit dark and gory, but without the brilliant and beautiful verse that makes Shakespeare s version wonderful I didn t think the writing was that great and at times I just craved to just pull out the real Macbeth I just feel like Shakespeare s writing makes reading such a horrible story worth it But I gave it four stars for a couple of reasons 1 The idea of the book is very intriguing, plausible, and possible It is very possible that the Macbeth s would have a daughter There are specific lines in the play that suggest that they had a child at one point It makes sense that it was not a boy because had Macbeth had an heir it wouldn t be such a big deal that he secure his positions There are a couple other changes to the story because of this daughter and I think that they all fit right in with the original Macbeth 2 The author not only used Shakespeare s play as a source, but she used the real history of Macbeth and his wife Many of the changes in the book were taken straight from history It makes re writing a great classic like MacBeth seem ok She is just retelling a a part of history People do that all the time 3 It was fairly clean, compared to Klein s other book OPHELIA And the main character was of an example for teen age girls, who is probably the main audience of this book She has many faults, but she deals with them in a good way Not only could this book teach teens about history and literature, but I think it is an example of a young lady who has loads of problems, but maintains integrity, virtue, and courage throughout 4 I loved the ending I wont say what happens Klein goes on passed where Shakespeare s play ended and continues on with the story a little bit I thought the ending was perfect.It surprised me and left me feeling like I could give it four stars instead of three Although, I do admit that I do wish there was closure It did leave a few things hanging It would have been nice to know what happened to Albia a couple years down the road Just a brief epilogue would have been nice.

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    Macbeth was never my favorite play by Shakespeare, but, after reading Lady Macbeth s Daughter, I have a newfound respect for the story I really think that Albia made the story for me Lisa Klein wrote Albia so perfectly that I can t believe Shakespeare left her out Albia was an amazing addition to Macbeth s original cast Not only was is a resilient and strong female lead, she shows the perfect blend of characteristics one would expect her to have inherited through her birth parents and her adoptive family I am astounded by how believable Albia s character is It was interesting to see how Albia came to terms with learning that her birth father is the bloodthirsty and tyrannical Macbeth a man that she has never personally met, nor has an desire to Lady Macbeth was must easier to understand and feel sympathy for in this version of the story I like the idea that Lady Macbeth s insane behavior was motivated in part by her grief over the death of her infant daughter Albia , rather than only greed and the need for power.The romance between Albia and Fleance wasn t really a main part of the plot, but it was engaging and well written Most Shakespearean romances are doomed, but Klein s story had a twist and was surprisingly simple and without drama It had some drama and complexity of course, but the love story didn t build you up and then rip out your heart which is a good thing Ratings Out of 10 Plot 10Characters 10Writing 10Romance 10Originality 10Total 50 50 A The idea of Macbeth and his lady having a secret daughter was a wonderfully imagined plot twist to Macbeth I think Shakespeare would approve I m definitely going to read Lisa Klein s first book, Ophelia, and can t wait to see what she comes up with next