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Why We Want You To Be Rich pdf Why We Want You To Be Rich , ebook Why We Want You To Be Rich , epub Why We Want You To Be Rich , doc Why We Want You To Be Rich , e-pub Why We Want You To Be Rich , Why We Want You To Be Rich dde963227c2 Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author And Motivational Speaker Robert T Kiyosaki And Celebrity Rich Man Donald J Trump Join Forces To Come To The Aid Of America S Shrinking Middle Class These Thriving Multimillionaires Give Advice Designed To Help Average Readers Expand Their Wealth In The Harsh Economy Firm Steps Towards Financial Literacy From Book Cover The World Is Facing Many Challenges And One Of Them Is Financial The Entitlement Mentality Is Epidemic, Creating People Who Expect Their Countries, Employers, Or Families To Take Care Of Them Donald Trump And Robert Kiyosaki, Both Successful Businessmen, Are Natural Teachers And Have Joined Forces To Address These Challenges They Believe You Cannot Solve Money Problems With Money You Can Only Solve Money Problems With Financial Education Trump And Kiyosaki Want To Teach You To Be RichGive A Man A Fish, And You Feed Him For A Day.Teach Him To Fish, And You Feed Him For A Lifetime They Each Could Have Written A Book On The Subject, But They Chose Instead To Write A Book Together Because Of Their Shared Passion For Education And Their Desire To Bring Emphasis To The Importance Of Financial Education In Addition They Have Designated A Portion Of The Profits From Each Book To Be Donated To Charitable And Educational Organizations That Also Support Financial Education.

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    I read this book a few years ago and found it nothing but hot air and repeated empty bla bla I dumped the book somewhere towards the end, as I did not wish to waste any time.Why do I bother to review this book now The answer is clear I am afraid that Mr Trump s big words such as I will make America great again are also nothing but hot air Not only that I am also afraid that Mr Trump s belligerent attitude towards Iran might lead to a WWIII in case Mr Trump succeeded in becoming President of the United States Mr Trump may be a successful business man I think he is very good at delegating , but I think he is a total failure as an author I hope he won t get the chance to be a failure at running our country.There is a German word for people like Mr Trump It is Dampfplauderer which can be translated into steam chatterer.Sorry if this review went a little off topic But is it really off topic Dampfplauderer remains Dampfplauderer P.S Nov 3, 2015 Reading the book It Can t Happen Here , by Sinclair Lewis, I learned a perfect translation for Dampfplauderer It is gas bag.This review was written in summer 2015 and edited on July 23, 2016.P.P.S July 23, 2016 For about Donald Trump, please read this article

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    Trash like this shows how little respect the authors have for suckers who buy their books I did not buy it, but was unfortunate enough to open it only for the excruciating eye ball trauma inducing time necessary to stub my toe on its shallowness All marketing BS, made to lure and then fleece people looking to better their lives Snake salesmen of old would have been run out of town, or lynched for less obvious fraud Filled with useless information in an obvious attempt to lure fools with bits of sparkly nonsense This pretty well sums up Trumps campaign, too It deserves negative stars, along with tar and feathers.

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    Got this as a Christmas gift It is a TERRIBLE book.The whole book is them sucking up to each other, saying how much they love to teach, and how you should buy their other books That is honestly the entire book.DO NOT BUY THIS HUGE WASTE OF MONEY

