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Dans med en ängel summary Dans med en ängel, series Dans med en ängel, book Dans med en ängel, pdf Dans med en ängel, Dans med en ängel 2e5549edbd In Een Eenvoudige Hotelkamer In Zuid Londen Wordt Het Lijk Van Een Jonge Zweed Gevonden Hij Is Vermoord Kort Daarna Vindt Een Soortgelijke Moord Plaats In G Teborg De Bloedige Voetsporen Wijzen Erop Dat In De Kamer Een Macabere Dans Is Opgevoerd Voor De Jarige Hoofdinspecteur Erik Winter Vormt Dit Het Begin Van Een Van De Pijnlijkste Onderzoeken Waar Hij Ooit Mee Te Maken Heeft Gehad Hij Stuit Op Een Luguber Crimineel Netwerk Dat Snuff Movies Produceert En Verspreidt

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    3.5 stars a solid and interesting detective debut..atmospheric with vague outlines leaving much for interpretation.inspector winters is intuitive, aloof and quietly attractive.definitely will read book 2

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    Am conflicted wonderful characters and great plot, but the delivery and conclusion fell a little short 3.5 stars My library branch is closing down due to renovations and I found Death Angels as I was raiding the shelves all in a selfless attempt to help them and make it so that they had less books to move, of course I was intrigued, since I ve been wanting to read mysteries and thrillers, and what with the recent rage for Swedish writers I thought ke Edwardson would be interesting to try.PraiseThe mystery itself as in the actual plot was good and engaging The crimes are horrid though in some things we re not given details, but re below and as the murders pile up you re increasingly anxious to figure it all out and have the murderer unmasked.The characters were the second strength of the book, and in some ways may have outshone the plot Erik Winter, who is our main copper and the man whom the series follows, is very complex and interesting He s a player, a little disengaged emotionally, and in some ways of a snob, but he s oddly likable and I ended up becoming very fond of him I also loved Macdonald, his counterpart in England, and thought the juxtaposition between the two of them was great.The other characters, including Winter s team, are equally compelling, though I ll admit I got very confused between Beckman Bolger Bergenhem Birgersson and Malmstr m M llerstr m and Helander Halder and etc I love how the author gave the easiest name to remember Winter to the one character whom we re not going to get confused about anyway the hero I read a Japanese novel recently and while I had no problems keeping those foreign to me names straight, I was embarrassingly confused here.CriticismI always felt like I was missing something like there were passages or pages that had somehow been left out, or characters were having conversations or making discoveries while I was out of the room It was like I was always a few steps behind and while the characters were making these jumps and assumptions, I had no idea where they were coming from and what was leading them to this place or that place Also, while we re given certain hints as to what the murders entail, there is not a lot of detail either about what exactly is being done or for what possible psychological purpose besides for the obvious.In some ways, this worked out well because it is a mystery book, so there were some points where the confusion added positively to my experience as a reader One example of this is how the POV of some of the victims and the killer are interwoven into the plot, but very subtly obviously not referring to the blatant killing scene which starts the book so that you ll be a few paragraphs and realize, Woah, this isn t Winter or Macdonald or whoever , I m on the other side of the story here Many times, however, it left me feeling lost, and not in a good mystery reading way I m definitely no Albert Einstein, but I m reasonably intelligent and pretty quick, so I don t think it was all me Maybe this is just Edwardson s style I don t know, I guess I ll find that out when I read his next book but either way it didn t work for me It left me feeling very unsatisfied at the end, as if I had been five steps behind, just chasing a shadow around bends and curves, and then when I finally caught up everything was out to see and had been fully discovered leaving me floundering and disappointed Especially because even after that even in the end there were still things left unexplained that I was confused about.Lovely PoemInscribed on an obelisk seen by Winter at the end of the book Wild birds plow their way through the far reaches of space.How many never reach their final destination.But what difference does that make They die free. Bottom LineI would recommend this book, but get it from the library Edwardson definitely has potential and there were so many things I did like about Death Angels that I already have a hold on the next one in the series I m just hoping I don t have the same left behind feeling that I did here.Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series As of May 2011, only books 1 5 have been translated into English Book 1 Death AngelsBook 2 The Shadow Woman Book 3 Sun and Shadow Book 4 Never End Book 5 Frozen Tracks Book 6 Segel aus Stein Book 7 Zimmer Nr 10 Book 8 V naste land Book 9 N stan d d man Book 10 Den sista vintern

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    A dnf for me.I hate how I have to say I read a book to review it, but then some might say how can you review a book you ve not read Easy Read into it and if it bores you, misdirects you, is poorly written, or has started nowhere and is going nowhere you can bet it ends at nowhere.That s not about this book, btw, or is it The main problem with this book is the long sections of dialogue where I hadn t any clue who was talking Several times I had to go back and re read, very carefully, as the conversation goes back and forth between two people What, you might say you couldn t keep track of TWO people Nope, not when you read as fast as I do, and never NEVER tell me to slow down That s like trying to slow down a speeding train.So I got tired of constantly thinking did HE say that No, go back, back, re read, okay If I owned the book I would have written on the page, check marking where the MC is talking Also, there d be a section without any tags and the reader is left to figure out just who is this Who turned at the railing Who stepped up to the table What So I guess confusion made me stop before about page 50.DNF, no rating.

