RadicalizedHere are four urgent stories from author and activist Cory Doctorow, four social, technological and economic visions of the world today and its near all too near future n n Unauthorized Bread is a tale of immigration, toxic economic stratification and a young woman s perilously illegal quest to fix


AutonomousAutonomous features a rakish female pharmaceutical pirate named Jack who traverses the world in her own submarine A notorious anti patent scientist who has styled herself as a Robin Hood heroine fighting to bring cheap drugs to the poor, Jack s latest drug is leaving a trail of lethal overdoses acr

A Song for a New Day

A Song for a New DayIn this captivating science fiction novel from an award winning author, public gatherings are illegal making concerts impossible, except for those willing to break the law for the love of music, and for one chance at human connection.In the Before, when the government didn t prohibit large public ga

Part-Time Gods (DFZ #2)

Part-Time Gods (DFZ #2)Life in the magical mess of the Detroit Free Zone is never easy When you re laboring under the curse of a certain prideful, overbearing dragon, it can be down right impossible n nMy name is Opal Yong ae, and I m a Cleaner At least, I used to be Thanks to the supernatural bad luck that turns everyt

Ghosts (Hell Divers, #2)

Ghosts (Hell Divers, #2)Ten years ago, Hell Diver Xavier X Rodriguez fell to Earth Those he left behind went on without him aboard the airship he once called home n nMichael Everheart the boy once known as Tin has grown into a man and the commander of Hell Diver Raptor Team While Michael dives to help keep the Hiv

The Electric State

The Electric StateIn 1997, a runaway teenager and her yellow toy robot travel west through a strange USA The ruins of gigantic battle drones litter the countryside, heaped together with the discarded trash of a high tech consumerist society in decline As their car approaches the edge of the continent, the world out

Fall Or, Dodge in Hell

Fall Or, Dodge in HellThe 1 New York Times bestselling author of Seveneves, Anathem, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon returns with a wildly inventive and entertaining science fiction thriller Paradise Lost by way of Phillip K Dick that unfolds in the near future, in parallel worlds n nIn his youth, Richard Dodge Forthrast fo

Junkyard Cats

Junkyard CatsListening Length 5 hours and 2 minutes n nFrom the author of the best selling Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series comes a tough new heroine who is far than she seems n nAfter the Final War, after the appearance of the Bug aliens and their enforced peace, Shining Smith is still alive, still doing

Dogs of War

Dogs of WarMy name is Rex I am a good dog Rex is also seven foot tall at the shoulder, bulletproof, bristling with heavy calibre weaponry and his voice resonates with subsonics especially designed to instil fear With Dragon, Honey and Bees, he s part of a Multiform Assault Pack operating in the lawless anar


SnapshotSnapshot is a Science Fiction detective story following Anthony Davis, a cop assigned to Snapshot Duty In this vivid world that author Brandon Sanderson has built, society can create a snapshot of a specific day in time The experiences people have, the paths they follow all of them are real again

Otherworld (Last Reality, #1)

Otherworld (Last Reality, #1)The company says Otherworld is amazing like nothing you ve ever seen before They say it s addictive that you ll want to stay forever They promise Otherworld will make all your dreams come true n nSimon thought Otherworld was a game Turns out he knew nothing Otherworld is the next phase of rea

Victor LaValle's Destroyer

Victor LaValle's DestroyerThe legacy of Frankenstein s monster collides with the sociopolitical tensions of the present day United States.Mary Shelley s Frankenstein beseeched his creator for love and companionship, but in 2017, the monster has long discarded any notions of peace or inclusion He has become the Destroyer, hi

The Quantum Garden (The Quantum Evolution #2)

The Quantum Garden (The Quantum Evolution #2)The stunning, critically acclaimed follow up to best selling The Quantum Magician THE ULTIMATE CHASE Days ago, Belisarius pulled off the most audacious con job in history He s rich, he s back with the love of his life, and best of all, he has the Time Gates, arguably the most valuable things in exi


BrainWebWhen the Academy Awards become the target of a brutal terror attack, only one man can stave off massive bloodshed n nMIND S EYE, the novel that introduced Nick Hall, was a runaway Kindle bestseller Now Hall returns in a riveting stand alone thriller, set in an Internet future that is just around the

Infinite Detail

Infinite DetailBEFORE In Bristol s center lies the Croft, a digital no man s land cut off from the surveillance, Big Data dependence, and corporate sponsored, globally hegemonic aspirations that have overrun the rest of the world Ten years in, it s become a center of creative counterculture But it s fraying at

Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)

Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)Hotwired to the leading edges of art and technology, Neuromancer is a cyberpunk, science fiction masterpiece a classic that ranks with 1984 and Brave New World as one of the twentieth century s most potent visions of the future n nThe Matrix is a world within the world, a global consensus hallucinati

Snow Crash

Snow CrashIn reality, Hiro Protagonist delivers pizza for Uncle Enzo s CosoNostra Pizza Inc., but in the Metaverse he s a warrior prince Plunging headlong into the enigma of a new computer virus that s striking down hackers everywhere, he races along the neon lit streets on a search and destroy mission for t