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    Written in the curt, do it or die speaking style both men are known for The quote notes below are large, so if you lack time, just read this revealing Trump Kiyosaki conversation Trump There s something else You and I look at making money as a game We have fun We enjoy the game Sometimes we lose, but mainly we win but most people don t see making money as a game They think of it as life and death, winners and losers Kiyosaki Survival, the struggle for life or death itself Which is why they are terrified of losing That s why they look at investing as risky Trump And wind up in risky investments It s a financial tragedy Kiyosaki Their loss of money Trump No The fun they miss out on Making money is fun Life is supposed to be fun And millions of people are living in fear instead of having fun That s the tragedy NOTABLE QUOTES Kiyosaki Donald and I invest to win, while others invest not to lose It is crucial to be true to yourself, to be true to your own answer Security and freedom are not the same they are opposite values That is why the people with the most security have the least freedom Leverage is the ability to do with less And you should not use leverage unless you have the financial training to apply it We are all born rich We have all been given the most powerful lever on earth our minds So use your mind for leverage to make you rich rather than to make excuses Investment questions to always ask yourself How do you Reduce risk increase return Find great investments Know a good deal from a bad deal Invest with less of your own money and OPM Get the experience without risking money Handle losses Find good advisors It is not the quest for money that makes me rich It is the quest for knowledge It is the desire to learn , do , accomplish , and help Money is just the score, a measure to tell me how we are doing The reason why amateurs are amateurs is that they do not love the game enough The War of Art, by S Pressfield Love what you do Have patience Act in the face of fear The winners of the game are those who love the game the most If you do not love the game, get out There s probably something useful for you to do Something exciting for you Winners take control The control of these 6 truly separates the rich from the poor income expense asset liability management insurance Most people are good at reducing expenses, but very few people are good at increasing sales Rich Dad recommended I get a job learning to sell If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to know how to sell Once you have control, get creative I play to win And the prize goes to the one who plays the game with the least risk and the most confidence Most people invest money and do not invest much time Donald and I invest a lot of time before we invest money We prepare to invest Entrepreneurship is not risky Being unprepared is risky In life, talent is not enough If you want a starting position, you need to take yourself to a whole new level What I want in life is up to me There is no one in the way If I want something, I know that desire is not enough I need to do what it takes to be a winner before I can win Creativity is infinite Therefore money is infinite I saw people further ahead in life, simply because they had taken their education and their professional careers seriously Learn to make money with money All you have to do is take 10, and see how long it takes you to double it to 20 You could buy something and sell it on the web If you are good, you may double your money in one day It is important to be able to read numbers Professional investors invest with insurance Amateurs do not Change starts in the head The key is to have honest and experienced partners If you are rich, your job is to hang onto your money, and multiply it We are all born geniuses A person needs to seek the environment that s best for his or her genius to flourish We keep financially negative people out of our lives Ask yourself Is there a very rich person inside of me ready to come out Other important questions Leverage Can I train other people to work for me Control Do I have a protected system that belongs to me Creativity Will the business allow me to be creative and develop my own personal style and talents Expandability Can my business grow indefinitely Predictability Can my income grow if I do what is expected of me If I am successful, and keep expanding my business, will my income increase with my success and hard work To be successful, often you need to choose between the death of the old you, and the birth of a new you Many people stop growing because they are afraid of dying The old identity refusing to commit ego suicide So life remains the same as the world goes on NOTABLE QUOTES Trump Nothing is easy, but who wants nothing Your financial intelligence is greater than that The Chinese are industrious and disciplined If today were suddenly to become a memory, what would you like to remember about it If your reality begins with your dreams, your dreams will become your reality Being stubborn is a big part of being a winner I tell people to see themselves as victorious Positive thinking works It has a lot of power My demise was written about in major publications, and even then I refused to agree with them My reality was about my dreams, not about numbers And I won Imagine living your life, and then finding out you missed your own destiny in the process I m not a thrill seeker when it comes to finances, and it s best if you re not either Winners remain young at heart They aim high, and have the enthusiasm and the plans Then they pay attention, and focus on what it s going to take to achieve them Savers are still living within the realm of fear Investors have conquered that fear, and are reaping the rewards Savers wait for a long time, which often means they will miss out on opportunities If you know what you re doing, you don t need a lot of space to do it in The most desired recruits for medical school music majors Their left and right brains are equally developed, because music is mathematical and creative at the same time It also requires discipline and long hours of practice So start listening to both sides of your brain, and you ll start seeing some results I always did than what was required That, I think, is a key to success Expect to do What you re willing to do may determine where you re willing to go Excuses aren t acceptable You learn not to whine, but instead keep your equilibrium and persevere I ask myself What have I learned today that I didn t know before The first and best victory is to conquer self Have fun Precision, instinct and tempo are all necessary in order to become extraordinary I have noticed people with deep faith of some sort often seem grounded and productive They have a sense of purpose that can t be destroyed, and they are not easily discouraged Read as much as you can Learn as much as you can everyday Pay attention, and go the extra mile every single day Don t wait for opportunity to come to you Do not allow blind spots to interfere with or ruin the blueprint of your life It helps to think like a builder, and know that every inch of a building or every aspect of your life has to be accounted for In construction, we can t be haphazard, or hope that things might work out okay That s setting the stage for disaster We have to know Don t view your financial education as a choice, unless you want to encounter big problems later on Do a review of your financial status once a week, to begin with See it as necessary as doing your laundry What would you do if you didn t need money What would you do if you knew you couldn t fail Vision remains vision until you focus, do the work, and bring it down to earth where it will do some good Raise the bar on yourself Never settle for doing enough Today s world is competitive, and moves so quickly, that you will have to raise your stamina level if you expect to remain in the competition I would be very serious about thinking about the future Renewed diligence is of utmost importance A place with positive memories, in order to proceed with positive energy To retire is to expire The good life isn t over until you give up on it I have a lot of projects going on, and that s one of the reasons I am rich Never underestimate your good fortune Keep your focus on success, and elevate your life to where it should be Genuine enthusiasm is hard to beat, and the odds will be with you I m a cautious optimist, but the cautious part comes first Being an entrepreneur is not a group effort You have to be willing to go it alone for a certain amount of time A business is literally an expression of yourself