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    While the story pulled me in enough to keep me interested, I was left with the feeling that something else was lacking Now that I ve had a few days to think about it, I believe those things are plot development and character connections.The crimes themselves are as the back cover describes it macabre , and the book is a fast paced and just the facts, ma am type of work In film format, this is perfect However, in the context of a book, it was as if the author himself shied away from delving deeply into the brutal crimes and twisted motives he himself was creating or was simply in a hurry Additionally, characters back stories appear to be cut, so that the reader doesn t really form strong connections with the characters, including Winter himself WARNING MILD SPOILER ALERT Spoiler gives vague details about the killer s identity, without revealing any names These details are only slightly than the back cover s description, that the killer is playing a taunt intended for Winter himself It comes out towards the end of the book that the killer is someone that may know Winter personally However, this connection is never explored in depth The final confrontation is not what I expected, and the end of the book seemed a little anti climactic because of that.

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    I am torn between giving this a 4 or 5 star rating because I have some hesitation about the author s overall style For now I am going with a 4 star rating, which is no slouch An interesting plot and cast of characters that sometimes became bogged down for me, but overall it kept my attention and, best of all, had me thinking along with the investigators.I m looking forward to reading the next offering in this series.

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    Look, either you love character deiven thriller crime stories or you don t If you do, this book and the one that s coming out in March from SS are top notch.Wonderful writer.

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    I had to wait a few days to let this book percolate a bit before I wrote a review While Death Angels had an interesting plot and I was entertained by the story, I had a bit of a problem getting into the book The novel starts off bam at a funeral talking about characters with little introduction and description of who the hell they are or were That s fine I m not stupid I ll try my best to keep up Soon characters are introduced, and , and, as the reader, I have no idea where they fit into the story or what relationship they have to other characters introduced And unfortunately their names all look the same I slog on Don t get me wrong the story line is interesting and creepy but the main characters and their relationship to one another is confusing It also doesn t help that I hate the main character, Inspector Winter This may be because I m a woman and his treatment of woman in this book his mother, his sister, the long line of women he has sex with I can t say sleeps with because he never sleeps with them they have sex, the women leave leaves a lot to be desired I m not a prude, I understand the fleetingness of modern romance But Winter treats women like a therapy tool bend em over the bed, rip off their underwear, screw em, and send em home He d probably have a closer relationship with a blow up doll but then who would answer his phone when he s recovering from his sexual release I m sure men like Inspector Winter exist in this world but I don t have to read about them Obviously this is a series geared toward men s men It s too bad it gets in the way of a great plot line.

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    My first read of Edwardson but not my last Erik Winter is a complex character making him all the interesting I enjoyed the mix of the procedural of the Swedish and the British cop shops I enjoyed getting to know the others involved in the investigation, to see their personalities, catch a glimpse into their lives and hope that some will be explored in depth in future books in the series.The frustrations shown by the coppers lent an air of authenticity to the story Edwardson did very well at fleshing out his protagonists I m not sure what it is about Swedish authors in this genre but I m finding and that I really enjoy.

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    I do not really know where to start here The premise was good, but also flawed, and I think there may have been some of this story, lost in translation It is the first book in the series, maybe things will improve in the second I had to keep going back and re reading, because I thought I was missing or skipping over parts of the story The murder scene was not fully described and I found it frustrating that these details were omitted Some of the dialogue and descriptive script was just plain crazy I am willing to give this author another chance, as there is certainly potential, but I just hope he tries not to be too clever and abstract and sticks to writing a good crime story With all the details included, please.

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    Another sexual pervert serial killer, this time in Sweden Why do I do this to myself The writing was tortured Example It had been the kind of year that refuses to let go It spun every which way and bit its own tail like a rabid dog This type of thing wears thin very quickly And it turned out that the killer, or one of them, was an old high school friend and rival of the wealthy detective hero and guess what else The detective completely forgot that this guy had been institutionalized back then He finally asked his alcoholic mother That s just not fair.

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