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    The authors say that they feel that people should be rich so that they can have money to take care of themselves They say that too many people rely on the government to take care of them when they get older i.e social security They say that the government is not reliable and you should be able to take care of yourself Managing your money well is important Financial education is important They suggest investing in real estate and if you have the skills and capability, perhaps start your own business If you do have money, you need to learn how to make it grow and protect yourself since when you have money, others want to take it from you Money gives freedom, choices and a sense of security, since you cannot rely on jobs giving stability any Very practical, interesting read.

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    Awesome book It s not a how to get rich book, but of a why you should be rich book.Great read for any entrepreneur or middle class person

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    I don t want to finish the book because I don t think it will be of any value because the first 70 pages are mainly composed of these things Kiyosaki and Trump praising each other most of the time Along with self promotion of their other books And what a perfect fit these two are for each other to write this book How much they care about middle class people but also think they have an entitlement complex if the baby boomers among them retire or get healthcare A little part about how Terrorism is a major issue and how Trump knew about Terrorism before 9 11 Although Rudy Guliani accidently did reveal he knew the planes would attack before the incidence If you can t take care of yourself, it s probably because you have low financial IQ How much oil a country has is directly related to it s wealth I think it s obvious from all the after effects of a loss of oil from countries that got bombed by Bush How sad it is that jobs are being outsourced abroad Don t mention the garments section in my Muslim majority country that also sends clothes for cheap for Trump s businesses, shhhh Trump mentions India is the largest English speaking country O_o Trump mentions how his never going bankrupt is also evidence that you should follow his advice O_o Don t read any finance advice from Trump who has no trouble with cheating you into going into our scam University about scamming people nor scamming laborers by promising to pay them.

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    I didn t like the style of this book, dual opinions on many different topics regarding wealth creation It was a horrible read for the good first part but it did have interesting stories sprinkled throughout the book to drive me to the second half, where it was better Some of the stories will stick with me, like Trump s about the history student who seemed like an expert on WWII He said learning about it made him realize he needed to learn about WWI and the history that preceeded that Learning about the war made him understand how little he knew I think this is a wonderful perspective I think we could all benefit from having the ability to grasp, considering the wealth of knowledge out there, none of us know as much as we think I still have a hard time believing both Trump and Kiyosaki embrace the notion of the rich getting richer and tax cuts hurt the economy rhetoric given what they should know to the contray It was a decent book, about what I expected from Trump but Kiyosaki never fails to deliver in any of his books This one fell a bit short, but still worth the read.

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    Me getting this book for free as a joke gift for Christmas I think it s aimed at four year olds who just learned how to read I couldn t bother with anything than skimming through it There s lots of bragging and patting each others backs while giving brilliant business advice such as Think creatively , Apply yourself or Trust your judgement Woah Didn t see too much real advice such as Evade taxes , Get a huge inheritance or do shady businesses and don t pay your employees , but hey, if you ve been doing these things already you don t need to know them.

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